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The 7 Most Famous Typical Dishes of Huancayo

Of the typical dishes of Huancayothe most famous recipes are potatoes a la Huancaína or pachamanca, but the gastronomy of this Peruvian city in the Junín region is much more varied.

Various stews, broths, and meats are also part of Huanca’s gastronomy, which, although it shares a lot with that of other regions of Peru, also includes a contribution from the region’s traditional pre-Hispanic cuisine.

Beef, mutton and pork lead as sources of protein along with trout, followed by potatoes and corn typical of Andean cities.

Typical main dishes of the gastronomy of Huancayo

Fries Huancaina

Both the name of the dish and the ingredients come from the Mantaro Valley, where both the department of Junín and the city of Huancayo are located.

It consists of a paste made of oil, chili peppers, cheese and milk that cover boiled white potatoes, and are served accompanied by boiled eggs and olives.

This pasta or “salsa a la huancaína” can also be combined with meat, poultry, fish and noodles.


In the Quechua language it means «earth pot» (pacha means earth and manca means pot). It refers both to the preparation process and to the dish itself.

It is a stew prepared underground in which the ingredients are cooked in the heat of heated volcanic stones, covered with branches and hermetically sealed.

It includes various meats, among which are mutton, pork, pork, goat and beef.

Grilled trout

The climate of the region is ideal for the development of trout, which is quite cheap and consequently popular in Huancayo.

The trout, whole or filleted, is marinated with cumin and pepper for an hour, while a dressing of onion, garlic, chili pepper and oil is prepared in parallel.

The trout is cooked on the grill, over coals or firewood, and served with the dressing. It is usually accompanied with rice or boiled potatoes.

guinea pig

The guinea pig is a large rodent that weighs approximately 1 kilogram and is commonly consumed throughout the Mantaro Valley region.

The clean meat is put in a brine for 2 hours, then it is left to dry and is fried in oil previously seasoned with garlic, chopped onion and ground red pepper.

Once the meat is browned, chopped white potatoes are added and both the potatoes and the guinea pig meat are served together, both bathed in the remaining sauce made with oil, onion and spices.

Chicha de Jora and Mulle

Chicha is called any drink made from the fermentation of cereals, the most well-known being corn.

Chichas de Jora and Mulle are made in a process similar to that of corn or the traditional «chicha morada», but using Jora (germinated, dried and ground corn) or Molle, which is one of the fruits of traditional plants in the area. .

In the case of jora or molle, either one is boiled in plenty of water and left to ferment for a couple of days.

If sugar is added before fermentation begins, the process converts the fructose to alcohol.


Patachi is a very popular recipe in many regions of Peru, each having its own ingredients or spices. For example, the huancayo-style patachi is prepared with dried wheat, olluquito, dried broad beans, chuño, dried peas, carán, beef, mint, and head of celery.

It is a nutritious dish, which is normally served at night. It is cooked with firewood and the ingredients are arranged in a clay pot to cook for hours.

roasted broad beans

Very popular in most of Peru, but especially in the regions of the central zone as it is a typical product of the area.

For its preparation, the dry beans are prepared, which are left to soak overnight and are toasted the following day to the taste of salt. Then they can be taken at any time of the day.


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