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The 9 Most Popular Songs in Nahuatl (with Translation)

The songs in nahuatl They are very common among the Aztec Indians. Most of the people who speak this language currently live in central Mexico. This language is spoken by about 1.5 million people.

There are numerous dialects of this language. Classical Nahuatl was the official language of the Aztec Empire in most of Mesoamerica, from the 7th century AD. C. until the Spanish conquest in the 16th century.

Today the languages ​​of this family are spoken mainly in some rural communities, especially in the areas of Puebla, Veracruz, Morelos, Oaxaca, Tlaxcala, Hidalgo and Morelos, among others.

The most popular songs in Nahuatl and their translation into Spanish

1- In Adelita

Ne ajkopa kampa nepa nochi kouta

kalyetoya nochi in takat ka ni tepos

uan se suapil tekitijke tojtokaya

kuali ki nekia ni ueyi takat.

Kualtsin suapil yejua in Adelita

in suapiltsin ton ne takat ki nekia

kachi kualtsin suapil i love moui

kuali ki nekia in ueyi takat.

Mokakia, kijtouaya yej kemiak kinekiaaa:

Ta Adelita kineki nech tasojtas

nik temoskia tech taltsin uan tech euyat

ipan ueyat tech kuali momiktia

taj tech taltsin tech se teposnejnen.

Ta Adelita kineki nech tasojtas

Aunt Adelita Yejua no suatsin

ni kouilias se kuali kueytsitsin

kampa ni kuikas maj kuatsin maj mijto.

Uan niman tamij kampa nepa mo kiktijte

nochin takamej senualjke tech nin chantsin

uan keman kachi mo miktiaya ne takame

mo kepaya in takame ka nin tepos.

The adelita

At the top of the steep mountain range

encamped was a regiment

and a brave girl followed them

Madly in love with Sgt.

Popular with the troop was Adelita

the woman the sergeant idolized

that besides being brave she was pretty

that even the colonel himself respected her.

And it was heard, that he said, the one who loved her so much:

And if Adelita left with another

I would follow her by land and by sea

if by sea, in a warship

if by land, in a military train.

And if Adelita wanted to be my wife

And if Adelita was already my wife

I would buy her a silk dress

to take her to dance at the barracks.

And after the cruel battle ended

And the troops returned to their camp

By the voice of a woman sobbing

The prayer was heard in the camp.

And upon hearing it, the fearful sergeant

To lose his beloved forever

Hiding her pain under the shawl

He sang to his beloved in this way…

And you could hear what the one who was dying so much said…

And if I die in the war,

And my corpse is going to be buried

Adelita, by God I beg you,

Don’t go crying for me.

2- In occupation

Ce papalotl nocuepazquiani
nipatlaniz xoxohchipaz
ce cuicuizcatl nocuepazquiani
ihuan noxopantlan ninehnemi

Cenimialhuitl nocupazquiani
zopelic ninen nechicoz
icuicatzin cahcamate

Ce chapolin nocuepazquiani
ihuan nicuautlatzotzonal
cuaeualtzintzin cuacualcampa
ipan ce capoltic pac

Ye nelli zali ocuicuilton
ye nic mati tiein nicchihua
ihtic nopoxac nochiaz



the little worm

I want to be a butterfly
and fly from flower to flower,
I want to be a swallow and live in my station.

I want to be a bee
and gather the rich honey,
to take her mouth
the owner of my love

I want to be a grasshopper
and play with my violin,
those beautiful mornings,
sitting in a bush.

But I’m a little worm
and I know what I should do
wait for me in my cocoon,
and grow grow grow.
And grow grow grow
and grow grow grow.

3- Nahuatl spring song

yecoc xochitl
ma in nequimilolo
ma in necuiltonolo
huel ixtihuitz
cuecuey on tihuitz
zan xopan nomacicatihuitz
yecoc xochitl

the flowers arrived
let them be gala
let them be wealth
oh princes.
well show us your face
they come to open their corollas.
only in spring
they reach their perfection.
the innumerable flowers,
the flowers arrived
at the edge of the mountain.

