7 junio, 2024

The 50 Best Phrases of Alice Through the Looking Glass

I leave you the best Alice Through the Looking Glass quotesthe second installment in which we can see the adventures of a young Alice, but this time more adult, experienced and determined.

This time, Alice is faced with a problem that is practically impossible to solve; both in Wonderland and in the real world. But what is real? Is Alice insane or can she really travel between worlds?

Whatever the case, from genius to madness there is a simple step; and the wisdom that Alicia and the rest of the characters show us in this film proves it.

1-The only way to achieve the impossible is by convincing yourself that it is possible. – Alicia.

2-Time is a cruel teacher. “Time is a thief, and a villain. – Alice and her mother.

3-Before, I believed that I was capable of performing at least 6 impossibilities before breakfast. -Alicia.

4-It is not «just a boat», it is my father’s boat. It’s all he ever loved, all he I love. – Alicia.

5-You can’t make things the way you want them to be. Every woman must face that fact. I did. -Alice’s mother

6-Deliver the “Wonderful” and give up the impossible… Who will I be then? -Alicia.

7-My father was a very severe man. But before the horrific thing happened, I never told him how sorry I was. -Hatter.

8-I don’t know who you are, but you are not my Alice. My Alice would believe me. -Hatter.

9-It is not impossible, it is simply very close to not possible. –Cheesire.

10-Is it that this day will never end?! She clings to me like a pair of sweaty pants. -Time.

11-Time? Young lady, I am time. The infinite, the eternal, the immortal, the immeasurable; at least of course you have a watch. -Time

12-If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s people who are ineffective, useless or in…in… incapable of forming short sentences. -Time.

13-Everyone eventually separates from what they love most, dear. -Time.

14-He is in me and I am in him. And in all that he is, he was and will be. I wrote that poem myself. -Time.

15-Young lady, you cannot change the past; though let me tell you something: You could learn something from him. -Time.

16-You can’t win a race against time! I am Inevitable! -Time.

17-No, my time is not derailed, in fact he is very angry with me. -Time.

18-Don’t come to me with your pampering, you started all this. Why don’t you admit the truth? – Queen of Red Hearts.

19-If you want to be worthy of our prestigious last name you must be rational, sober, sane. Everything that you are not now! – Father of the Hatter.

20-I lost my father, and I miss him every day. If you don’t go back and apologize to your father, you will regret it every day of your life. -Alicia.

21-The last thing I want in the world is to end up being a person like my father. -Hatter.

22-If you really are the one who cries, if you really are the time; maybe you can clarify this doubt that I have had all my life. How soon is soon? -Hatter.

23-A pretty head deserves an equally pretty hat, that’s what my father says! -Hatter.

24-Hey time! Is it true that you heal all wounds? – Hatter.

25-The function of the hat is to adhere to the norms of society. not be fun –Father of the Hatter.

26-Being a hatter is a difficult job, I cannot allow your crazy ideas to take you away from your true potential. –Father of the Hatter.

27-Vengeance is mine. –Queen of Red Hearts.

28-Did you eat the cookies and leave those crumbs next to your sister’s bed? Tell the truth, Mirana. -«No». -White Queen.

29-Time is up. –Cheesire.

30-I haven’t given the last one yet Tic of my last knock. -Time.

31-It seems that my invincible machinery is…really…beatable. -Time.

32-Why does this always have to happen to me? Why doesn’t anyone love me? -Queen of Hearts.

33-I always liked small things. -Queen of Hearts.

34-Now I make hats father. I am a hatter. -Hatter.

35-I used to believe that time was a thief that stole everything I love. -Alicia.

36-I know that you tried to warn me and even so I did not listen to you. I’m sorry. -Alicia.

37-You always give before you take away, and every day is a gift. -Alicia.

38-He used to say that the only thing you do that really counts is what you do for others. -Alicia.

39-They say that time is not a friend of any man, but I will always remember you. And please don’t ever come back. -Time.

40-Family is something very important, you only have one. -Hatter.

41-My dear Alice. In the gardens of memory, in the palace of dreams. That’s where you and I will meet again. -Hatter.

42-«But a dream is not reality» – «Who tells you which is which?» – Alice and the Hatter.

43-Nothing has been as impossible as having to say goodbye to all of you friends. Goodbye Hatter. -Alicia.

44-Time is many things Hamish, but it is never money. Nor is it our enemy. -Alicia.

45-The Wonder is just a ship, I can always have another; but you are my mother, I only have one. -Alicia.

46-Time and tide do not wait for any man. Or in this case, woman. -Alice’s mother

47-The chrono sphere? Do you want to steal it, seize it? You are asking me to let you disintegrate time itself. -Time.

48-I never lost hope that one day you would become that queen you were born to be. I realize now that that day will never come. –King of Hearts.

49-Everything I have done has been for you Alicia, so that you had a decent start in life. -Alice’s mother

50-Time is against you, and you are being careless with it. -Alice’s mother

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