7 junio, 2024

The humble Bug (meme): what it is, origin, meaning, variants

What is he humble bug?

He meme the humble bug refers to soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, who has been one of the best soccer players in the world. It consists of a computer-modified image of Ronaldo to make it look like he is doing something ordinary or humble people do.

The people who create or share this meme want to show Cristiano doing something in a poor or humble environment in a fun way. Some people mean to refer to his humility, others just do it because they might find it funny.

This player has many nicknames or nicknames. In addition to CR7, which combines his initials with his jersey number when he played for Real Madrid, one of the most common nicknames for him is “el Bicho”.

This has been used for years as part of the popular El Bicho humble meme.

Origin of the meme the humble Bug

The origin of the meme the humble Bug begins with his nickname «the Bug». This was coined by the Spanish sports announcer Manolo Lama when he narrated the matches of the merengue team. He referred to CR7 as the bug, referring to his strength and leadership on the pitch.

Cristiano Ronaldo has many fans for his great achievements in all the teams he has played for. However, there are also people who for some reason do not like the footballer.

In 2019, some users began to create photomontages of Cristiano Ronaldo showing him as a humble person. This is how the memes of El Bicho humble were born, in which CR7 is shown in different daily situations of humble people.

Meaning of the humble bug meme

This meme is mainly used to refer to the humility of Cristiano Ronaldo. It is often used by people who dislike Cristiano for various reasons.

In many cases they are fans of Messi or of some other player whom they consider better than CR7.

This meme is also used to highlight some aspect of the Latin American idiosyncrasy. In this sense, the montages are often typical scenes from poor Latin American cities, popular markets or humble restaurants in which they insert the image of CR7 and his family.


The Humble Bug meme is heterogeneous. For starters, it is not a single image used in different ways, as is often the case with other memes. Instead, there is a whole collection of images created by netizens that are used for the meme.

Some show CR7 in the subway, on a bus, in a taco shop or in a used clothing market. Many variants of this meme also include his wife and children. Others include his soccer archenemy, Lionel Messi, in similar situations.

In relation to the text of the meme, there are many variants adapted to the different Latin cultures.

For example, instead of saying humble in a sarcastic tone, some memes put things like «How big, the Bug!», or «A Crack the Bug!», or «The humility of the Bug has no limits!».

Other examples

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