9 junio, 2024

The 85 best baptism phrases to dedicate

I leave you the best baptism phrases, ideal to dedicate to babies and children, as well as their parents and family, who are baptized in the Christian faith. Baptism is the sacrament that begins the spiritual life of man.

The act of baptism is a highly important ceremony for believing families, since it represents the first step in the conversion and development of faith in Christian religions.

-Congratulations! May God bless you and let his light fall on you.

-I wish you and your family all the grace and love of God in this very special moment.

-Congratulations on your baptism! May the angels in heaven always protect you.

-Happy christening! May your child always walk in the company of angels.

-May the joy, illusion and joy that reign on this day be preserved throughout your life. Your baptism is synonymous with faith in Jesus and he will guide your path.

-God is smiling upon you on this special day. Let his light guide you from this day forward, now and forever.

-Today you receive the sacred sacrament of baptism. May the special light that comes into your life today shine forever in your heart.

-As your godfather/godmother on this special day, I thank you for having the honor and blessing of being here and cultivating this relationship with you.

-The holy water that you will receive today will keep you pure forever. Happy christening!

-Today you begin to live under the eyes of God, his hands welcome you to this new world. Congratulations!

-May this day bring endless peace and joy to the family of this sweet angel. Congratulations on your baptism!

-We hope that today when you receive your holy water, you stay pure for life and always be happy.

-The day of your baptism is the most important of your life, because you become a child of God.

-Welcome to the Christian world! May the good Lord fill your life with special blessings from heaven and may your baptism be filled with much love.

-Let us celebrate the love of God as a child today becomes a new Christian from now on. God bless you all.

-May today be an unforgettable occasion for all of us, as on this day the sweetest child joins our Christian community. Congratulations on your baptism!

I want this baby to have the most amazing christening ever. Because with such wonderful parents, this baby deserves the best.

-On this special occasion and always, I wish that God take care of you, love you and keep you safe in his care.

-May from today, the day of your baptism, the Lord shelter you with his love and protect you from evil.

-Today is a special day. It is your baptism and we want to congratulate you and wish you that God showers many blessings on your family and home.

-My best wishes for this new step in your faith adventure. Congratulations on your baptism.

-May the love and grace of God always lead the life of our son who is part of our church from today.

-We are very happy with your baptism, we wish you to enjoy a happy and satisfied life with your mom and dad.

-I hope you feel the infinite warmth of God’s love in this sacred celebration from this and every day to come. I feel so blessed to be a part of your day. Congratulations!

-On this day of your baptism I send you all my love, my best wishes and all my blessings to my beautiful godchild.

-This is truly a day worth remembering. May the Lord grant his grace to this young angel for the rest of eternity. Congratulations on your baptism!

-On this special day, the light of God will light up in your heart to illuminate the entire path of your life.

-Congratulations on your baptism! I am excited for you to begin this spiritual adventure. I wish you the best of luck.

-I hope you have good health and a good life. I hope that this occasion, your baptism, becomes the first step in a fervent life full of love.

-May your baptism be filled with love and blessings, and be a glimpse of the exciting adventure that lies ahead. Congratulations!

-In your baptism, we wish you all the best; happiness, health and God’s blessing. We love you.

-May the love and grace of God always be with you. Congratulations on this extraordinary day!

We are proud of the Christian man/woman you have become. Your baptism marks a big step in your commitment to God and we are happy to see you do it.

-May the Lord’s blessing always remain in the heart of the little one, keeping it pure as this holy day. Congratulations!

-I wish you and all your family the best on this special day. I hope it is full of love and happiness.

-Welcome to baptism, your journey will be long, mom and dad will always be close to you.

-The day of your baptism is the most important of your life, because you become a child of God. I ask Him to always protect you and to carry you in the palm of His hand.

-God bless this little boy who puts himself at your disposal. Congratulations on his Baptism!

-I couldn’t feel more honored to be your godfather/godmother. You are a bright light in my life. I promise to always guide you to the light in your faith.

-I send you many hugs and kisses on the day of your baptism. Have a good time you and your family and congratulations on this great day!

-You are a blessing to our lives and a reason to smile. This is a promise from us to let you know that we will always be here for you as your godparents.

-My best wishes for your baptism, may your life be filled with smiles as bright as those on this day of celebration.

