8 junio, 2024

The Gila Witch: who she is, history, book

Who is the Gila witch?

According to some sources, Gila was a witch who lived in the 16th century, famous for eating children. Other sources cite Gila as a demon. According to these people, she is a kind of demon leader, who is in charge of different legions of demons from hell and who follows the designs of the devil.

In fact, some say it is the same 16th century witch, who later became a demon and became something of a general of Lucifer’s demons.

The Story of the Gila Witch

According to legends, Gila was a witch who lived in Europe around the 16th century. There is no clarity around where exactly she lived or where she was from. This witch fit the classic stereotype of the sorceress who liked to eat meat and kidnapped small children to eat them.

It is said that, during his reign of terror during the 16th century, he kidnapped the Emperor Maurice when he was just a baby, to devour him. However, he couldn’t, since the boy was protected with talismans.

But obviously there’s something wrong, because Mauritius lived in the sixth century, just 1,000 years before the Gila witch.

The Gila Witch and Yolo Adventures

Part of the reason why the Gila witch has been on the lips of many lately is her relationship with one of the members of the famous YouTube channel, Yolo Aventuras. This channel is run by Yolo, Nando, Maniana, Panda and Giulio, and currently has almost 12 million subscribers.

In a video posted on YouTube in mid-2021, the boys are seen invoking an evil spirit, with an ancient book. After this event, strange things start to happen to one of the members (Nando). Like good youtubers, those of Yolo Aventuras kept a record of everything.

The exorcism of the book

Concerned about what was happening to Nando, the Yolo Aventuras group contacted a Mexican Catholic priest named Alejandro. This was the one who told them about the Gila witch and about the possibility that the book was possessed by this demon.

They performed a ritual to drive the demon out of the book and to make it leave them alone. However, soon after, the father contacted them again to inform them that Gila’s problem could be worse than he thought.

According to the priest, he sent the book (recently «cleaned» of evil spirits) to an acquaintance who is in charge of studying paranormal phenomena. He studied the book and convinced the boys that it was not the Gila witch, but another type of demon and that it was probably not all over.

Regardless of whether everything (the book, the father and the specialist in paranormal phenomena) was a hoax to get more followers or not, there is no doubt that many people believe the story of Gila told by Nando, Panda and the others.

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