8 junio, 2024

Tomboy: what it is, meaning, types and its characteristics

What is tomboy?

tomboy It is the term associated with those women who have attitudes or ways that are normally related to men. That is, it is when people of the female gender behave or have masculine ways, but retain certain femininity traits.

Tomboys are simply limited to masculine tastes or forms, without going beyond this. In other words, it is not a sexual orientation where a woman wants to be a man, but rather they seek to dress or have some masculine behaviors.

It is important to mention that originally the term tomboy was the definition of «rude or rough boy», however, over time, this concept was associated with women who identified with masculine tastes.

Actually, being a tomboy does not necessarily indicate wanting to be a man or behave like one. Many women adopt the tomboy style without intending to change their gender, just because they feel more comfortable.

types of tomboy

Different types have been defined that involve different characteristics from each other. Some of them are:

Classic TomBoy or TB

It refers to a girl who simply has masculine ways or ways. In other words, a woman who dresses like a man and has more manly gestures.

TomGirl or TG

Unlike the classic Tomboy, TGs are those female-looking women who don’t dress like men, but have more masculine attitudes.

On the other hand, they seek to be intimate or romantic with Tomboys, but do not consider themselves lesbians, instead their gender is TomGirl.

TomBoyGirl or TBG

This concept is one that combines both Tomboy and TomGirl, since it occurs when a woman acts in one way or another. In other words, it occurs when a girl has TB or TG attitudes.

Lesbian TomBoy or Les-T

The difference of the Les-T with respect to the classic Tomboy is that they do define themselves as lesbians. They seek to be intimately or romantically related to other women, regardless of whether they are TB or TG.

Gay TomBoy or TomGay

They are those Tomboy who seek to form an affective relationship with other TB and not with TomGirls, which somehow demonstrates a relationship between women of the same sex and gender TB.

girly tom boy

It is a variation of the classic Tomboy, since it refers to all those women with a very feminine appearance, but who can wear masculine clothes. In other words, they care about showing their delicate side, but at the same time certain elements in men’s clothing.

boy tom boy

It is that Tomboy that further emphasizes his masculine forms, highlights his masculine features much more than a classic Tomboy.

girl tom boy

Unlike the Girly Tomboy, they are women who look very feminine, but act masculine.

Neutral TomBoys or NTB

It can be defined as those girls who normally dress in men’s clothes, but their acting is sometimes masculine and other times feminine.

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