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The 62 best phrases of Goku

Goku He is the main character of the Japanese manga and anime. dragonball, created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. At the beginning of the story, Goku appears as a boy who practices martial arts, who has superhuman strength and a monkey tail. But in the course of the manga, the viewer learns that he is actually an alien of the Saiyan race.

The manga was based on Sun Wukong, who is the main character of the Chinese classic novel. Journey to the West. Goku’s Saiyan name is Kakarot, deformation of English carrot (which means carrot). He has the power to teleport.

Next, we leave a list with the best goku phrasesso you can remember your childhood with one of the most famous anime from the 80s and 90s.

Goku’s best phrases

-Hello I’m goku.

-I’d rather be a brainless monkey than a heartless monster.

-[A Nappa] Well, if your friend is stronger than you, I guess you are the third strongest Saiyan now!

It seems that they only want me. If so, that’s exactly who they’ll have.

-Your energy levels decrease with each hit, in fact, you are no longer a challenge for me. It wouldn’t be fair to keep fighting with you.

-I’m already satisfied. Your pride is shattered, you challenged and lost to a better fighter than you and worst of all, he’s just a monkey.

-There is no point in continuing to fight with you, you are too afraid and ashamed. She lives with that fear. Let him stay locked up with you in silence. Goodbye Frieza, never do evil again, I hope you live the rest of your life in peace.

-I have my own family now to take care of, two children and a wife. A very angry wife who must want to kill me now.

-You must be Frieza, the one responsible for the terrible things that have happened to this planet. All the problems you may have had with Vegeta, you can fix them with me.

-Bye, Vegeta, you’re not as ruthless as you thought. Someone with a heart of stone does not shed tears like you. You should have been putting up with them your whole life.

-Now I’m the only one left, now I think I understand you. You weren’t mourning your own death or our home planet being destroyed, you were mourning Frieza making you what he wanted you to be.

-[A Vegeta] You never had the chance to be anything else, I still respect you. I know you made a lot of mistakes, but now I see that it wasn’t all your fault.

-[A Vegeta] You had the will of a Saiyan. Please, he shares a little of that with me, because I need it. Thank you for saving my son’s life and buying me time to recover.

-[A Freezer] It’s true, Vegeta was right, you have no honor. For him and for the others you have murdered, I will defeat you.

-Sorry, I saw that you lowered your guard and I just attacked, ha!

-Ok, now to plan B, whatever it is.

-[A Majin Buu] I think I know how to get that laugh out of your horrible face, I’m going to give your face a facelift.

-[A Piccolo] What did Kaio Shin say to you? Wasn’t he rude or was he? Do you want me to show him how he should behave himself? I’m sure if I told him you were once the guardian of the land he would treat you with more respect.

-Chi-Chi can be overprotective when it comes to Gohan. She makes him study all day and tells him that martial arts is a waste of time.

-[A Raditz] Hey, don’t get excited, you haven’t beaten us yet.

-Vegeta knows it too. Through my dreams, I could hear him talking about what I felt as well. That there is a level beyond Super Saiyan, I’m going to reach it.

-I waited months preparing for the day when I would face you in your perfect form. I’ve trained a lot, Cell.

-Maybe I’m giving up, but that doesn’t mean the tournament is over. There’s still another person who’s going to fight you, Cell.

-I just thought we would put our differences aside, for once, and work together! We owe that to our teammates, family and friends, Vegeta!

-You have always talked about the Saiyan race and how we are the last of our people. It’s time to accept that we are starting a new breed, one that will be just as strong and just as proud!

-We will not start a new race if we stare at our ranks and stop seeing what is in front of us. We lost our race, Vegeta, let’s not lose our family too.

-[A Freezer] You seem to enjoy watching other people suffer. You think that life is worthless. You destroy homes, you take the lives of innocent people who love peace. You even murder children, all for your personal entertainment. Now is your turn.

-It seems that Cell is tired, it wouldn’t be fair if Gohan beat him if he isn’t at his best.

