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What are Sequence Connectors? (with Examples)

What are sequence connectors?

Sequence connectors are intended to establish a temporal order between the actions that make up a speech. Connectors are a type of word used to establish relationships between ideas, sentences, and other words.

Sequence connectors can be divided into three groups: to introduce ideas, to establish a sequence between different actions, and to conclude. For example, in the sentence «I was listening to music and at the same time I was working» the sequence connector is used at once.

Some sequence connectors are:

At first, at first.
First of all.
For a start.
To start.
First, first of all.
For now.
Until, until now.
Before, before.
It wasn’t… until.
Second, third.
After, after that, after a while.
Since, since then.
Shortly after.
After a while.
At the same time.
Immediately, immediately.
As soon as.
Later, an hour later.
In the end.
To finish, to finish.

Examples of Sequence Connectors in Sentences

1-«A part of me doubts the justice of the Star Congress. Oh gods, for the sake of my ancestors, my people, my rulers, and finally for my own good, purge this doubt from me and leave me clean!»

«Ender the Xenocide» by Orson Scott Card.

2- «No you will truly understand what it means to be a Rider until that your training is complete. But that must wait see you later of the funeral. MeanwhileMay the stars take care of you.

«Eldest» by Christopher Paolini.

3- «Is it me, or is everyone very nervous today? Aria, for example: first is outraged and then He goes and gives me a blessing.»

«Eldest» by Christopher Paolini.

4- «At first Irina thought she was hearing her mother’s voice downstairs. Andrea Carver often talked to herself as she wandered about the house, and no member of the family was surprised by the maternal habit of giving voice to her thoughts. a second laterhowever, Irina watched through the window as her mother said goodbye to Maximilian Carver while the watchmaker was preparing to go to town”.

«The Prince of the Mist» by Carlos Ruiz Zafón.

5- «On the plate, written in messy scribbles, was the word «Carmelita», surely referring to Carmelita Polainas, an unpleasant young woman who had been bumped into for the first time the Baudelaires in the horrible school they were forced to go to, and to whom later she had been more or less adopted by Count Olaf and his girlfriend Esmé Squalor, whom the villain had abandoned at the hotel.

«A Series of Unfortunate Events» by Lemony Snicket.

6- “FinallyThe noise of the cattle subsided to no more than plaintive bellowing, followed by a series of impressive clicks, creaks and roars. The Fryees, huddled in the drawing room, No they dared to move for nothing until the last echoes did not vanish, already deep inside the Cold Spring ravine”.

«The Dunwich Horror» by HP Lovecraft.

7- “half an hour laterJo went to her mother’s closet to look for something and there she found Beth sitting on the medicine cabinet looking very solemn, her eyes red and a bottle of camphor in her hand.

«Little Women» by Louisa May Alcott.

8- “Then he took me to his laboratory and explained to me the use of his various machines, indicating what I should buy. He promised me that when If I had progressed enough in my studies not to impair it, he would allow me to use his own material. He also gave me the list of books that I had asked for and next I left».

«Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus» by Mary Shelley.

9- Until now it has been believed that the four men who were traveling in the boat perished, but this is not true. I have the best of evidence to make this claim: I was one of those men. First of allI must explain that there were never four men in the boat; we were three Constans, «whom the captain saw jump into the launch» (Daily News, March 17, 1887), fortunately for us, though unfortunately for him, failed to catch up with us.

«The Island of Doctor Moreau» by HG Wells.

10- «But after a while they had other things to think about, for Mr. Hatter died suddenly just when Sophie was old enough to leave school. AND so it was discovered that his pride in his daughters had been excessive: to pay school fees he had incurred heavy debts. After the funeralFanny sat down with the girls in the house next to the store and explained the situation to them.

Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne.

eleven- «He stepped back and was so when the face appeared. His appearance was so sudden, so surprising (but also so expected) that Eddie would not have been able to scream, even without the asthma attack.

«It» by Stephen King.

12- “Major Sholto was the biggest loser. At first He paid with bills and gold coins, but soon He began to pay with signed letters and for large sums.”

«The Sign of the Four» by Arthur Conan Doyle.

13- In the end he had been forced to sit in the first pew, terribly exposed. It was like riding the front seat of a roller coaster, taking the brunt of every hair-raising turn, every heart-stopping drop.”

«An unexpected vacancy from JK Rowling.»

14- Meanwhilegreat changes were also taking place at school. So soon As Miss Trunchbull disappeared from the scene, the excellent Mr. Trilby was appointed director in her place. Shortly afterMatilda was transferred to the upper class.

Roald Dahl’s Matilda.

fifteen- «-Good. Well I have many things to tell you. For a start, I went to Krystal’s wedding, which was last Saturday, Marilyn’s biggest…”

«Good Omens» by Terry Prachett and Neil Gaiman.

16- Drink the coffee before leaving the restaurant.

17- The soccer player was injured after to score the goal.

18- He was very unfriendly, but since lost his job has become kinder.

19- He played an old song and to end the one that premiered that day.

20- It was lost, but immediately found the way.

twenty-one- At first It was my mother who cooked, until my father retired and took it upon himself.

22- First of allI would like to congratulate television for covering this event.

23- For a startLet’s introduce ourselves one by one to break the ice.

24- To startI would like to read a quote from the great Pérez Reverte in his latest work.

25- First, let’s give the floor to those who are in a hurry to leave. Then the others will continue.

26- For now 30,000 people have already bought their tickets for the concert.

27- Until now I had never met such an intelligent person.

28- Beforea minute of silence will be observed for members who have died in the last year.

29- He assured me that, when return the wallet I stole, give me another chance.

30- In second placeensure three meals a day for each child in the village.

31- After thatmy father and my grandfather spoke to each other again.

32- Spring had arrived and the bees returned after a while.

33- Since thenEnrique began to lose body fat uncontrollably.

3. 4- then We will move on to point III of the Shareholders’ Meeting.

35- Shortly after once the protocol was approved, nature recovered.

36- The police found him after a while.

37- Whileat night he worked in a bar to be able to pay for his studies.

38- Meanwhilethe prince continued touring the counties in search of the princess.

38- Simultaneouslythe scientific team in Berlin was looking for a solution.

40- Due to technical problems, at the same time three basketball games were played.

41- Carlos, come to my office immediately.

42- As soon as I can finish the work.

43- So we will have to put one more plate on the table.

44- Then I will call you.

45- Appeared one hour later of what was agreed

46- Once start the movie please be quiet.

47- Finallywish you luck in your new career stage.

48- FinallyRemember that the elevator is broken.

49- In the end We have decided to travel through Europe and not Asia.

fifty- To endLet’s sing the nation’s anthem all together.


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