12 julio, 2024

Thirst for mala: what it is, meaning, origin, phrases

“Thirst for bad” is a common expression in Mexican slang that has become popular in recent times, especially on the Internet, mainly because it has been used as a means of making jokes and memes. It is one of the new idioms whose use has spread on the net, and which has a couple of associated meanings.

Initially, the expression implied that it was about that “need” to drink; However, other connotations also appeared that nourish the use of it thanks to its use in Mexican speech, especially among young people.

Although it has become very frequent, it is worth mentioning that there are several words in Latin America that allow a melting pot of options when expressing this idea, which indicates the linguistic richness of our language.


«Thirst for bad» is a statement that is believed to be of Mexican origin and that refers to the «need» to drink alcohol in its different variants. However, some Internet users have also added a couple more meanings in this regard:

It’s another way of signaling drunkenness, or even the intentions of getting to that point. In fact, some of the clearest references to it take pictures of Mexican singer José José, who apparently has had a drinking problem throughout his career.
It refers to hangover or hangover. This last word is one of the most used in Mexico and in some Central American countries. It is believed that its use is more widespread among the population.

Regardless of the examples indicated, these expressions are a sample of popular ingenuity when it comes to communicating with others.

Associated words and expressions

We can highlight some expressions that are linked and that, in addition, have become common both in Latin America and in Spain:

“go drunk”

It is one of the most common forms that exists, although its use is no longer so frequent because the use of idioms is more common.

“go chopped”

This expression is commonly said in Spain, although it derives from «tajar», which refers to cutting or dividing. The exact origin that explains the connection of this meaning with drinking or being drunk is not known, but it is undoubtedly one of the most common that exists.

«Go fart» or «be in fart»

Used in Argentina and Uruguay, the expression is linked to the flatulence left by those drunk people in their wake.

“Have a good buzz”

It is said like this to those people who can barely stand on their feet. It is estimated that the expression comes from an ancient tradition according to which it was drunk for deceased friends and relatives, since alcohol was thought to be a good means to alleviate sorrows.

“To have cuteness”

It refers to the feeling of heaviness and discomfort that comes with the consumption of alcoholic beverages.


It refers to the excessive intake of alcohol. The word has its origin from Latin bibitus.

“go blind”

By drinking too much, the sense of orientation is lost because the senses do not work correctly. “Going blind” refers to that same inability to optimally control movements.

“go cooked”

Among other sensations produced by a drunkenness, experiencing heat even though it is cold stands out. That is being “cooked”.

“Drink like a beast”

It is perhaps one of the sayings closest to «thirst for evil», because it refers precisely to the search to drink with special zeal. In this case, it is consuming large amounts almost in an exaggerated way.

«get tipsy»

Unlike the previous terms, this refers to that first stage of intoxication where there is still no total loss of movements, but a bit of animosity and exaltation is present.


The beginning of the use of this expression is not very clear. However, it is estimated that it appeared after 2011 in a series of forums in Mexico that promoted the word accompanied by memes.

Currently there are other words used in Mexican slang that have been used for a longer time among the people, but the expression «sed de la mala» is considered extremely popular to date.


Some used phrases can be highlighted, many of which are usually accompanied by memes:

-«That thirst for the kind that ended José José’s career begins.»

– «Coincidentally on Thursdays I get thirsty.»

-«I already thirsty for the bad one».

-«Guess who is thirsty for the bad one».

– «Not even Obama has this thirst for bad.»

-«The thirst for that dangerous one already started me.»

– “I thirst for the bad one, the kind that makes you sing to the porcelain idol”.

– “Thursday and I’m already thirsty for the bad, the reckless, the kind that makes you tell even the waiter that you love him a lot”.

-«Weekend and the symptoms of that serious condition called thirst for mala are beginning.»

other phrases

It is worth mentioning some other phrases in which, although the expression is not mentioned, they are still used to describe this state:

-«Sabaduki of fiestuki to put on a peduki».

-«It is drunk to know where to buy beer at 5 in the morning.»

-«I’m going to play the guitar».

-«Drunks are like cats, they always return home but nobody knows how.»

-«I want a Sunday afternoon to finish two bottles of wine.»

-“Any work meeting goes better if there is alcohol”.

-«If he doesn’t write to you in the peda, he doesn’t love you.»


There are some important facts worth mentioning:

-«Thirst for bad» has become so popular on the Internet that there are even profiles on social networks with phrases, images, videos and even memes that talk about drinking and «hanging out.»

-There are also expressions in English that deal with drunkenness, such as: drunk as a thrush, pissed as a newt, wasted and boozy.

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