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What countries were involved in the Cold War?

The Countries that were involved in the Cold War They were divided into the allies of the United States and the allies of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), being in total more than twenty. The Cold War was the ideological and political confrontation that arose between the United States of America and the Soviet Union after World War II.

It was a power struggle, beliefs and ideologies. There were no armed confrontations, hence the name «cold» war. Despite the fact that they were allies in the war and opposed Nazism, their ideological differences ended up prevailing.

The United States was a capitalist, democratic society, based on free elections and individualism. Instead, the Soviet Union was based on communism, a dictatorial and authoritarian government, and the concept of mutual help.

What countries participated in the Cold War?

Behind these ideological differences, different countries joined together through Alliances.

United States allies

NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a military alliance founded in 1949, also known as the Atlantic Alliance or the Washington Treaty.

1. Great Britain

England feared that the Soviets would establish dominance in Eastern Europe when the communist parties began to win elections in those weak democracies.

2. France

With the consequences of having suffered the war on its own territory, and faced with the Soviet threat and the flourishing of communism, France became a founding member of NATO.

3. Belgium

Despite being occupied by Nazi Germany, Belgium kept all its factories and industries intact and quickly recovered. They were always promoters of an economic union.

4. Luxembourg

With a small military force, during the Cold War its largest industry was steel, but financial services remained its largest source of income.

5. Holland

The royal family and the government, exiled, returned and resumed the administration of the country. They received financial aid from the United States, through the Marshall Plan.

6. Canada

Immediately after World War II, it joined several international defense agreements, including the peace-minded NATO.

7. Denmark

It abandoned its policy of neutrality, which it had adopted since 1864, when it joined NATO.

8. Italy

It had suffered a great split between the forces allied to the West and the fascists allied to Germany. It became a republic after a referendum that caused even more division.

9. Norway

British neutrality and guarantee had failed to protect Norway from the Germans. This country joined NATO in 1949.

10. Greece

In 1952, the election winner, Papagos, focused on economic recovery and improving international security by joining NATO.


By joining NATO, it stretched the allies’ boundaries with the Eastern Bloc, adding more than a million men to its forces.

12. West Germany

Under the new terms, the Allies stationed troops in West Germany for the NATO defense.

USSR allies

1. Poland

Soviet forces expelled the Germans from Poland in 1944-45 and a communist government was established by the Soviet Union.

2. East Germany

He adopted a communist regime and the rivalry between the two Germanys grew.

3. Albanian

Having suffered pressure from the communist guerrillas, at the end of 1944, the country declared itself the People’s Republic of Albania.


Although they withdrew from the war in 1944, they remained occupied by Soviet troops, who established a coalition government.

5. Czechoslovakia

It emerged from World War II within the Russian sphere of influence. Prague was liberated by the Red Army in May 1945. A communist government was established.

6. Hungary

During the war it was allied with Germany and when the conflict ended it fell under Soviet rule.

7. Romania

He was an ally of Germany, but in the middle of the war, after a coup, he changed sides and joined the Soviets, who occupied the country at the end of the war.


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