23 febrero, 2024

What is Grafana? | Bootcamps

If you are part of the technological world and usually work with metrics, it is very likely that you already know or have heard about Grafana, a platform recognized for its analysis and visualization of metrics.

This tool also stands out as a useful resource and application monitoring system, so if you want to take full advantage of its advantages, you should learn more about its most important options, properties, and features. For that reason, In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about Grafana.

What is Grafana?

Grafana refers to a computer resource based on a software free or open source. This platform was created around 2014 by the Swedish developer Torkel Ödegaard.

The objective of this tool is carry out the evaluation of a set of data to subsequently obtain metrics that encompass the logical behavior of immense amounts of data.

Grafana too offers the ability to regulate applications and resources hardware from control panels that can be customized. Furthermore, as a service, it recreates a device based on machine-user interaction for data collection. Its operation also includes the storage of the information obtained and its graphic display. It is important to note that this tool is completely open source.

Grafana Features

Regarding the qualities of Grafana, we highlight that It is a service written in Go Language and Node.js LTS. It also has a strong Application Programming Interface (API). Grafana has become popular because it is supported by an active community of more than 600 contributors.

Furthermore, this system allows managing a dual format between private cloud and public cloud. In this way, it protects data traffic. This becomes a relevant aspect for companies that need their information not to reach the cloud provider.

What is the function of Grafana?

Grafana responsible for the visualization of time series data. As a final result of the collection of information, there is a graphic projection of the conditions of a company or company.

The Grafana service seeks the presentation of content in a simple, abbreviated and processed way. The information can be obtained from Cloudwatch, Graphite, Elasticsearch, Prometheus or Hosted Metrics, among others.

What are the features of Grafana?

As a feature of Grafana, first of all we can highlight that this is an open source solution. Furthermore, as a tool, allows analysis and monitoring of data in time intervals.

On the other hand, this option works as a tracker of consumer and system activity. It also helps to identify production failures or errors prior to this moment. It also delves into the deficiencies, determines their nature and the context of execution based on relative data.
In addition to the above, Grafana’s visual presentation is diverse and precise. The user can choose from a range of graphical construction options covering such as geographic maps, heat maps, histograms and all variety of charts and graphs. These elements are regularly used by companies for the analysis of their database.

What are Grafana metrics?

One of the main components of this tool are metrics, which refer to the data and information regarding the state of system resources and the quantity of these that is available, among others.

These metrics are very useful when recorded continuously over certain periods of time. In addition to this, Grafana metrics are stored in time series databasesin order to record them and match said entry with a timestamp.

What is the next step?

In this article you have been able to learn what the Grafana tool is, as well as its most relevant features. Now, do not hesitate to continue with your training process about this and other outstanding options in the technology sector with the guidance of our DevOps & Cloud Computing Full Stack Bootcamp. In less than 6 months you will be able to acquire all the knowledge and practice required to stand out in the technological world, also managing to stand out from your competitors. Enroll now and become an expert in the IT sector!

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