-This day is your first step to become a good, wise and genuine Christian. May God always protect you and guide you on the path of truth and redemption.

-Congratulations on your baptism! May this holy day be filled with many blessings and happiness for you and your family!

-The baptism is like a second birth, it is being born to eternal life, to the life of God that is manifested in the Church. That is why now you will be closer and united to God.

-May today your baptism mark the beginning of all the successes of the rest of the days of your life. We adore you!

-We send you our love and warm wishes on this day of joy. Congratulations on your baptism!

– Baptism is the strength to be witnesses of Christ, to be new creatures and consecrate ourselves to the will of God. Congratulations on your baptism!

-The radiant happiness of this day and its light will accompany your child for a lifetime. Congratulations on the baptism of your son!

-May God grant your little one all the blessings of his gentle love and may your baby enjoy a life full of health and happiness. Congratulations!

-Congratulations on your baptism! I hope your relationship with God grows stronger as the days go by. Your baptism is the beautiful beginning of this adventure that lasts a lifetime.

-Congratulations on your baptism. This is a great day in your life. I wish you the best in the days to come. God bless you!

-May your baptism be the solid foundation that establishes and supports your life relationship with God. Congratulations on this great day!

-I pray that you have a reason to celebrate each of the days of your life, and that the almighty help you achieve great successes. Congratulations on your baptism!

-Today is a special day that places you in the loving arms and watchful eyes of God. May each day that is yet to come be filled with blessings and happiness.

-May this sacred occasion bring upon you much joy and happy moments. I wish you the best.

-May Almighty God fill your life with happiness and unceasing joys. May this day of your baptism be a memorable day!

-Today you will have the most important encounter of your life, that of Jesus. I wish you never lose the path of the Lord.

-Congratulations on this day that you have been baptized. I wish you and your family a day worth remembering.

-We wish your child the best on his christening. May your child be filled with God’s perfect love as he/she is poured with holy water. Congratulations!

-Congratulations on the day of your baptism! Today you confirm yourself as a child of God, through purification with water and you become deserving of divine grace.

-Today, the most beautiful baby taken to the baptismal font. Congratulations on this special day!

-May God’s blessing always remain in your heart, preserving its purity and frankness. Happy christening!

-Congratulations on this special day. May you bring love, peace and joy as we celebrate this sacred occasion.

-May the Lord spill all his blessings on you so that you feel his infinite love. Congratulations on your baptism!

-This special day marks the beginning of your spiritual adventure. May it bring lasting peace and happiness into your life.

-Let God be the light that guides you. I wish you to be a wise person in your life and to follow the path of wisdom of the Lord Jesus. God bless you.

-That on this day of your baptism you receive all the blessings and that your future is full of things to smile about.

-I wish you the best in this spiritual adventure that you have just embarked on. Congratulations on your baptism!

-Baptism is your small first step, in which God finally accepts you as a true Christian. Best wishes on this adventure.

-May this encounter with Jesus be for you a source of light on the path of my life. Congratulations on your baptism!

-Dear godson. We pray that this holy day marks the beginning of all good things in your life. We want you to know how much your godmother and I love you.

-May the water of baptism keep your soul clean. May the Holy Spirit guide you at all times, especially in difficult times. May the light of his candle illuminate his path. God bless you.

-God has really interceded in your life and has saved you through his grace and now you are already baptized in his name and practicing his teachings. We pray that you know what God has planned for you.

-Today you receive the sacred sacrament of baptism, today your path begins on the paths of the Lord. May your life be full of blessings and may the angels accompany you wherever you go. Congratulations!

-The love of two people is completed with the birth of a child, now baptized. Jesus welcomes you with open arms. May you be very happy, I wish you with all my heart.

-May God always remain in you, may happiness last every day in your heart, may your life be surrounded by peace and tranquility, but above all, may love fill you with joy and kindness.

-There is nothing better than the smile of an angel that will begin an amazing spiritual adventure. I feel excited to be able to attend this beautiful occasion. Happy christening!

-No matter where life takes you, always remember that God watches over you from heaven. If you ever feel lost or distraught, I will always be here to listen.

-Father, shelter and protect this child now, surround him with your promises and fill his heart with joy. May this day of his christening be a day he can treasure and remember forever.

-The family congratulates and blesses you for your baptism, because from heaven God grants his forgiveness and mercy for sins…

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