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The individual being: what it is, characteristics, importance, examples

What is the individual being?

He be single It can be defined as the set of unique characteristics and properties that each person has. In other words, it is the way in which each man or woman defines his particular work, differentiating himself from other individuals.

These characteristics that make each person unique can be both physical and mental, that is, an individual can have elements that are different from others, not only from their physical aspect, but also from their intellectual part.

All those differences that each person has and that make them unique determine their actions within a society. It could be said that these elements that are individual in each human being decide how he behaves with respect to laws, norms, social obligations, etc.

It is important to mention that individuality or being an individual is a fundamental aspect for coexistence in society, since each person, with their differences and properties, is part of a social group, which ultimately shapes the world as such.

Characteristics of the individual being

Considering what individuality is, it is important to highlight the most significant features of this concept. In this way it will be possible to understand more easily what the individual being is.


Singularity as a human property. Each person is unique, irreplaceable and unrepeatable, with their own conditions that no one else shares.

own spirit

Each person has their own soul or spirit that gives order and meaning to their life. The soul generates unmatched feelings and attitudes. Each human being has a soul, a unique spirit, which makes him a person distinguishable from others.


Every man and every woman is programmed and built differently from the rest, which makes each one act according to their own ideas, desires and principles.

human emotionality

All individuals have different sensations and emotions, with different causes and motivations. Therefore, each person can have a feeling contrary to another about the same situation.

interpretation of the environment

Several people can live and coexist in the same environment, however, each of them will have a different opinion of it. That is, even if several individuals live in the same place, they will all have a different way of seeing and feeling it.

Personal communication

Every man and woman has a unique way of expressing and saying the things they feel or want. Although everyone has the same language or way of communicating, each individual exchanges information in their own way.


Each human being has some ability or skill superior to those of others, thus allowing there to be more outstanding people in a specific activity than others.

Differences between being individual and being social

The social being can be defined as that individual who needs interaction with more people to be able to live in society. In other words, it is the ability of each human being to adapt to a social group and follow its norms and rules.

When being clear about both the concept of being individual and that of being social, it is important to know the differences between each one.

The individual being is unique, that is, it cannot be replaced. The social being is a piece within a group, which can be replaced by another if that group requires it.
The sense of existence of the individual being is given by each person and their own desires, while that of a social being is determined by society by following its established norms and rules.
An individual being has unique, own and particular characteristics and properties. On the other hand, the social being shares many characteristics with the members of the group or society of which it is a part.
Each person has different motivations that give meaning to their existence, however, the social being is motivated by the norms, laws and customs of the social group to which it belongs.
The individual being can carry out their own activities for their personal development, while the social being has to carry out tasks that are given by the community of which they are a part.

Importance of being individual

As mentioned, being individual or individualism in people is a fundamental part of any society, since each person has different characteristics and properties to contribute to its construction.

Due to the characteristics of each person, societies can have men and women with different talents for multiple functions, thus ensuring that many activities that society requires can be carried out by those who know how to do them best. This causes that there is an increasing social growth.

A fundamental aspect of the individual being is the soul of each one, since this determines the acting and living of each person. Without a unique soul, people would have no meaning in their lives and would not be able to express their sensations, feelings and desires.

Therefore, understanding that each person is a being with unique and unrepeatable elements is essential for coexistence, since in this way more diverse and inclusive societies can be built.

Examples of the individual being

To further understand what the individual being is and its importance, some examples of this concept will be presented.

Be one of the best soccer players in the world. This refers to the particularity with which each person has where some have a greater talent than others, in this case, for soccer. For example, Lionel Messi.
Being a featured artist. By having greater artistic skills compared to other people, it allows artistic talent to make a person unique (like Vincent Van Gogh, John Lennon, Virgina Woolf, etc.).
Two people live on the same floor, however, to one it seems like a large space and to the other, small. This example refers to the subjectivity with which each individual understands her environment.
The death of a loved one. When a person dies, they cannot be replaced because each human being is unique.
Two co-workers, where one is happy and the other is not. Although they have the same job, each one assimilates it in a different way.
Two people talking, but with different expressions. Even if they are communicating in the same language, each one has a different way of expressing themselves.
Feeding. Although it is known that meals must be balanced, there are those who eat healthier than others.
Two people see the same work of art, but with different perceptions. Even if two individuals see the same work, each one can feel different emotions.
Two boys go to the same school, but one wants to be a doctor and the other a policeman. Each person has different motivations despite receiving the same education.
Two brothers grow up to separate. Although they have been raised by the same family, each one can choose a different path according to their motivations.


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