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The 75 Best Toy Story Phrases

The best phrases from Toy Storythe first computer-animated film and the first for Pixar studios, directed by John Lasseter, and produced by Steve Jobs and Edwin Catmull.

Produced in 1995, the feature film tells the story of Andy’s toys, the favorite of which is Woody, a cowboy. However, when celebrating his birthday, Andy is given Buzz Lightyear, a space explorer, and Woody fades into the background.

One of the things that makes the movie unique is that the toys appear to be non-alive when humans are present.

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Toy Story Phrases

-«To infinity and beyond!». –Buzz Lightyear

-Buzz Lightyear: «You, my friend, are responsible for delaying my meeting with star command!» Woody: «You’re a toy!»

– «There seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere.» –Buzz Lightyear

Woody: «Buzz, you’re flying!» Buzz Lightyear: «This isn’t flying, it’s falling with style.»

-Buzz Lightyear: «I set my laser to kill instead of stun.» Woody: “Oh, perfect. If someone attacks us we can blind them to death.»

-«Buzz, look, an alien!». –Woody

-“Wait a minute, I just lit a rocket. The rockets explode!» –Woody.

– “You are a sad and strange little man, and I feel sorry for you”. –Buzz Lightyear.

-«I don’t like confrontations!» –Rex

-(Referring to Sid): «I don’t think this child has ever been to a medical school»-Buzz Lightyear

-«I can’t use the word I’m looking for because there are kindergarten toys present.» –Woody

«I don’t think I can take that kind of rejection.» –Rex

-«We toys can see everything!». –Woody

-«You’re making fun of me, aren’t you?» –Buzz Lightyear

-Buzz: “I just wanted you to know. Even if you tried to kill me, revenge is not something we promote on our planet.» Woody: «Oh, good, that’s good.» Buzz: «But we’re not on my planet, are we?»

-«Who invited that child?» -Mr Potato Head

-Buzz Lightyear: «Sheriff, this is not the time to panic.» Woody: «This is the perfect time to panic!»

-«Friend or enemy?». –Buzz Lightyear

-«Look, in that house there is a child who thinks you are the best, and not because you are a star guardian, friend, it is because you are a toy». –Woody

-«Being a toy is better than being a space ranger.» –Buzz Lightyear

-«Woody has always been Andy’s favorite.» -Mr Potato Head

– “I believe in Woody. He has never cheated on us.» –Slinky.

-“Secret mission in unexplored space”. –Buzz Lightyear shell.

-“Someone has poisoned the trough”. –Woody.

toy story 2

-«That silly Buzz Yogurt Light». -Foreman

-«There’s a snake in my boot». –Woody

-«I’m proud of you cowboy.» –Buzz Lightyear

-«I may not be an intelligent dog, but I know what it is to run over someone.» –Slinky

– “You have saved us. We are grateful!». -Aliens

-«What is a cowboy without his hat?». –Buzz Lightyear

-«But not my head!». –Rex

-«Japan? No, no, no, no, no, I can’t go to Japan!” –Woody

-«I can not see. Can someone cover my eyes? –Rex

-Emperor Zurg: «Surrender Buzz Lightyear. I won!». Buzz Lightyear: “I will never give up. You killed my father!» Emperor Zurg: «No Buzz, I am your father.» Buzz Lightyear: «Nooooooo!»

-«Hey!, Hey!, Put me down silly!» -Mr. Potato face

-“This is Buzz Lightyear’s hallway. In 1995, low vision vendors did not order enough dolls to meet demand.» -Barbie

-«Why would someone steal Woody?». –Betty

-«How do you spell FBI?». –Rex

– “Do you really expect Andy to take you to the university or to his honeymoon? Andy is growing up and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s your decision Woody. You can come back, or stay with us and last forever. You will be adored by children for generations.” -Foreman

-«You never forget children like Emily or Andy, but they do forget you.» –Jessie

– “Look Jessie, I know you hate me for leaving you, but I have to go back. I’m still Andy’s toy. If you knew him, you would understand.» –Woody

-Emperor Zurg: «We meet again Buzz, for the last time.» Buzz Lightyear: «Not today, Zurg.»