Yes, it’s partly true. I have the ability to go Super Saiyan 3. But I can only do it for a short time.

-[A Gohan] Show them what Saiyans are made of!

-Listen to me, Vegeta! You can’t fight Majin Buu by yourself! There is only one thing to do! I don’t know why you’re so upset, but we’re running out of time! You have to do the fusion, Vegeta!

-[A Kid Buu] I hope one day you come back a better person. Maybe then we can fight again.

-Power comes in response to a need, not a desire.

-I am the hope of the universe, I am the answer of all living beings who ask for peace. I am the protector of the innocent, the light in the dark, the truth. I am an ally of the good and your nightmare!

-Unleash your power, Gohan! Get it all out! Remember all the pain he has caused, who he has hurt, make that your power!

-I am the Saiyan who came from earth with the purpose of defeating you. I am the warrior you have heard of in the legends, pure in heart and awakened by fury. I am the Super Saiyan, Goku!

-Enough! Still, if I’m an alien from another planet or if you’re my older brother, I don’t care, anyone who does the horrible things you’ve done is not my brother. My name is Goku, this is my house and you are not welcome!

-Buu, I am a courteous man and also strong, but I must say that I have fought against beings from the most distant galaxies and you are the strongest of all.

-What is ridiculous is that the creature does not believe in respect. There are certain things that are not done and certain things that are understood. You shouldn’t mess with a man’s family.

Why is this guy touching me? It’s big, sure, but it looks a bit silly to me.

-[A Bulma] Other than my grandfather, you’re the only human I’ve ever seen.

-Why do women have butts on their breasts?

-The ocean is so salty because everyone urinates in it.

-Sometimes life is too uncertain for regrets.

-That’s it, Cell, keep it up. Once you corner Gohan, he’s going to have nowhere to go except through you.

-Great Beerus, you are really strong, I never had a chance. You are the best in the universe.

-[A Beerus] I know, for Vegeta to drop his princely pride, isn’t that amazing? I respect him for that!

-Wait, is that the great Beerus? He looks like a hairless house cat!

-[A Beerus] Super Saiyan God, let me think, I know all about Super Saiyans. This Super Saiyan God thing doesn’t ring a bell.

-[A Vegeta] Take it easy, I didn’t come to talk about it. I’m curious, what do you think about what Whis said, that if we team up against people like Frieza they wouldn’t stand a chance against us. Should we practice fighting together? In case we need it?

-This is my fault, dammit! Frieza was right about me. I should have finished it when I had the chance.

-[A Turles] I raised Gohan to know the difference between good and evil, unlike you.

-[A Freezer] First Vegeta, then Piccolo and now my best friend Krillin! You don’t care, do you? Their lives don’t matter to you at all! You don’t even regret it! Even now, all you think about is how to kill me!

-[A Broly] Hey! Why don’t you give us a little head start?

-Why do you have hair, Krillin? I thought you were bald from birth.

-Tell me, Vegeta, with that mark on your forehead, I know that Babidi is giving you orders. This is one of them? Are you trying to fight me for him? Or is it the same story between you and me?

-Gohan, take Piccolo and return to earth. He is still alive, go now while I still have a little patience left.

-If someone like Piccolo could change, I think anyone can. Vegeta deserves to have the same opportunity. If we show him that the people of the land have compassion, maybe he can learn it too.

Don’t do it, Krillin. I know it seems fair, but it’s not right. If you kill him, you will show that we are no better than him. He will show that they won. He’s strong, Krillin, don’t forget, I’m a Saiyan just like him.

-No matter what kind of techniques you use, Vegeta, I won’t lose!

-I can’t believe it, I thought I had trained very hard in the other world but I was wrong. I did not imagine that there was someone who had the same strength as me.

«Hey, don’t worry Gohan. I can’t go back to earth, but you can. It’s very simple, you can do it, son. It might take a bit of sacrifice, can you tell your girlfriend Videl to do it?

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