8 junio, 2024

The 28 most famous colors starting with P (Name, Hex)

Some of the colors that start with the letter P they are brown, purple or silver. Some of its nuances can be observed in nature, such as in the bark of trees or in the shine of certain metals.

We can see these colors with the letter P in all areas: in plants, in buildings, in the fur of animals, in shades of fabrics or in the hair of some people, such as silver or platinum tones.

In addition, many take their name from the object they represent, such as the pear, pearl or lead, or in colors used as symbols, such as Prussian blue, the typical shade of blue found in the uniforms of the Prussian army.

Colors starting with P

Purple color

It is a bright color that is born from the mixture between red and blue. Its hue is deep purple. The color comes from the animal world, from some sea snails also called purple. Later it began to be used as a dye for textiles.

psychedelic purple color

It is the variation of purple that has a higher percentage of white, so it is a little lighter. It is called psychedelic because it was a tone widely used by psychedelic artists in the second half of the 20th century.

Pastel Color

The cake does not have a single hue. It is a mixture of other colors with white, which generates lighter tones. For example: pastel pink, pastel green, pastel blue.

Pearl colour

It is a color approximate to white; however, the pearl color features flashes of pink, purple, and green, similar to a real pearl. In China it is a color associated with mourning.

Silver colour

Silver is a bright, light grayish color with low saturation and high lightness, the hue of the metal silver. It can present different tones, such as lead silver, gray silver, among others.

Like the color gold, in many cultures this color symbolizes wealth, abundance and economic prosperity. As a curiosity, in heraldry this color is known as argen.


It is a very dark gray whose tone resembles asphalt, more intense than slate. It is not a bright color.

platinum color

It is a much lighter color than silver, and is named precisely for the ductile, heavy, white and precious metal platinum is.

Puce color

This color has shades of old pink and is associated with pastel colors. In graphic design and decoration it is widely used.

pine color

The pine color is the green that emulates the color of the natural pine leaf. This is a plant widely used in the chemical industry for its pleasant aroma and its antiseptic properties.

It could be said that it is a somewhat dark green with a touch of yellow.


Also known as brown, tan, brown, or chocolate, though each represents a different shade of the same color.

This color is born from the mixture between red and green. In nature it is found in cinnamon, in the bark of some trees, in wooden objects, in coffee with milk, among others.

porcelain color

One of the shades of blue. It refers to the earthenware used to create fine objects such as vases or tableware. It is a color that can also be found in modern nail polishes, as well as in the aforementioned china.

leek color

Green-yellowish color that refers to the leaves of the vegetable of the same name. Its toono is clear.

pistachio color


prussian blue color

pear color

color paul

color pac man

Color Paco

Padua color

Palladium color

Color Pampas

Pancho Color

yellowish papaya color

Color Papaya orange

Paper Color

Porsche color

color portafino

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