23 febrero, 2024

What are dynamic ads in Google Ads?

There are several types of ads you can run when you create them in Google Ads. Many of them come with settings already made, but other times you can choose exactly what type of ads to make. In this post, we show you what dynamic ads in Google Ads are and how they differ from the normal ads that you can find in the tool.

What are dynamic ads?

Dynamic ads are similar to traditional ads within the tool, but they have a characteristic that differentiates them: they do not only use keywords to show you when doing a search, but they are ads that use the content of your site to see where to put you and at what time

We can define what dynamic ads are as a way for Google to match user searches with the content within your website. A dynamic ad created specifically for the content will be displayed.

These types of ads are very difficult to differentiate from regular text ads, but they are a great way to display dynamic content that may interest users.

Advantages and disadvantages

What dynamic ads are usually seems like a good idea, but it is worth knowing the pros and cons before jumping into starting with this type of ads.



The first of the advantages that you can find with what are dynamic ads It is the ability they have to find the precise keywords for your content.

Remember that dynamic ads show you keywords that you can find related to your content, sometimes these searches carried out by the tool show you keywords that you may not be able to find through other tools.


One of the biggest advantages of dynamic ads is the ease with which you can set up your ads and put them to work. You must have an ad structure createdbut with this you simply mount them on the platform and start showing your ads in different categories.

Headlines and content

As we mentioned before, it is also easier to create ads, as dynamic ads automatically create the title you need for Google and you only have to add a short line of description to complete the ad.

This can be an advantage, since you don’t have to invest a lot of work in them.



You don’t have control over the type of searches you can be matched with, so you need to make sure the structure of your website and the products you have are understandable to the tool. There may be the case of a mistake in which your ad may appear in a search that has nothing to do with what you sell.

Low Keywords

Another problem you may have with dynamic ads is that you can advertise products that do not have as many searches.so some ads may be using money unnecessarily.

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