4- In coatl in amanal

In coatl in amanal
Inin coatl in amanal, amanal
ihca nan nen panozque
tlein yecama tzitzicuini
tlein tetoca mocahuaz
huaz huaz huaz
Ce mexica cihuatl
xochicual tlanamaca
xahxoca ahualcoca
ihuan chichilayohtli
Ilhuiliz, ilhuiliz
xochimil paquiliztli.
Ilhuiliz, ilhuiliz
in Tonantzin tlali

tzilictic teocuitla
cualli ni panuz
ihca in no pilhuan
tlein nech touch love mocahuaz
Tlein xochicualli
Tlein chichilayohtli
tlein cihuazolli
ahxa, ahxa, ahxa

to the sea viper

To the viper, viper
of the sea, of the sea
you can pass through here
Those in front run a lot
and those behind will stay
after, after, after, after.

A Mexican woman who sold fruits
plum, apricot, melon or watermelon.

Verbena, verbena, matatena’s garden
Verbena, verbena, the Virgin of the cave.

golden bell
let me go
with all my children
except the one in the back
after, after, after

It will be melon, it will be watermelon
It will be the old woman from the other day, day, day.

5- In kuakualkanton

Initin kuakualkantika
Kuikatika in tekutl
Ichpokame kuakualtzitzin

Ichpokame kuakualtzitzin
Tik in kuikame nel nan
Kualli xi ektlahtlachia

Xik ihta yoek tlatlanez
In totome ye inkuika
Ihuan metztle yokalak

Kualtetzin nelli kualkampa
nemitz onek tlahpaloa
Tinochtin nel tipahpaki

Kanochi to pakiliztli
Ye huitz in tlaneztika
Ihuan tlahuil tech maktia

Ximehua nelli kualcampa
Xikihta yoek tlahtlanez

the mornings

These are the mornings
Whats did sing the King David
To the pretty girls
we sing them here

Wake up my good, wake up
Look already dawned
The birds are already singing
The moon is already set

How beautiful is the morning
in which I come to greet you
We all come together
and pleasure to congratulate you

It’s already dawn
And daylight gave us
get up in the morning
Look already dawned

6- Xochipitzahuatl

Xihualacan huan poyohuan
Ti Paxalo Ti Maria
Timiyahualotzan, Tonantzin bread
Santa Maria Guadalupe.

little flower

come all comrades
to visit Maria
we will surround Tonantzin
Santa Maria Guadalupe.

7- Icnocuicatl

burn nehuatl nionmiquiz
I love burn ximocuezo…

nican… occepa nican nionhualaz
cualtzin huitzizilin nimocuepaz.

they burn ticon itaz Tonatiuh,
ica moyolo xionpaquiz

ompa niyetoz huan Totahtzin.
cualtzin tlahuili nimitzmacaz

song of nostalgia

when I die,
I do not want you to be sad…

I will come back again
turned into a hummingbird

when you look towards the sun,
smile with the joy of your heart.

Over there…
There I will be with our Father.
Good light I will send you.

8- Makochi pitentsin

makochi pitentsin
manokoxteka pitelontsin
makochi kochi noxokoyo
manokoxteca noxokoyotsin
manokoxteca nopitelontsin
makochi kochi pitentsin
manokoxteca pitelontsin
manokoxteka noxokoyotsin
makochi kochi pitelontsin

sleep small

let my child sleep
don’t wake up my little one
my boy, boy, my little boy
Don’t wake up my little one
don’t wake up from the sweet dream
my boy, boy, my little boy
Don’t wake up my little one
don’t wake up my sweet owner
my child, child, my dream.

9- Xiquiyehua

Xiqui Yehua in Xóchitl
xiqui yehua ipan noyolotl
pampa ni mitz tlazotla
pampa ni mitz tlazotla
ica nuchi noyolotl.


Save this flower
keep it in your heart.
Because I love you,
because I love you
with all my heart.


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