9 junio, 2024

What are guilty pleasures? Definition, characteristics and examples

What are guilty pleasures?

A guilty pleasure, gluttonous pleasure or sweet sin is anything that we like or cause us pleasure, but that at the same time causes us a certain level of shame. In other words, it’s the little guilty pleasures in life that we often keep hidden from others for fear of being judged.

There is no limitation as to what we can consider a guilty pleasure. It is something completely subjective that depends entirely on each person, their tastes, their personality and their cultural environment.

In this sense, a guilty pleasure can be anything from a food or a literary genre, to a particular type of music or even a hobby. In general, anything we enjoy but at the same time feel wrong and shouldn’t enjoy is a bad thing. guilty pleasure.

Characteristics of guilty pleasures

Guilty pleasures depend on the cultural environment

What defines a guilty pleasure is the mixed feeling of pleasure and guilt that we feel with it. While the feeling of pleasure or the fact that we like something depends exclusively on our personality, the feeling of guilt is generally imposed by our cultural environment.

In other words, the guilt or shame that we can feel for our guilty pleasures is due to the fact that we know, deep inside, that this pleasure is frowned upon by others. This is the reason why we try to hide our guilty pleasures from other people, for fear of being judged.

As a consequence of the above, whether a taste is guilty generally depends on the social and cultural environment in which we find ourselves. What in one society represents a guilty pleasure, in another it may be perfectly normal.

We usually enjoy them alone

By the very fact that they make us feel ashamed, we usually enjoy them alone. In fact, the most common is that we hide them from others.

They are usually harmless

Another characteristic of a guilty pleasure is that they are not usually particularly harmful to the individual or to others.

Examples of guilty pleasures

Examples of guilty pleasures in entertainment

Watch dozens of videos on TikTok or YouTube
enjoy romantic movies
Listen to the same song repeatedly
Watch series marathons without rest

Examples of guilty tastes in food

Indulge in favorite sweets like chocolates or ice cream
Eating fast food battered with sauces and loaded with calories
Having a glass of expensive wine while relaxing in a bathtub
Eating a snack in the middle of the night while everyone is sleeping

Hobbies that are examples of guilty pleasures

Sleep late
play silly games on mobile
Stalk people you know on Facebook or other social networks
flirt with a stranger

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