11 junio, 2024

The 31 Best Phrases of Porfirio Díaz

The Porfirio Diaz quotes (1830 – 1915) are an intrinsic part of some of the most important stages of recent Mexico and everything that happened politically and militarily. The Porfiriato lasted 35 years, but its appointments will be eternal due to the historical importance it had in the North American country.

Born in Oaxaca de Juárez, Porfirio Díaz served as president of Mexico up to seven times, being one of the most visible faces of Mexico at the end of the 19th century, a period convulsed by the various revolutions that took place.

– “Poor our Mexico, so far from God and so close to the United States”.

– “Madero has released the tiger, let’s see if he can tame it”.

– “Little politics and more administration”.

– “Dog with a bone in its mouth, neither bites nor barks”.

– “Let no citizen perpetuate himself in power and this will be the last revolution”.

– «Order and progress».

– “Beautiful and dear Mexico, if I die far from you, let them say that I am asleep and take me to you”.

– “Humanity, wake up. Maturity consists of knowing how to establish priorities”.

– “Is it still illegal to speak against the current government?”

– «Effective suffrage, No reelection».

– “In this twilight of my life, only one wish remains: the happiness of my country, the happiness of mine”.

– “Bread and stick”.

– “That rooster wants corn”.

0- «Kill them hot.»

– “It is very natural in democratic towns that their rulers change frequently.”

– «We will fight, then, for the cause of the people, and the people will be the only owner of their victory.»

– “Mexicans are happy to eat appetizers disorderly, get up late, be public employees with influential sponsors, attend work without punctuality, get sick frequently and get paid leave; have fun incessantly, marry very young and have children on the grass; spend more than they earn and get high to throw parties.”

– “I can separate from the presidency of Mexico without regret or regret; but I will not be able, as long as I live, to stop serving this country.”

– «That the election of President be direct, personal, and that no citizen who in the previous year has exercised authority or responsibility for a single day whose functions extend to the entire national territory may not be elected.»

– “I have waited patiently for the day when the Republic of Mexico is prepared to choose and change its rulers in each period without danger of wars, nor damage to national credit and progress. I think that day has arrived…».

– “In the course of my political life I have given sufficient evidence that I do not aspire to power, office, or use of any cause; but I have also made serious commitments to the country for its freedom and independence, to my comrades in arms, with whose cooperation I have completed difficult undertakings, and to myself, for not being indifferent to public ills”.

– “When a man has held a position, vested with power for a long time, he may come to persuade himself that that position is his private property, and it is well for a free people to be on their guard against such tendencies of personal ambition; yet the abstract theories of democracy, and the actual practice and application of them, are often necessarily different, I mean, when substance is preferred to form.

– “The material progress that the republic has reached is made manifest in the development of the multiple industries that are implanted daily in it”.

– “I feel hurt. One part of the country rose up in arms to bring me down, and the other part stood by to see me fall. Both were indebted to me for a portion of things.

– “If an opposition party were to emerge in the Republic, I would see it as a blessing and not as an evil, and if that party developed power, not to exploit but to lead, I would welcome it, support it, advise it and I would dedicate myself to the happy inauguration of a completely democratic Government”.

– “I do not summon bastard ambitions nor do I want to fan the deep resentments sown by the excesses of the administration. The national insurrection that has to return its empire to the outraged laws and morals, must be inspired by noble and patriotic sentiments of dignity and justice”.

– “It is an error to suppose that the future of democracy in Mexico has been endangered by the continuous and long permanence of a president in power. For me, I can say it with all sincerity, the already long period of the presidency has not corrupted my political ideals, but rather, I have managed to convince myself more and more that democracy is the only principle of government, fair and true; although in practice it is only possible for already developed peoples”.

– “I hope that the passions that accompany every revolution have calmed down, that a more conscientious and verified study will bring forth in the national conscience, a correct judgment that allows me to die, carrying in the depths of my soul a fair correspondence of the estimate that in all I have consecrated my life and I will consecrate my compatriots”.

– “The middle class is, both here and elsewhere, the active element of society. The rich are always too preoccupied with their money and dignities to work for the general welfare, and their children do but little to improve their education and character, and the poor are ordinarily too ignorant to trust them with power. Democracy must count on the middle class for its development, which is an active and working class, which fights to improve its condition and is concerned with politics and general progress.

– “Nations are like men, and these are, more or less, the same throughout the world; there is, therefore, a need to study them in order to understand them. A just government is simply the collective aspirations of a people translated into a practical form. It all comes down to individual study. The individual who supports his Government in peace and in war, has some personal motive; that motive can be good or bad; but it is always, always, deep down, a personal ambition. The end of all good government must be the discovery of that motive, and the statesman must try to put that ambition on track, instead of eradicating it.

– “Don Porfirio has been the best president the country has ever had and it was precisely he who sought, in economic matters, a balance of forces between those who had interference in Mexico such as the United States, France and England”.

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