9 junio, 2024

The 27 best firefighter phrases (+ volunteers)

The firefighters They are those people who are trained to extinguish fires and rescue people and animals from these deadly events. They are almost always unsung heroes who risk their lives when facing the flames.

It is believed that it was the emperor Caesar Augustus, in ancient Rome, who created the first fire brigade in history. Currently, almost all fire brigades are of two types: salaried, that is, they work for the council or the city, or volunteers. There are also different types, such as forest firefighters, who put out fires in nature, military or chemical, specialized in fires produced by chemical agents.

Next, we leave a list with firefighter phrases so that you reflect on this demanding and self-sacrificing job that many people do to keep the lives of others safe.

The best firefighter phrases

-Firefighters save hearts and homes.

-All men were created equal. Later, a few become firefighters.

-Firefighters are there because even police officers need heroes.

-When you hug a firefighter you feel the maximum human warmth.

-Never fight the fire from the ego.

-If you think being a firefighter is hard, try being a firefighter’s wife.

-All fires go out at any moment.

Safety doesn’t happen by accident.

-The firefighter who says that he is never afraid, is stupid or he is not a firefighter.

-The leadership, courage and technical knowledge of all firefighters are put to the test on a daily basis.

-A good firefighter knows how, an educated firefighter knows why.

-Train today to be safe and survive tomorrow.

-Being a professional firefighter is an attitude, not a status.

-What others call being a hero, firefighters call doing their job.

-The fun thing about firefighters is that, day and night, there are always firefighters.- Gregory Widen.

A firefighter is a hero with a helmet and a hose.

5-The difference between a good life and a bad life is how well you walk through the fire.- Carl Jung.

-Heroes are those who risk their lives daily to protect the world and make it a better place to live; police officers, firefighters and members of the armed forces.

-To be a firefighter you need something more than studying a few books and learning certain technical knowledge; you have to have the heart of a lion and the bravery of a warrior.

-When a man becomes a firefighter, he has accomplished his greatest act of bravery. What he does after him is in his line of work.- Edward F. Croker.

-Firefighters never die. They simply burn forever in the hearts of the people they saved.- Susan Diane Murphree.

-If you want to be a firefighter and put out fires, light one first; that of love towards humanity.- Life Persona.com.

-A firefighter is not born, it is made with training, courage, honor, loyalty and nobility.- .com.

-Firefighters do not practice their profession to be heroes and take credit for their actions; They are because of their genuine appreciation for people and their safety.- Lifer.com.

-Teach me a good firefighter and I will teach you a noble and pure heart.- Lifer.com.

-Firefighters are the people you can trust without knowing and continue without knowing where they are going.- Lifer.com.

-A firefighter is a person who risks his life and saves lives for the love of people.- Lifer.com.

-If a firefighter has saved your life, you carry in your heart part of the human warmth of that firefighter.- Lifer.com.

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