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The 91 best phrases of Nanatsu No Taizai

Nanatsu No Taizai (in Spain and Latin America, The seven capital sins) is a Japanese manga and anime, written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki, published in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine from Kodansha from 2012 to 2020. It has been widely accepted by the Japanese public, which is why movies and television specials have been made, as well as three seasons.

The plot revolves around the adventures of seven medieval knights, each representing a deadly sin, who decide to help the princess of Liones, Elizabeth, to free the kingdom from the oppression of the Holy Knights. The whole story unfolds in Britain, in the Middle Ages.

We have made a selection with the best quotes of Nanatsu No Taizai (The seven capital sins), anime by Nakaba Suzuki, broadcast between 2014 and 2015 by A-1 Pictures, and internationally distributed by Netflix since 2015.

The best phrases of Nanatsu No Taizai

-Gil risked his life for the girl he loved, so putting my life on the line simply means I’m a good friend. -Meliodas.

-Do concepts like good and evil really exist in war? -Meliodas.

-Women are captivated by the words of men, while men are captivated by the actions of women. However, that is just my opinion. -Slader.

-What is important is not what others think of you, but what you feel towards them. -Meliodas.

-The fact that a villain does not show his evil is conflicting. Villains are necessary for knights to become heroes. -Helbram.

-Once you decide to take that path, there is no going back! -Meliodas.

-Your mistake is to underestimate us humans too much. -Dreyfus.

-I may not be a knight… but I will continue fighting for the kingdom and its people. -Elizabeth.

I’m so jealous of you, having someone you love who feels the same way about you. -Elizabeth.

-Justice can turn into something evil. Reality can become an illusion. Meaning can be found in something that seems meaningless. -Marline.

-When some things contradict each other, you must see the opposite side of everything. And when the meanings behind seemingly abnormal actions become clear, a completely different response can be reached. -Marline.

-Hurry up and kill me, so that the one you love comes back to life. -Meliodas.

I don’t need a sword. I don’t want to kill anyone. -Meliodas.

-As long as you breathe, you have the opportunity to fight for and protect those you choose. Therefore, you will have people with whom to share your suffering, your misery and your sorrows. -Elizabeth.

-For the good of all the people who always fought by my side. This war has been going on for 3,000 years. I’ll put an end to it once and for all. -Meliodas.

-Oh do not worry! I just need to do a size check. -Meliodas.

-After all, two hearts are stronger than one, right? -Diane.

-If I were in your shoes, I would probably do the same. -Meliodas.

-You just need to think about what you have to do. -Meliodas.

-Feeling free depends on everyone. We are all your comrades. -Diane.

He wanted to protect them all. But I failed, and that is the sin I carry with me. So this time I can’t fail to protect them. -Meliodas.

-No matter what lies you tell, you can’t fool your own heart. -Meliodas.

-You are drowning too much with all the load you bring with you. Even a king can ask others for help from time to time. -Gloxinia.

-Since you are my most important reason for living, my destiny is to protect you. -Meliodas.

-Listen to me. You are strong, really strong. You have done wonderful things. You just don’t realize it. -Meliodas.

-I’m pathetic, I didn’t even have an idea how much you were suffering, I failed you as your friend! -Hauser.

-If you take it as part of the foreplay, it’s actually not such a bad idea! -Meliodas.

-We will all die one day, but as long as someone keeps a person’s wishes alive, they don’t really die. -Meliodas.

-You have sacrificed yourself so many times today that I think you have earned the right to be a little selfish. -King.

I’ll tell you one more thing. A real sin cannot be atoned for, no matter what you do. -Ban.

-It doesn’t matter if you are big or small, you are always you. -King.

-Humans are beings who frequently make mistakes and continue to live with regret. -Gowther.

-I don’t know what I should do for someone who is suffering, nor what I should say to comfort him. Not even the expression it should have. That is not written in any book. -Gowther.

-No matter how much power you have, there is always a limit to everything. -King.

-We get anxious even if we can’t do anything to help. I know the feeling. Especially if that person is important to you. -Elizabeth.

I believe that one day we will be able to understand each other. -Arthur.

-I do not have a choice. You hurt someone important to me. That is your sin! -Meliodas.

-First, you need to get rid of that negative attitude of yours. -Meliodas.

-When you feel like you can’t win and there’s no one around to support you, just say these magic words: I am more powerful than any of the other seven deadly sins! -Meliodas.

-I promise you, no matter where I am, that I will always come back to you alive. -Meliodas.