-“I am Guide Barbie. Please keep your arms inside the car at all times, and do not take flash pictures. Thank you». –Barbie Guide

-«Fly like the wind I shoot at the target!». –Woody

-Mr. Potato Head: «I say we climb on top of each other, press the intercom, and pretend we’re delivering a pizza.»

-Ham: “How about a ham sandwich? With fries and a hotdog?Rex: «And what about me?» Ham: «You can be the toy that goes with the meal.»

-Buzz Lightyear #2: “Are you crazy? You could have killed me, space ranger. I mean, traitor.» Buzz Lightyear: «I don’t have time for this.»

-Slinky: «We already went through this corridor.» Mr. Potato Head: “No, we haven’t been through this hallway. It is pink». Slinky: «Realise, we’re lost.»

-The Foreman: “Fools! Children destroy toys. They will end up broke, forgotten and spend eternity in a dump.» Woody: «Okay, Foreman, it’s time you learned the true meaning of game time.»

– “Woody risked his life to save me, he couldn’t consider me his friend if I didn’t do the same for him. –Buzz Lightyear.

-«I don’t know how to use my head». –Rex

-«Buzz Lightyear’s Log». –Buzz Lightyear.

-«Kidnapping Woody is illegal.» –Rex

-«I am a married potato, I am a married potato.» – Mr Potato Head.

toy Story 3

-Woody: «See you later, partner.»

-“This is Rex. The most evil and terrifying dinosaur that ever lived. –Andy

– “We have to get home. Andy arrives tomorrow.» –Jessie

-Jessie: «Did you fix Buzz?» Ham: «Uh, sort of.»

-Ken: «Hi, I’m Ken!». Barbie: «I am Barbie.»

-«Our mission with Andy is complete Woody.» –Buzz Lightyear

– “Who are you calling that? I have more than 30 accessories and I demand respect”. -Mr. Potato face

– “Woody has been my friend for as long as I can remember. He is brave, as every cowboy should be. He also kind and smart. But what makes Woody special is that he never gives up on me. He will be here no matter what he passes by.» –Andy

-Jessie: «Buzz! We are your friends!» Buzz Lightyear: “Keep your lies, seductive woman. Your emperor has been defeated and I am immune to your beguiling charms.»

-Jessie: “This is not a family, it is the prison. You are a liar and I’d rather rot in this dump than go back.» Barbie: “Jessie is correct! The authority must come from the consent of the governed and not from threats.

-«We belong to Andy.» –Woody

Jessie: «Oh Woody, we were so wrong to leave you! She was wrong. Woody. We were wrong to leave Andy.» Mr. Potato Head: “Jessie is correct, Woody. She was wrong!»

-Lotso: «It’s a Barbie doll, Ken, there are a million like them.» Ken: «For me there aren’t.»

-Woody: «Where is the exit?» Buttercup: “There is no way out! Not true, the gates are right here.»

-Buzz Lightyear: «I’m glad we caught the train!». Woody: «Now we have to catch a few criminals.» Buzz Lightyear: «To infinity, and beyond!»

-«Let’s escape from here.» –Woody

-«Are you ready for Ken’s dream tour?» –Ken.

– “You have an appointment with justice Bart the one-eyed! –Woody -“What a pity, sheriff! I’m a married man –Mr. Potato Head.

-«I can’t stand this uncertainty.» –Rex.

-«I’m not a toy for girls, it’s not true!». –Ken.

-“Run like the wind Perdigón! –Woody.

Toy Story 4 Phrases

-«Being next to a child is the noblest thing a toy can do.» –Woody.

-“Which is your child? Are you a lost toy? –Woody.

-«I have a question. Well not really, I have all the travel questions.” –Trixie.

-«Sheriff Woody, always come to the rescue.» –Bo Peep.

-«I’m panicking.» –Rex.

-«Let’s rescue the fork». –Woody.

-“Woody will save me. I’ve known him my whole life… two days”. –Forky.

– “Is this how we are inside? How much stuffing!» –Duckling and bunny.

-«Trash? I’m also… we’re wonderful toys. I’ll explain everything I know.» –Forky.

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