7 junio, 2024

The 75 Best Phrases of Tony Montana (Scarface)

I leave you a collection of Tony Montana quotes, the main character in the film Scarface, known in Spain as El precio del poder (1983). It stars Al Pacino and is directed by Brian de Palma.

Tony Montana, nicknamed Scarface, is a Cuban emigrant who arrived in the United States in 1980. After verifying that he had a criminal record, the authorities denied him a «green card» with which he could move freely around the country. He is sent to a Cuban refugee camp, where after a month he takes advantage of an opportunity offered to get out.

He moves to Miami, at first he works in a Latin food restaurant, although he is taking jobs related to drugs that will allow him to gradually climb and earn more and more money.

It is about an ambitious, psychopathic character with delusional ideas that has marked an era. Most critics agree that Al Pacino gave a great performance, although others comment that the character is overacted.

List of Tony Montana quotes

I always tell the truth, even when I lie.

-I’m Tony Montana… mess with me, and you’re messing with the best.

-If you want to continue with me, just say so; if not, step aside.

-Every day I’m still alive is a good day.

-In this world I only have my balls and my word, and I don’t break either of them for anyone.

-This town is like a big vagina waiting to be possessed.

-Did you know? fuck you What do you think about this?

Do you know what capitalism is? Fuck you.

-Every dog ​​has his day.

-I want everything that comes to me… the world and everything in it.

-In this country you must first make money. With money comes power, and with power comes women.

-Why don’t you put your head in your behind, to see if it fits you?.

-Who put this together? Well I. Who do I trust? In Myself.

-I’m not going to kill you… Manolo, shoot that piece of shit!

-I come from the street, I know, but it doesn’t matter. I do the right thing, and with the perfect woman I could rise to the top.

-There is nothing you can do to me that Castro has not already done to me.

Do you think you can stop me? I’d need a bloody army for that.

-You will know me better when you stop playing games and do business with me.

-I’d kill a communist just for fun, but for the green card, I’d rip him apart just fine.

-The whole damn country was built laundering money.

I didn’t come to the United States to break my fucking back.

-The only thing in this world that gives orders… are the balls.

-The bad man has arrived, make way!

-I’m not a bloody criminal, I’m not a thief. I am Tony Montana, a political prisoner of Cuba, and I want my human rights, as President Carter says.

-I won’t give you the money unless you show me the merchandise first.

-I have never fucked anyone in this world without them seeing it coming.

-You are all a bunch of idiots, do you know why? Because they don’t have the guts to be what they want to be.

-What if I have been in an asylum? Oh yeah, the ship I came on.

-Do you want to play rough? Ok, say hello to my little friends.

-The biggest mistake of my life was believing that others would show me the same affection that I showed them.

-You know what I’m talking about, damn cockroach!

-Do you want to play? Alright, let’s play.

-And what do we do… fly to Cuba and hit the bearded man?

-Now you talk to me baby… and I like that.

«Fuck you, I don’t need that kind of shit in my life.»

-Say goodbye to the bad man.

-Never underestimate someone’s greed.

-What do you know? Bubble head!

Do you want to go to war? We’ll take you to war, okay?

-Someone screwed up.

-Would you kiss me if I wore that hat?

-Do you want to waste my time? Fine, I’ll call my lawyer, the best lawyer in Miami. By tomorrow you will be working in Alaska, wear warm clothes.

-They need people like me, so they can point their fingers and say, ‘look, there goes the bad man.’

-You only know how to hide and lie, I don’t have that problem.

-If you’re done… can I go?

-You should see the other one, he was unrecognizable.

-I have ears, did you know?… I hear things.

-Do you know why?… because you have your head in your ass, that’s why that man never tells the truth.

-You should have kept your mouth shut, so they would think you were a horse and let you out.

-The men who last in this business are the ones who fly low, straight and calm; the others, those who want women and champagne, those do not last.

«Maybe you can get yourself a first-class ticket to the resurrection.»

Damn Colombians, they didn’t want to do business, they just wanted to steal the money.

-You are a communist, you like to be told what to do, what to think or what to feel. You are a sheep, like the rest of the people.

-You’re dead, bastard!

-You too Mel, you’re screwed.

-can you stop saying shit all the time?

-What a sting! Damn wasp.

-He died… he’s dead… somewhere…

-Oh! that was for my sweetheart.

-I told you to tell them you were in the bathroom, not in the sanatorium.

-I told you to tell them that you were cured.

-That golden dust that blows in the wind, do you see Manny? He’s always looking over his shoulder, huh? Like me…

-It’s never happened to me boy… it’s the only thing I’ll never be… that kind of crazy.

-Idiots! They drive me crazy… You, Manny, I never go crazy with you, you are like my brother and I love you.

-Don’t waste your time Boy, you know your brother hates you.

-I don’t wear the same thing that he wears.

-I tell you something, this is not Cuba, it is the United States, they only have lawyers here, we are in the news, in the newspapers.

-What are they going to do to us? Send us back to Cuba?…he doesn’t want us, nobody wants us anywhere.

-What will they do? Put us in a gas chamber for all to see? They’re stuck with us, Chico, and they have to let us go.

-You worry too much man, as they say, if you grab them by the balls, the heart and brain will follow, right?

-Go there, ask that man for money, he’ll give you the silver ones right out of his pocket, this is America man, that’s what they do here.

-What the fuck is that? Eating bugs, that’s gross.

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