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Written report: what it is, examples, characteristics, structure

We explain what a written report is, its characteristics and structure. Finally, we give several examples of written reports.

What is a written report?

He written report It is a document where data, news or results of an investigation are recorded. Its objective is to instruct or give an account of a particular topic, with a didactic, persuasive or informative purpose.

Its structure normally includes sections that organize the information; The most common is that it has a cover, index, introduction to the subject, content development, conclusions and bibliographic sources.

As for the formats to present them, they can be varied, from physical supports to digital or audiovisual. If the subject warrants it, they can be accompanied by graphic elements, such as diagrams, schemes, drawings or photographs.

Characteristics of a written report

– Use the written languageusually with a formal and specialized vocabulary.

– It is written with a particular purpose and for a specific audience.

– Describes discoveries or observations.

Summarize the problem studiedevent or theme.

– Is objective, clear and precise.

– Has a logical structure that facilitates its reading, understanding and the organization of the information.

Structure of a written report

The written report must present an organized structure that allows access to the information it contains with clarity and order. To do this, it usually follows the following presentation format:

Front page: In it, the authorship data, institution in which it is presented (when it is the case), title of the report and, if desired, a subtitle that provides general information on the topic that is being addressed, are noted. It can also include logos or data referring to the school grade (in academic reports), place and date.
Index: it contains the content of the report and how it is organized, mentioning the sections and topics, along with the page number on which they appear.
Introduction: This section provides a brief breakdown of the topics that were addressed in the report and the objectives that are pursued with the investigation or with the presentation of the document.
Development: It is the central part of the report, where the content is detailed, references are provided and everything related to the topic that is being worked on or addressed is explained.
conclusions: closing with reflections or final ideas to culminate the presentation of the topic that was explained, delving into what is most relevant and the data that you want to highlight.
Bibliographical sources: finally, in this last section the resources and material used to prepare the report are recorded; They can be books, magazines, interviews, movies, files, among others.

Examples of Written Reports

Report of a work accident

In the morning, Mr. Juan arrived at his work station, his start time is at 7 in the morning, he began his work as manager of the plastic injection machine and at 11 in the morning his hand got stuck inside machine. The people who were present came to his aid, turning off the machine and requesting support from the emergency medical services. Although he was immediately rushed to the hospital, the loss of his index finger could not be prevented…

health report

Patient: Rosalia

Date of attention: July 30, 2022

Location: Clinic 5

A 36-year-old female patient attended the consultation due to severe abdominal pain on July 30, 2022. On evaluation, a history of hepatic steatosis was found and she was overweight. The patient reported that, in addition to the pain, she presents the following symptoms: cough with secretions, odynophagia and dizziness…

Pollution report in Mexico City

At 5:00 p.m., the Air and Health Index reports: in most of Mexico City and the suburbs, the air quality is GOOD, the risk to health is LOW. In the Azcapotzalco and Cuajimalpa municipalities, it is ACCEPTABLE, with MODERATE health risk. Atmospheric Monitoring System, Cdmx, 08/8/22.

scientific discovery report

The elementary Higgs particle, by Abraham Flores and Jonatán Peña.

Faculty of Engineering and Geological Sciences, Universidad Católica del Norte.


The Higgs boson is a class of fundamental particle associated with the Higgs field. It was recently discovered and is responsible for giving mass to other elementary particles.


As previously mentioned, this Higgs particle would explain how the mass of all particles in the universe originates…


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