7 junio, 2024

The 8 Most Famous Typical Chiclayo Dishes

The typical dishes of Chiclayo They are recognized throughout the northern region of Peru. In general, the country’s gastronomy is characterized by its variety and the quality of its flavors.

The combination of sea and mountains allow the multiplicity of ecosystems. This, in turn, means that different types of products are grown. Thus, each place has a typical local dish prepared with regional products.

In this sense, the cuisine of Chiclayo, capital of the department of Lambayeque, stands out for combining techniques from the Quechua culture with the Spanish.

An example of this is the common use in their dishes of chicha jora, a pre-Hispanic drink, combined with ingredients brought from Spain (such as rice).

Main typical dishes of the gastronomy of Chiclayo

thickened monday

The thickened is one of the most popular typical Chiclayo dishes. As its name indicates, Chiclayanos usually taste it on the first day of the week.

Many food outlets in the Mercado Central de Chicayo, among other places, offer this dish that day.

In itself, the thickened is a kind of porridge that is made with grains of corn and pumpkin. Traditionally a type of gourd known locally as loche is used. It also has beef, cassava, coriander, among other ingredients.

Chiclayana style rice with duck

This is not only one of the typical dishes of Chiclayo, but it is the specialty of all of northern Peru. In addition to rice and duck, pumpkin (loche) and other seasonings such as cumin, oregano and pepper are used for its preparation.

In its most traditional version, a main ingredient is chicha de jora. This drink was a very important food for the ritual and religious practices of the Incas.

In its preparation, corn is used that has been buried for a few days until it develops sprouts (jora corn). However, many Peruvian cooks substitute black beer for chicha de jora.

Cause to the chiclayana

The cause is a traditional dish from the coast of Peru. Several factors add to its popularity: flavor, economy, and simplicity in preparation.

Although the classic recipe includes yellow potatoes and yellow chili for the purée, and tuna and avocado for the filling, this dish is very versatile. For example, in the Chiclayo version, fried fish is used, usually sole.


The chinguirito is a classic among the typical dishes of Chiclayo and, in general, of the entire northern region. It is a ceviche made with dried fish instead of fresh fish.

This dish is made from finely chopped guitarfish. This fish, also known as angelfish, is closely related to rays.

Dried cod can also be used to achieve this crunchy texture. The other ingredients of the dish are: purple onion, lemon and yellow chili. It is usually accompanied with cassava and sweet potato.


Sweets cannot be missing among the typical dishes of this region. One of the most famous is the king kong. This great crispy pastry was invented around the time the original movie was released.

The traditional filling is manjar blanco, which is made with sugar, condensed milk and cinnamon. These ingredients are boiled until a thick, rubbery mixture is formed.

Cau Cau

It is also known as mondonguito a la norteña and is a stew made with cooked tripe and potatoes. It also has chili, onion, mint, garlic and parsley. They say it’s great against a hangover.

Papa a la huancaina with ceviche

It is one of the most traditional dishes in all of Peru, Chiclaya not being the exception. It is made with a fish fillet (cod, corvina, sole, etc.), salt, lemon, coriander, onion, garlic, milk, fresh cheese, crackers, egg, lettuce and boiled potato.


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