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The 61 Best Extremoduro Phrases

Enjoy these song phrases from one of the most influential Spanish rock bands; extreme hard

extreme hard is a Spanish group whose members are Roberto Iniesta, Iñaki Antón, Miguel Colino and José Ignacio Cantera. Founded in 1987, it is considered one of the most influential Spanish rock bands.

Influenced by Spanish literature, his lyrics make frequent allusions to drugs, sex and self-destruction. Some of his best-known songs are “So payaso”, “Golfa”, “Salir”, “Extremaydura”, “****” and “Jesucristo García”. Probably the high point of the band was reached with the publication of the album Agile.

Robe released his first solo album and in 2020 they announced that they were disbanding, and that they would do a farewell tour, which was finally postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The best phrases of Extremoduro

in these Extremoduro phrases you will be able to remember their lyrics, their daring style, the themes they dealt with and their songs, among them Uprooting, Another useless song for peace, Going out, Suicidal tango, Enemy, Site you go and many others.

-I plucked a bouquet of flowers, I gave it to my lover. She said that she didn’t want them, that she was better before. –Extremohard, Uprooting.

– Dream that the star dreams, always in a state of waiting; she picks up the bottle again, and spends sleepless nights… always in a state of waiting. –Extreme hard, Stand by.

-And why do I love her for the four seasons? If all I dream, is indoors. –Extremoduro, Between interiors.

-I give my word of honor that I no longer care about living. Come tell me, beetle: how do you play the bass? Come tell me, nonsense, and to play the drums? Come on tell me, smart uncle, and pa’ cantá’ like the crickets? Come tell me, duck eye, how did I play the device? –Extreme hard, Enlightened.

-Who is going to put my freedom of expression up the ass, when they say that I shit on the constitution? No one can escape if everything is a prison. Why the hell are there so many logs around me? –Extremoduro, Luce the darkness.

-Go shut up, go, and make a wish. I want a drug to fall from the sky, pure poison, to make the world a more pleasant place. –Extremoduro, Another useless song for peace.

-There is not a stone left standing, because the wind knocked it down, there is nothing left of yesterday, because the wind took it away. –Extremoduro, Sweet introduction to chaos.

-In going out, drinking, the usual roll, getting a thousand stripes, talking to people, getting to bed and… damn, how dirty! without you. I don’t even touch the ground and scare even the clouds, I don’t know if it’s your kisses or this tripi that gets me up. –Extremoduro, Exit.

-Lights the dark, candlelight. The darkness shines, the light of sirens. ? –Extremoduro, Luce the darkness.

-Without being, I become hard as a rock, if I cannot get closer or hear the verses that that mouth dictates to me. And now that there is nothing, not even giving, the part of giving that is my turn, that’s why I haven’t stopped walking. –Extremoduro, Fourth movement: reality.

-I’m a clown, and my feet shake. Next to her, he tells me I’m off color. I start kissing, to see what he tells me next. –Extreme tough, my clown.

-It happens that I get tired of being a man. It happens that I get tired of my skin and my face. And it happens that my day has brightened, hell!, seeing the sun drying your panties in your window. -Extremoduro, It happens.

-Looking for my destiny, living deferred, without being, or hearing, or giving. And reverse charge, I would like to talk to you, and thus tune in. –Extremoduro, First movement: the dream.

-I drink from the fountain, let’s see what happens, if she transfers her power to me. You know that when you leave, I stay here without knowing. You see. “Extreme hard, Mom.

-And leave aside the path from the back door, where I saw you leave, like a watering can that the grass makes it sprout again, and now it’s all fields. –Extremoduro, the sidewalk from the back door.

-He says that if he doesn’t take drugs, he says he doesn’t feel anything. If it’s sunny, she throws herself out of bed, and by the elevator, the clouds rise. And there I go, to break the cobwebs of your heart, you will see how it clears up, slut! –Extreme hard, Golfa.

-Let me tell you, baby, that ours is not fair, every night that I’m with you, you’re the one who eats, I’m eaten. –Extremoduro, suicidal tango.

-I am, I have finally realized, an enemy of humanity, people who do not understand anything… I let my heart rule. Every minute I mark a point that I must reach, and I notice that I am rising up again. –Extreme hard, Enemy.

-That nothing interests me around, and I climb to the top of madness, I find my princess talking to the moon, racing to see who is the most whore. –Extremoduro, Whore.

-Stay very close to me, like this both of you, sweet morning. Look at me and smile again, otherwise I don’t understand anything. –Extremoduro, if you go.

-But where are the kisses that I owe you? In a little box, I never carry my heart with me in case they take it away. But where are the kisses you owe me? In any corner, tired of living in your little mouth, always adrift –Extermoduro, A fuego.

-Come back, I have, life, the lights on, in order to understand, to see. Come back, I’ve found a buried treasure, which I wear to the surface, tell me… –Extremoduro, Calle Esperanza s/n.

-The fire of hell is already just smoke, and now the fire is just smoke. After burning the fire is already just smoke, hell is already just smoke. –Extremoduro, Coda flamenca (another reality).

-We stay close to the ground, at the height of your waist, or we stay close to the ground, where the moon is reflected. –Extremoduro, Close to the ground.

