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Veracruz typical costume: history and description

Between the Veracruz typical costumes the most common is the jarocho, with its masculine and feminine variants. In the case of men, it is made up of a guayabera and pants; the women wear a blouse, cloak and skirt.

It is a tradition that the costumes are made by hand, in order to preserve the roots of the community. The Mexican city of Tlacotalpan is recognized for the manufacture of jarocho costumes, especially its female variant.

This costume shows the miscegenation process that took place during the Conquest and the Colony, since it mixes European and aboriginal elements.

The female costume resembles the dresses that were used in the Spanish cities of Valencia and Andalusia. The cloak used in the Veracruz costume is also a European heritage and was used in both Spain and France.

From the aborigines they take some accessories. For example, the men use a straw hat, which is a sample of indigenous crafts.

These costumes are worn by performers of all kinds: from dancers to singers. Above all it is used in the dances in which the son jorocho dominates, which is the traditional music of the state.

female jarocho costume

The typical costume of the Veracruz woman is made up of a skirt and a blouse. Both garments are made in white fabric.


The jarocha skirt is white and wide. Various motifs such as flowers and garlands, among others, are embroidered on the fabric.

These embroideries were used in Spain between the 17th and 19th centuries, especially in the cities of Valencia and Andalusia.

The skirt is usually longer behind than in front. However, if it is going to be used in artistic presentations, the cut of the skirt should not be uneven but rather rounded.

In general, layers are added to increase the volume of this garment.


The blouse of the jarocha suit is white. The neck has a V cut, like the lower part of the garment that ends in a point. For this reason it resembles a poncho.

At the bottom of the blouse, a frayed lace stands out. This is the name given to the set of fringes that hang from the lower edges of the garment.

This lace is not white, but rather a striking color; yellow, red and orange are the most common colors.


The shoes used are white, just like the blouse and skirt. The style may vary depending on the purpose for which the suit is to be used.

For example, some ballerinas prefer flat shoes while others wear high-heeled shoes.


A black velvet apron is placed over the skirt. This accessory is adorned with embroidered flowers and Valencian lace.

The embroidered threads are usually yellow, red and white, so that they stand out against the black fabric.

shawl or cloak

Women usually wear a silk shawl that is placed on the head or on the arms.

This can be white or a light color (sky blue, pale pink or yellow). Like the skirt, this element was used in Europe between the 17th and 19th centuries.


This is a much more delicate cloak than the rebozo. It is made with tulle fabric, on which flowers and other decorative designs are embroidered.

The mantilla is tied around the neck with a clasp.

bouquet of roses

This accessory is put on the head of the woman. The position of the corsage will vary taking into account the marital status.

If the woman is married, the roses are placed on the right side. If she is single, they will be on the left side.


This accessory is decorated with lace and colored ribbons. Some are so elaborate that they show embroidered designs with silk threads, such as flowers, cities, among others.

Other minor accessories include bracelets, gold necklaces, and a tortoiseshell headband and comb for hair.

masculine jarocho suit

The typical men’s suit is made up of two essential elements: pants and a guayabera-type shirt. He also wears some accessories.

The jorocho costume is used not only by dancers but also by musicians and singers. In fact, many traditional Mexican music bands have adopted this dress as a kind of official uniform.


The pants are white with a simple cut. It has a pocket on the sides but not on the back.

Fringe is sometimes added to the sides of the pants. However, this element is not part of the traditional costume of Veracruz.

guayabera shirt

The shirt of the jorocho suit is white, of the guayabera type. On the front it has two or four pockets.

It also presents a series of folds called tucks. At the back it has six of these folds, while at the front it only has four.


The shoes used are white. These usually have a heel of four to six centimeters.


The suit is completed with a paliacate, which is the name given to the scarf that is placed around the neck.

This accessory is red. Said scarf is tied with a gold ring, which stands out on the red.

A palm hat is also added, the use of which was a tradition among the aboriginal groups of the area. This element reflects the indigenous influence.


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