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The 95 best phrases of the Mexican Revolution

The Mexican Revolution was an armed conflict that began in 1910 in Mexico, which marked much of the history of this country in the 20th century. There are no agreements on the end of the Revolution: some indicate 1917, with the proclamation of the Mexican Constitution, others, 1924, after the mandate of Plutarco Elías Calles, or 1928, when Álvaro Obregón was assassinated after having won the elections again. presidential election.

During this conflict, the political forces in the country were readjusted, and generally its main leaders ended up assassinated, such as Emiliano Zapata in 1919, Venustiano Carranza in 1920, Pancho Villa in 1923 and Álvaro Obregón in 1928. It was a troubled time that shaped the character of modern Mexicans.

Below is a list of phrases of the mexican revolution of some of its great protagonists, such as Francisco (Pancho) Villa, Emiliano Zapata, Lázaro Cárdenas, Álvaro Obregón, Francisco I. Madero, Porfirio Díaz and many more.

The best phrases of the Mexican Revolution

-Government or individual that delivers natural resources to foreign companies, betrays the country.– Lázaro Cárdenas.

-Do not fear the enemies who attack you, fear the friends who flatter you.– Álvaro Obregón.

-I want to die being a slave to principles, not to men.– Emiliano Zapata.

-What would the world be like if we were all generals, if we were all capitalists, or if we were all poor?– Francisco Villa.

-The responsibility of my actions will live what their consequences live.– Álvaro Obregón.

-Victoriano Huerta can defeat Orozco, let’s give him command.- Francisco I. Madero.

-If each of the Mexicans did what corresponds to them, the homeland would be saved.- Belisario Domínguez.

-By conquering our freedoms we have conquered a new weapon; that weapon is the vote.– Francisco I. Madero.

-I will live until there is someone who changes their life for mine.– Álvaro Obregón.

-The Republic has frankly entered the path of unquestionable progress.– Porfirio Díaz.

-I am resolved to fight against everything and everyone with no other bulwark than the trust and support of my people.- Emiliano Zapata.

-If there is no justice for the people, let there be no peace for the government.- Emiliano Zapata.

-Land and Freedom.– Ricardo Flores Magón.

-Rebellion is life: submission is death.– Ricardo Flores Magón.

-Effective suffrage, not re-election.– Francisco I. Madero.

-Poor Mexico, so far from God and so close to the United States.– Porfirio Díaz.

-Madero has awakened the tiger, we will see if he is able to tame it.– Porfirio Díaz.

-I promise you, Mr. President, that tomorrow everything will be over.- Victoriano Huerta.

-More than military, I am a revolutionary of ideas, and if necessary, I wield the word, the pen or weapons.- Roque González Garza.

-There you go the leaves, send me more tamales.- Pascual Orozco.

-Here we are all a bit of thieves. But I only have one hand, while my opponents have two.– Álvaro Obregón.

-Let’s go back to dispute the glory of dying for the country, which is the greatest of glories!- Álvaro Obregón.

-The true mission of the army is not to unconditionally support any character who declares himself the master of a people when it is oppressed.- Ricardo Flores Magón.

-Lack of culture is one of the greatest misfortunes of my race. The education of the children of my race is something that should not go unnoticed by rulers and citizens. The educational problem has never been given the necessary attention.– Francisco Villa.

What the people need to enjoy freedom is their economic emancipation, the unshakable foundation of true freedom.– Ricardo Flores Magón.

-We were very harsh, sometimes even cruelty; but all this was then necessary for life and progress.– Porfirio Díaz.

– Mr. President of the Republic. I have learned that in Mexico it is said that I have defected. I protest energetically about this false version and I beg you that this my protest be made public.- Aureliano Blanquet.

-There are rare those who with absolute power preserve moderation, and do not give free rein to their passions.- Francisco I. Madero.

-I prefer to die standing than to live kneeling.– Emiliano Zapata.

-It is fair that we all aspire to be more, but also that we all assert ourselves by our deeds.– Francisco Villa.

-All parents generally recommend their children to flee from vices. I have always believed that there is only one vice, which is called “excess” and that all men should try to free themselves from it.– Álvaro Obregón.

-It is more difficult than I imagined to govern Mexico.- Francisco I. Madero.

-Nobody does what they don’t know well; Consequently, a republic will never be made with ignorant people, whatever the plan that is adopted.- Francisco Villa.

-Democracy is the only one that can establish concord in all social classes.- Venustiano Carranza.

-Shoot him, then we find out.- Francisco Villa.

-I want you, General Huerta, to guard me and take command of the troops.- Francisco I. Madero.

-The three great enemies of the Mexican people are militarism, clericalism and capitalism. We can end capitalism and clericalism, but then who will end us? The homeland needs to free itself from its liberators.– Álvaro Obregón.

-Ignorance and obscurantism at all times have not produced more than herds of slaves for tyranny.- Emiliano Zapata.