-Well… if you have something to say, spit it out! -Ban.

-My faith is sharp and determined. It is firm. It is temperate. -Dreyfus.

-Acting with calm and composure is a privilege of the strong. -Escanor.

-My will is a sword that cuts everything that stands in my way. -Dreyfus.

-Someday, I will definitely make you mine. -Ban.

-I will fight when the time comes, but that will be when I have something precious to protect. Fighting for the sake of fighting, that’s just sad. -Diane.

-That boy is amazing! Everything he says is sexual! -Meliodas.

-No matter how much you bleed and cry, you go on with it. That’s what it means to be a gentleman. -Meliodas.

-I won’t let go of this sword, even if I die. That’s the only way I can atone for my sins! -Meliodas.

-Magical power is something that is nourished by a strong will, beliefs and experiences. -Dreyfus.

-If you’re not going to fight, get out of here. That mediocre attitude won’t save anyone, it will only kill you and your comrades. -Ban.

-Diane and Ban’s relationship must not be very good, right? There’s no way Diane would like that piece of crap. -Hawk.

-If you know the sadness of losing someone close to you, how can you want to die so quickly? -King.

-Dead people don’t need explanations. -Hendrickson.

-If you’re ever in trouble, I’ll come to your rescue. -Meliodas.

– Nothing is in vain. -Hawk.

-The path of redemption will be difficult, but never give up on yourself. -Jenna.

-Peace robs people of their survival instincts, and robs knights of their pride and spirit. -Hendrickson.

-The only reason I pretended to be a man was because I was weak, so I wanted to make myself stronger in any way possible. -Jericho.

-All people have something they trust and have faith within their hearts. Be it a god, your sword, or a loved one; something very valuable. However, a person’s heart is weak. Even the smallest event can cause them to lose faith. That is evil. -Melascula.

-Your eyes are to discern evil, your mouth is to speak the truth, your heart is to be full of virtue, and your sword is to purge evil. -Margaret.

-You would do the same if you were in my shoes, right? -Meliodas.

«If you two are going to give up that easily, then that just makes it harder for me to give up.» -Jericho.

When he needed me the most, I wasn’t by his side. When he needed my help the most, I couldn’t do anything for him. -Meliodas.

-Only the strong will survive and get everything they want. -They lived.

-What I want is a heart… a heart capable of understanding emotions. -Gowther.

-Okay, if something happens I’ll come running. -Meliodas.

-I can’t tell you everything. And even if he did, I don’t think you’d believe me, honestly. -Meliodas.

-Even if my life hasn’t been all good. I realize that if I live long enough, something good could happen. -Ban.

«If they’re going to complain about it, I’ll kick their asses.» -Meliodas.

-Can I interpret your silence as a yes? -Ban.

Don’t you dare put your hands on my wife. -Meliodas.

Don’t play with people’s emotions. -King.

-If that’s what you decided, I won’t criticize you. You are on your own. -Meliodas.

-I didn’t betray you, I was never really on your side. -Gilthunder.

Memories are simply information. Creating or deleting them is not difficult. What I want to understand… is the emotion that goes beyond them. -Gowther.

-You threw away everything that is precious to you in exchange for that useless power that you are about to lose! That is your sin! -Meliodas.

-Anyone who does not appreciate quality drinks does not deserve to drink them. -Meliodas.

-I’m happy that you found something more valuable than yourself. -Zhivago.

-You have lost time and valuable things for us. The things we lose can never return to the way they were before. Even so, we are allowed to continue living, since we must protect what is valuable to us now. -King.

-Even if you died, I would make sure to keep the promise I made to you. -Meliodas.

-That is not your decision, we ourselves must cross that bridge! -Hendrickson.

-There’s nothing wrong with your heartbeat! -Meliodas.

-What does it matter if you fail once or twice? I don’t even know how many times I have failed to control my anger. -Meliodas.

-If there’s something I can do, no! Even if I can’t do anything right now, I’ll do whatever it takes to get to the point where I can do something! -Elizabeth.

-Don’t keep it locked inside you, let it all out. And he asks for forgiveness from the bottom of your heart. -Zhivago.

-It’s strange, although we fairies are born from trees and flowers, our son is growing inside me. -Elaine.

-I have already decided, I will be one of the seven deadly sins. -Tristan.

-When it comes to things I love, I would do anything to protect them, that’s the kind of selfish king I want to be. -King.

I love a woman, but I’m not going to force her to love me. -Escanor.

-The effort and growth occurs only when you like something. -Meliodas.

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