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The 30 Most Important Classroom Rules

The classroom rules They are a series of conditions that are elaborated in order to maintain the order and harmony of the student group. With them, the teacher can dictate the rights, duties and daily regulations of the schoolchildren. In addition, they generate a teaching in the students that will help them with their discipline at school and in their daily life.

With rules within the classroom, it is guaranteed that there is good coexistence, better communication and student safety. It is positive that said regulation is elaborated with the opinion of all those involved in the classroom. This seeks better understanding, understanding and making known the consequences of breaking the rules.

The guidelines can be simple or complex, which is usually determined by the age of the students. The rules are usually written in the second person and positively, it is also recommended to place them on visible posters in the room. These can include topics about schedules, coexistence, tasks, materials, among many others.

Main classroom rules

be kind and respectful

With this norm, the student is encouraged to be cordial and respect both his classmates and the educator.

Respect the teacher

This indication makes it clear to the student that he must maintain respect for the educator. In addition, she must heed the daily ordinances.

raise your hand to speak

This type of guideline indicates that if you want to communicate something to the educator, you must raise your hand and the educator will indicate when to speak.

Be sincere

It refers to the fact that the student must be honest and tell the truth, it is not well seen to tell lies.

Ask permission to go to the bathroom

Said guideline indicates to the student that he must request authorization from his teacher to go to the bathroom. Rule linked to raising your hand to speak, since it must be that way to access said request.

Arrive at school on time

Said rule tells the student that they must arrive punctually at the estimated time to access the classroom.

work in silence

This cue allows students to do their jobs quietly at your place.

take care of school

This rule refers to the fact that the student must respect the school, treat it well and avoid causing damage.

Say hello and goodbye

This rule instructs the student to greet their teacher and classmates upon arrival. Also, say goodbye at the end of the school day.

keep your place clean

This indication makes the student understand that they must keep their work area clean and in good condition.

Do not bring electronic devices to school

The rule makes it clear that no mobile phone, video game or tablet should be brought to school.

wear your uniform

Indicates to the students that they must wear the previously indicated uniform at school.

Call your teammates by name

With this rule, the student knows to address classmates by their first name, not any nickname.

Put the trash in its place

This rule indicates that there is a specific place where the waste generated in the classroom should go.

Don’t fight, don’t insult

This measure seeks harmony among students. To do this, he suggests avoiding unnecessary fights or discussions and promoting dialogue.

Enter and leave the classroom in an orderly manner

This regulation indicates that a specific order —already previously determined— must be maintained to enter or leave the classroom.

Don’t eat in the lounge

This rule indicates the prohibition of eating any type of food inside the classroom.

Speak in low voice

This measure indicates that an appropriate tone of voice should be maintained in the classroom.

sit correctly

Instructs the student that they must take a seat correctly, in their assigned place.

It is not allowed to play in the middle of the class

This policy directs students not to initiate violent games. This prevents someone from being hurt.

start the day with a smile

This rule seeks for the student to maintain good spirits at the beginning of his school day.

Bring the necessary materials to school

This type of rule is put into use when the teacher instructs the student to bring some previously sent homework. Also, if some support material was requested for an activity, it should not be forgotten.

don’t say bad words

Indicates to the student that they should not express themselves in a vulgar way and take care of their vocabulary.

Respect the opinions of your classmates and teachers

This rule indicates that respect must be maintained for the opinions expressed in the classroom, both by students and teachers.

Don’t run into the room

This guideline instructs students to walk calmly within the classroom.

take care of the books

It indicates that great care should be taken when using the books. Their leaves should not be torn, folded or scratched.

take care of your notebooks

This regulation is given so that students keep their notebooks in optimal conditions.

Don’t interrupt when someone is talking

This pattern instructs the student to remain silent when other students or teachers are speaking.

Use the magic words «please» and «thank you»

Rule that indicates to the student that he must request things by saying please and not forget to thank the same person.

Sort work materials

Students must be clear with this rule that when carrying out any practical activity, everything must be organized. Likewise, collect the materials used for said work.

keep your hands clean

A very common rule in preschool, where the student is told to keep their hands clean at all times.

Play with all your companions and companions

Norm that allows the student to get along with each of the students who accompany him in the classroom.

Ask permission to leave the room

Instructs the student that they must request permission from the teacher to be able to leave the classroom.

Do not miss class unexcused

Said norm indicates to the student that he must attend classes daily and if he does not do so, it must be for a justified cause. As, for example, due to a disease.


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