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The 67 best quotes from Wreck-It Ralph

Ralph the devastating (as it is known in Latin America), Wreck it Ralph! (in Spain) or Wreck It Ralph (its title in English) is a 3D animated film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. This funny story captured the attention of the public, becoming part of the list of highest grossing animated films in the United States.

It was released in 2012 and, according to insiders, it is a true homage to arcade video games, because to prove that he is a good guy, Ralph (a villain from an arcade game who gets tired of being the bad guy) travels through various video games, such as Pacman, Sugar Rush or Central Station, among others.

We have made a list of the best quotes of Ralph the devastating, Winner of the Annie Award for Best Animated Feature.

list of phrases Ralph the devastating

-I don’t want to be the bad boy anymore.- Ralph, the Demolisher.

«It’s hard to do your job when no one likes you for doing it.» Wreck-It Ralph.

-I see you’re a fan of pink.- Wreck-It Ralph.

-That “useless medal” was going to change everything. I was going to come home with that beauty around my neck and I could have had a penthouse, cakes, ice sculptures, fireworks. Big things. You wouldn’t understand.- Wreck-It Ralph.

-I’m happy now. I have the coolest job in the world! It may not be as elegant as being a president, but I have a responsibility, a great responsibility.-Ralph, the Demolisher.

-Uh, excuse me. Is Ralph in there? I would like to speak with him, please.- Vanellope.

-As your great princess, I declare that whoever has been cruel to me will be… executed!- Vanellope.

-Look, you want that medal, right? And I want to drive. So I was thinking… you help me get a new car, a real one, and I’ll win the race and get your medal back.- Vanellope.

-High! You wouldn’t hit someone with glasses would you?… [Ralph agarra los lentes y lo golpea con ellos]. Oh, you hit someone WITH THE glasses. That’s clever.- King Candy.

-Our duty is to take the main contender to the top to win a medal, that’s all. Continue with the program, soldier!- Sergeant Calhoun.

-What is happening in the candy-coated heart of darkness?- Wreck-It Ralph.

-I wonder how many licks it takes to get to your center?- Wreck-It Ralph.

-Welcome to the boss level.- King Candy.

-I’m a runner! I can feel it in my code!- Vanellope.

-Very good, Gene, you know what? I will win a medal! The brightest medal this place has ever seen. The medal will be so good that I will make all of Felix’s medals wet his pants.- Wreck-It Ralph.

-Since when did video games become so violent and terrifying?- Wreck-It Ralph.

-Well, this may not be something important to you, but in my game, I am the bad boy and I live in the garbage!- Ralph, the Demolisher.

-I’m Turbo, the best racer of all time! And I didn’t reprogram this world to let you and the halitosis-ridden boar you call friend take it from me!- King Candy.

-See the high definition of your face! It’s impressive!- Repara-Félix Jr.

-Let’s just eat the cake!- Repara-Félix Jr.

-This place begins to become interesting.- Sergeant Calhoun.

-This game is getting old. Like my grandmother.- Mr. Litwak.

-You will never be a runner because you are a failure! And that’s all you’ll ever be!- Taffyta.

-If you leave your game, make sure you keep an extra life with you at all times. Because if you die outside of your own game, you don’t regenerate, ever, it’s game over.- Sonic The Hedgehog.

-I can be a good boy if I wanted to.- Ralph, the Demolisher.

-I’m not from the candy tree department.- Wreck-It Ralph.
-So, lying to a child, what a shame, Ralph!- Vanellope.

-I’m not a failure, Taffyta, I just have pixslexia.- Vanellope.

-I’ll beat the stuffing out of you!- Wreck-It Ralph.

We are humanity’s last hope. Our mission: destroy all the Cy-Bugs. Are you ready, beginner? Let’s begin.- Sergeant Calhoun.

-What is the first rule in Hero’s Duty?- Sergeant Calhoun.
-The one who went to his villa, lost his chair?- Ralph, the Demolisher.

-Oh, simply, and as if by magic I will win the race… just because I really want to.- Wreck-It Ralph.

-Explain something to me. If Vanellope was never a runner, why is the picture of her on the side of the game console?-Wreck It Ralph.

-Since those Cy-Bugs consume Sugar Rush, they will invade the other games until this gallery is just a smoking shell of forgotten dreams.- Sergeant Calhoun.

-You’re not from around here, are you?- Vanellope.

-You really are a bad boy!- Vanellope.

-Welcome to my house! I sleep in these candy wrappers and tuck myself in, like a little old lady.- Vanellope.

You really don’t know anything, do you? Failures can not stop their games … One of the wonders of being me.- Vanellope.

-Why do I fix everything I touch?- Repara-Félix Jr.

-Pac-Man? They invited Pac-Man!- Wreck-It Ralph.

-I hope you’re happy, you trash pile! This game is going overboard and it’s all your fault!- Sergeant Calhoun.

-I am bad, and that is good, and I will never be good, and that is not bad, but there is no one who would like to be more than me.- Ralph, the Demolisher.

-Did you like to throw that tantrum, baby tutti frutti?- Vanellope.

-You could live in the castle, you would have a house where you would be respected. You could be happy.- Vanellope.

-Fear is for the coward, ladies. If they are babies who wet their pants, I’m not interested in finding out, but make their mom proud.- Sergeant Calhoun.

«Bye, Wreck-It Ralph!» It was not a pleasure to meet you!- King Candy.

-See, Vanellope? You are just an accident waiting to happen!- Taffyta.

-I’m going to demolish it!- Ralph, the Demolisher.

-It turns out that you don’t need a medal to prove that I’m a good boy, and if that little girl likes me, how bad can I be?- Wreck-It Ralph.

-My arm is getting tired. Do we have a deal or not?- Vanellope.
-I hope you win!- Wreck-It Ralph.

-I’m not a thief! I only borrowed your silly coin, and I was going to return it as soon as I won the race.- Vanellope.
-It’s not a coin, it’s a medal.- Wreck-It Ralph.

-Look, the code may say that I’m a princess, but I really know who I am, Ralph. I am a runner with the greatest super power of all time!- Vanellope.

-What was that? I can not hear you. Your breath is so nauseating that it made my ears go deaf.- Vanellope.

-Sayonara, losers!- Ralph, the Demolisher.

-Don’t worry. I have everything under control.- Vanellope.

-Why are your hands so strangely big?- Vanellope.
-Don’t know. Why are you so strangely annoying?- Wreck-It Ralph.

-Your face is red, maybe you want to hit him with your hammer.- Sergeant Calhoun.

-Thanks to you, Ralph, I am the most powerful virus in the entire arcade! I can take over any game I want! I should thank you, but it will be more fun to kill you!- King Candy.

-Flattery will not charge these batteries.- Sergeant Calhoun.

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