-If I don’t see you again, I don’t want to wake up, reality doesn’t abandon me. I look for a better world, and I dig in a drawer, in case it appears among my things. –Extremoduro, First movement: the dream.

– A dove has shit on me in the street, which they call, of peace, the messenger. The heat of the people warms me, and it’s freezing cold on the sidewalk. –Extremoduro, Another useless song for peace.

-I gave away my imperishable soul. For what?, so that it never hurts again. And now what? Now I place the sidewalks. There at the end of the street, boss, there is a place. –Extremoduro, My imperishable spirit.

– Lives looking at a star always in a wait state. He drinks gin at night, to meet her. –Extreme hard, Stand by.

-Time passes slowly, when I don’t have you by my side. I need to be seated, a little tree in this open field. –Extremohard, Uprooting.

-If luck abandons me, and he says he doesn’t want to see me, I’ll call him a scammer, he’s robbed me while he was sleeping. –Extremoduro, Vulture does not eat birdseed.

-I fell prisoner inside of me, inside, deep inside of me. If I run away, come find me any day, where there are any flowers left, where there are no police. –Extreme hard, Self-portrait.

-And I queue non-stop, at the door of some bar, I’m all drunk, I consume the hours, while I find some moon that walks alone. –Extremoduro, Looking for a moon.

-It passes by my side, and I no longer know what is coming. Now I’m just your slave. Tell me what I have to do. “Extreme hard, Mom.

-The light does not dare if you are not here, to pass by if it hears my voice. Since you are not in this corner, he does not dare to pass the sunlight. If he hears my voice, he stays outside. –Extremoduro, Third movement: the inside.

-Open the door that I am the devil and I come with bitches, open your legs girl that I come to nail you seeds. As every day in hell I got bored and I went from bar to bar, I saw the Virgin Mary, tired of being a virgin, stuck in a portal. –Extremoduro, The day of the beast.

-In the hollow of the echo of his voice, lives the axis that disappeared. Caught by the air we will live, I don’t care where we go. Squeeze my hand well, a star slips through my fingers. –Extremoduro, Coda flamenca (another reality).

-He left me in the most secluded part of an uninhabited planet. The wind scolds in my ear: «Come on, up and up and up.» The sun asks me, if it looks at me, why am I so unknown. –Extremoduro, Little endemic rock and roll.

-And the moon is disarmed just by touching it, and the light inside the pond turns on. Like two drops of water from different clouds, going down and going up. –Extremoduro, Close to the ground.

-Once upon a time inside a gray world, struggling to get out, a colored mijita. Once upon a time there was the owner of a flower, rooting in her garden we make a groove between the two. –Extremoduro, Once upon a time.

-There was an alley, and an old woman passed by with a purse, and speaking of heaven… God fell from heaven. Runs! –Extremoduro, La vieja (sordid song).

-Master of contradiction, and expert in breaking the forbidden. That’s why the children are already approaching me, I’m trying to be happy. Since then, they have not let me out of this jail, I have nowhere to run. I’m going to do a… that sticks my head out. –Extremoduro, Second movement: the outsider.

-Ask him about the weather, and see if he remembers me. Ask her if it’s true, that no one sees her smile. –Extremoduro, My imperishable spirit.

-Warlike plains and ascetic moors, it was not through these fields the biblical garden. They are lands for the eagle, a piece of planet, through which the shadow of Cain wanders. –Extremoduro, Looking for a moon.

-Her eyes are a wide window, her ass is not… her ass is honey. His eyes are what he tells me to straighten, his ass is not… his ass is honey. For another time remind me to speak again, in case you see that I pass three towns or more. –Extreme hard, his ass is honey.

-I want to tell you in silence, that there are too many words, that moments are missing, that I feel nothing, that I come looking for you, that I never find you. –Extremoduro, Between interiors.

-Today I put it in a thousand ways! And she already walks with her tongue out. Today I’ll put it up to your ears!, just by moving my eyebrows! – Extremoduro, Today I’ll put it in you.

-I plan the armed robbery of your heart, each word I have calculated, now the courage is missing. I plan to tell her that life was her mouth and not. The scent of her washes past me, and I hold my breath. –Extremoduro, Today I put it to you.

– I burn. I see you go by and, there, I warm up and burn, and I enter to do, on your hips, prospecting. If I get lost, tell me where it comes out, what are the main reasons, that only the wind serves as a guide, along the paths of utopias. –Extremoduro, The path of utopias.

-I drink from a hot, hot fountain, and I see the fairy who never leaves me again. When I’m not with you I tame the hours, and I make them jump and I make them run. –Extremoduro, Whore.

-Meanwhile the hours go by, I dream that I wake up next to her, I wonder if she’s alone, and I burn inside a bonfire. –Extremoduro, Sweet introduction to chaos.

-I hope I find it among so many flowers. I hope that her name is poppy, that she will hold my hand and tell me that she alone… she No, she understands life, no. And that she asks me for more more more more, give me more. And that she asks me. –Extremoduro, if you go.

-We are going to steal cherries, from the valley across the street, I am capable of anything to see you again. I have lost my mind, I have lost it for losing you, I am capable of anything to see you again. –Extremoduro, What edge was my valley.

-With nothing better than going around inside poking around, with nothing better to do, roasting myself in the sun, poking around…

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