-The service has not corrupted my political ideals and I believe that democracy is the only just principle of government, even when taking it to the field of practice is possible only in highly developed towns.– Francisco I. Madero.

-Díaz’s only sin was getting old.– Álvaro Obregón.

-In Mexico, as a democratic republic, public power cannot have another origin or base other than the national will, and this cannot be subordinated to formulas carried out in a fraudulent way.- Francisco I. Madero.

-In our country those who engage in banditry are the landowners, the rurales and the generals of Porfirio Díaz. Humble people like me fight for justice and for a better luck.– Francisco Villa.

-The good intention of the president is not enough, the collective factor represented by the workers is essential. The people of Mexico are no longer suggested by hollow phrases: freedom of conscience, economic freedom.– Lázaro Cárdenas.

-Moral is the force called to govern the world in modern life.– Álvaro Obregón.

-When the land belongs to the poor, then it will be free, because it will stop being poor. –Ricardo Flores Magón.

-Education is the most important and transcendental function of public power.– Álvaro Obregón.

-Public power cannot have another origin or other base than the national will.- Francisco I. Madero.

-A good government can only exist when there are good citizens.- Francisco I. Madero.

– Against pride, humility, sighs the friar. Against arrogance, rebellion!, the men shouted.– Ricardo Flores Magón.

-We must distinguish the so-called revolutionaries who were encouraged by the political and social revolution, from those who have proven to be only bureaucratic revolutionaries.- Lázaro Cárdenas.

-I am not Catholic, nor Protestant, nor atheist. I am a free thinker.– Francisco Villa.

-If you want the presidential chair, line up.- Plutarco Elías Calles.

-I, Pancho Villa, was a loyal man that destiny brought into the world to fight for the good of the poor, and I will never betray or forget my duty.- Francisco Villa.

-Comrades in arms and lords. Do not think that the one who is going to speak to you is a philosopher, I am a man of the people, but you will understand that when these men speak, they speak with their hearts.– Francisco Villa.

-If you want to be a bird, fly, if you want to be a worm, crawl, but do not scream when they crush you.- Emiliano Zapata.

-First I pay a teacher than a general.– Francisco Villa.

-The peoples, in their constant effort for the ideals of freedom and justice to triumph, are forced at certain historical moments to make the greatest sacrifices.- Francisco I. Madero.

-I can leave the Presidency of Mexico without any remorse, but what I cannot do is stop serving this country while I live.- Porfirio Díaz.

-Shootings in dark streets, at night, followed by screaming, profanity and unforgivable insults. Stained glass breaking, sharp blows, woes of pain, more bullets.- José Clemente Orozco.

-Order and progress.– Porfirio Díaz.

-The land will return to those who work it with their hands.– Emiliano Zapata.

– Mexican people: support this plan with arms in hand, and you will make the country prosperous and well-being.– Ayala Plan.

-Freedom, Justice and Law.– Emiliano Zapata.

-It is essential that the independent element think seriously about the future of the country, shake off its heavy indifferentism, make a vigorous effort, organize and fight for the claim of their rights.– Francisco I. Madero.

-I am more proud of the victories obtained in the field of democracy, than those achieved on the battlefields.- Francisco I. Madero.

-Mexico is ready for democracy.– Porfirio Díaz.

-I will retire from power at the end of the current period of government; I have tried to leave the presidency several times, but pressure has been exerted on me not to do so and I have remained in government for the good of the nation.– Porfirio Díaz.

-When the new republic is established, there will be no more army in Mexico. Armies are the greatest supports of tyranny. There can be no dictator without his army.– Francisco Villa.

-As a politician I have made two serious mistakes that have caused my fall: having wanted to please everyone, and not having known how to trust my true friends.- Francisco I. Madero.

-Freedom is not conquered on your knees, but on your feet, returning blow for blow, inflicting wound for wound, death for death, humiliation for humiliation, punishment for punishment. Let the blood run in torrents, since she is the price of your freedom.- Ricardo Flores Magón.

-We are supporters of principles and not of men! – Emiliano Zapata.

-At this time there are many ambitious politicians, who do my race no good; They spend their time discussing nonsense and stealing the money that belongs to the people. – Francisco Villa.

-The Constitution is dead.– Ricardo, Enrique and Jesús Flores Magón.

-The land belongs to those who work it.– Emiliano Zapata.

-In this twilight of my life, only one desire remains: the happiness of my country, the happiness of mine.- Porfirio Díaz.

-The insult, the prison and the death threat cannot prevent the utopian from dreaming.– Ricardo Flores Magón.

-I believe that a ruler of Mexico who does not have in his soul these defects or qualities, whatever you want to call them, will never succeed.– Victoriano Huerta.

Equality does not exist, nor can it exist. It is a lie that we can all be the same; you have to give each person their rightful place.– Francisco Villa.

-Let men be mutilated and succumb to principles, but what…

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