15 julio, 2024

The 40 best phrases of Carla Morrison

Carla Morrison (1986) is a Mexican alternative pop singer-songwriter, actress, producer and activist. She has won the Latin Grammy three times. In 2009 she self-released her EP, Learning to learnproduced in an Arizona studio.

Thanks to this, the also Mexican Natalia Lafourcade offered him to produce a new EP. He has collaborated artistically with Julieta Venegas, Juan Gabriel, Dani Martin, Mon Laferte and Ricky Martin.

Next, we leave you a list with the best Carla Morrison quotes. His songs include «Let me cry», «I give you a gift», «It’s you», «I cry», «Pajarito del amor», among many other songs.

The best phrases of Carla Morrison

I feel you a thousand years ago. I want to do miracles for you. I don’t want to doubt anymore. It’s hard for me not to accept it anymore.– A thousand years.

– Come back to me soon. I no longer understand anything about myself. You are so vital to me. Don’t you understand that I’m sorry to die?– Go back.

-Tell me that everything is a lie, that everything is just a nightmare, that I am not alone and you have not left my life. Tell me you’re still here.– Tell me lies.

-I want to kiss you, waste my time with you. Keep your secrets, take care of your moments. (…) Be patient, your madness is my science.– I enjoy.

-I want to keep morality. Give you some kisses that I may have to steal from your mouth, mine.– Even the skin.

-Your love Hurts Me. And this you can no longer fix. But love like mine you will not find out there. Because this love bets even for me.– Let me cry.

-I give you my legs, lay your head on them. I give you my strength, use it every time you don’t have it. I give you the pieces that make up my soul, that you will never need anything.– I give you.

-Brown sugar is your skin, it is your beautiful voice that rumbles in my being. Brown sugar is your skin, give me a little while to love you. Hidden where no one can see us.– Brown sugar.

-It is not easy to forget yesterday, but I must leave the memory and heal. I don’t want to find answers anymore! I want to tear all the questions out of myself.– I didn’t want to look.

-I had to fly very far, the sun no longer illuminated my splendor. Things seemed, you see, routine turned into function and into love.” I turned my mind off.

-You have broken in me all the barriers of pain that I built. Your treatment towards me, you caress me with love like that flower that I never was.– Flower that I never was.

-It’s not fair. I don’t want to accept it. I gave you all of me. My calm and my storm.– I will never return.

-I miss the years we gave each other, sleeping next to you and filling myself with you. I miss your lips, running into your arms, tearing myself apart and filling myself with you.– I forgot.

-I’m going to rob you. I’m going to kidnap you. I’m going to steal a kiss from you.– A kiss.

– But in front of you, I show you the opposite. Although this is an ordeal, what was born weighs on my chest. That it is growing because of you, I hide it from you and I don’t want it.– My secret.

-I seek to fall asleep in your eyes and in your senses, I seek to spill my love through your ears, I seek to surrender my being and fly with you, I would like to share my whole life with you.– Share.

-Your body language speaks of more, and on your lips I do not see that truth, my eyes discover and contemplate each part of your being. Your way of loving.– Your way of loving.

– Love me, I beg you. You are the root of my fire. For me, there is no other desire than to kiss your velvet skin.– I live for you.

-I’m looking for a little love bird, which used to fly around me, which gave me kisses when flying, and loved me so much until it burst.– Little love bird.

-And among all those things, let me love you. Surrender to me, I will not fail you. With you I want to grow old.– I enjoy.

-Today I woke up wanting to kiss you, I have a thirst to caress you, entangle myself with you, and not let go.

-Let me cry. I want to say goodbye in silence. Make my mind reason. There is no remedy for this.- Let me cry

-You unbalance me, you who pause my time. You touch me, I tremble, you always attack in silence.– You attack.

-You are the infusion that I need. You are very hot. I want to get closer and be able to infect your being.– A kiss.

-And I’ll look for you again. And I find you again. Your lack of interest in me is so cruel.– I’m never coming back.

-I can both see us leave. I hope it’s not the end. It may be that I come here again, and that, without a doubt, we will unite again.– It can.

-You’re so intoxicating.– It’s you.

-I’m going to walk through the world without looking back, erasing your look. I’m going to give you the distance, even though my soul hurts, and I need you in my days, days.– It hurts.

-Let me stay here. Let me kiss you there, where you keep your secrets, the darkest and most beautiful.– I give you.

-Get away from me to never feel this sweetness in a foreign land, which drives me crazy and keeps me awake.- Foreign land.

-You walk often in my thinking, and you look so handsome as you pass. Looking for a solution, I know that I am already part of yesterday.– Little love bird.

-You avoid my presence, saying that it is weed. Come back to me! I will take care of all the bad, I will catch the good. In your heart I will deposit all that love that you need to have.– Undergrowth.

-I don’t know what to say anymore. I do not know what to feel. I want to ask you for a solution to this pain. It bothers me that they ask me about you. They realize that I lose myself for you.– Without saying goodbye.

-I want to contemplate you without counting time, draw you with my pure memories, in my mind mark your lips, your kisses, be here another moment.- It’s you.

-And you used to say that I was the love of your life. And today you only inspire me to stop loving each other. I detach myself without knowing, from the bones and the skin, from this love that is no longer.– Closeness.

-At what point I delivered the sum of all my kisses, and exchanged myself, for a minute of your time.- Your pride.

I’m going to run away again. I don’t want to hurt myself, I don’t know. I am afraid very afraid. It’s important, it is. My heart no longer believes. It’s dry, already very dry.– I love it.

-I spent moments with you that will never leave me. Our stage was strong and hard, discovering sweetness. You lived in me and I was so, so happy.– First time.

-I want to sit down and cry, get a thousand things out of the inside, that I want to tell you. I feel so weak without you.– To the skin.

-And my skin begins to confuse what your caresses mean. And my body in your body. This can’t happen. I respect someone I must have. They are your kisses and my kisses.– I love it.

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