7 junio, 2024

The Old Reliable: what it is, meaning, origin, curiosities

What is the old reliable?

The old trusty It is one of the most popular expressions among Internet users, thanks to the fact that it has frequently appeared on social networks, forums, and other digital environments. The phrase is accompanied by an image taken from one of the chapters of the cartoon sponge Bob.

As of the transmission of said chapter, both elements were quickly disclosed in the most popular social networks. This isn’t the only meme to come from the kids’ series; there are many more that also have the support of thousands of users, who soon use them on multiple occasions.

Today, and despite the fact that some time has passed since its origin, «the old trustworthy» is still present on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in a variety of contexts: from politics to sports and scenes of daily life.


The phrase was taken from a chapter of the fourth season of the animated series sponge Bob and it refers to the use of an object (in this case, “the old reliable one”); Through its use it is possible to solve a certain problem. In this way, a certain degree of confidence is demonstrated on it.

The expression has been used in different contexts thanks to the intervention of Internet users. In fact, he is extremely popular when talking about football or politics.

Likewise, and thanks to what has been stated above, even official and public authorities, such as the Peruvian National Police, have made use of the meme to present a series of advice and aid to citizens.


Both the expression and the image come from the chapter «The pink pickpocket» of the fourth season of the production, and whose protagonists are SpongeBob and his faithful friend, Patricio Estrella.

In the scene, SpongeBob must face a group of insects and uses an object that turns out to be a «butterfly net», which emerges as the classic solution that will allow him to solve his situation and thus get out of it.

It is estimated that the scene became recognized between 2015 and 2016, to quickly become known on Facebook. It is unknown how it got there, although it is believed to have been thanks to a pop content page.

Some time later, it was also released on YouTube, where several Internet users and influencers They made comments and explanations about the origin of the image and its appearance on the web. Currently, it is part of an extensive list of memes taken from this series, which have become popular on the Internet.

Other memes taken from the series

It is recognized that the influence of SpongeBob in current popular culture has been extensive, largely thanks to the appearance of memes and memorable phrases that are still giving people talk.

That is why a special mention is made to several memes that are still loved and used by Internet users:

exhausted bob

It is perhaps the most recent of all the memes and a SpongeBob with a tired expression is seen, leaning on what appears to be a rock.

In this image there are two possible meanings: one has to do with how tired we can be at a certain point in life, and the other is related to the satisfaction we have felt after overcoming an obstacle.

The bait bucket

In this case, two images are contrasted that work to compare two elements, one above the other. It was also used to debate which of the SpongeBob memes was the best.

Confused Mr. Krabs

Another popular image is the one that shows Mr. Krabs in a kind of distorted image that is formed by the speed of what is happening around him.

Although it has multiple meanings depending on the context in which it is found, it denotes a certain dislocation about the immediacy of an event.

evil patrick

According to some Internet users, this particular meme had a slightly darker tint compared to the previous ones. There is certainly a funny connotation; however, it seems to include a certain evil and even perverted aspect. In fact, it has been used to make jokes and satire of a sexual nature.

On the other hand, this meme has also allowed us to explore broader aspects found in some episodes of the series, making us see that the characters also had interesting and somewhat hidden nuances.

that’s how mondays are

Although the protagonists and most of the characters are characterized by their good humor, there have also been moments in which they reveal certain behaviors with which we can quickly identify.

An example is the meme «that’s how Mondays are», in which the different faces of SpongeBob and his friends are shown with expressions of boredom or tedium, which goes perfectly with the usual feeling that most people can have when The weekend is over and it’s time to get back to work.

caveman spongebob

As already mentioned, the series lends itself to extracting endless material of all kinds. On this occasion, a SpongeBob with prehistoric clothing and phenotype that denotes certain aggressive behavior in extreme situations stands out.

Of course, and as in the case of others, it can have different meanings: from anger to ignorance of a situation.


-«The old reliable» has been used by multiple users and authorities, including the Peruvian National Police, which used it as a tool to give security advice to citizens.

-Internet users agree that the animated series is one of the most popular of all time, since it also allows you to extract all kinds of memes that are still valid. Some have even gone so far as to review the episodes to capture new material.

-First it became known on Facebook and YouTube was the second social network to embrace the meme. Later it became popular on Twitter.

-This meme has been adapted according to the circumstances of each country. For example, in Mexico it has been the main element for making jokes about the national soccer teams.

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