8 junio, 2024

The 25 most popular colors beginning with R.

The colors with R The most common are red and pink, but there is also a wide range of shades between these two colors. Pantone’s graphic design lists have literally thousands of shades with different names, indicating different saturations of red, white, or black, which give rise to the multiple hues.

List of colors starting with R

rackley color

The rackley is a dark blue, with shades of gray instead of black. It’s roughly like a rather light slate.

raffia color

The raffia color is a natural light brown. It comes from the raffia fiber with which textiles, furniture and a large number of objects are made. The color of the raffia is a natural ecru, beige, cream with levels of brown.

color rajah

The rajah is a light orange color, very bright, with a certain resemblance to the tone of apricot or peach.

Color Rakaia

It belongs to violet and grayish tones. The lavender tone predominates in this hue, which gets its name from the New Zealand city, located on the south bank of the Rakaia River.

color razzmatazz

This color is a deep, vivid fuchsia, the color of the old classic roses, before known genetic varieties began.

Color Rebecca purple

Located in the violet tones, the purple Rebecca marks a hue with a good percentage of purple.

pure red color

Blood red, scarlet or pure is this red hue, one of the primary colors of nature and of all the lists of colors in graphic design.

coral red color

It is a color from the range of reds, semi-dark, taken from the color of marine red corals. It is a mixture of pink, white and orange, which could be classified within the warm colors.

Falun red color

This color takes its name from the copper mines of Falun, in Sweden. The pigment is a yellow ocher that turns red when fired, with a certain copper tone.

Ferrari red color

This is the red that the Italian race car brand Ferrari adopted for its emblematic car. It is an intense, pure and vibrant red.

raspberry red color

With the intensity of berries or forest fruits, the raspberry red is deep and very warm, perhaps not the dark color of blueberries but the brighter strawberries and raspberries.

devil red color

Devil red is a very dark shade, almost red wine, that the human imagination has given to the emblematic figure of evil, the devil.

damask red color

The apricot, apricot, peach or apricot, is a stone fruit with orange skin with warm flashes of red.

magenta red color

Magenta is one of the primary colors. Its name is used to remember the bloody battle in Magenta, the Italian city, in 1859. Magenta red has more marked percentages of red.

Rust red color

Also called Indian red, oxide red is a low saturated dark red. It is so called because in India a pigment was made with iron oxide and the natural oxides of the red earth.

Sienna red color

It is a color with a slight yellowish ocher hue. Natural or toasted clay from the Siena region of Italy has been used since prehistoric times for coloring.

purple red color

From a technical point of view, purple-red is the non-spectral color perceived as intermediate between pure red and purple. It is similar to the magenta tones of quinacridone or fuchsia.

Pink colour

Pink is a very light fuchsia, red or magenta, with a strong percentage of white. Its name comes from the color of the old rose bushes, in the classic pink varieties of roses.

coral pink color

It is a lighter pink, which emulates that of the coral skeleton of this color.

raspberry pink color

Softer than raspberry red, this color is part of the range of the lightest reds, pinks and purples.

mauve pink color

It is a set of shades of pink with touches of lavender and violet. Bright and faded.

mexican pink color

This color takes its name from the hue of the bougainvillea, a tree with small pink flowers. The color is a vivid, saturated, purplish pink.

orange pink color

This color is quite similar to orange coral. It has shades with a certain degree of yellow and brown, with a lot of red and white.

ruby color

This color is a bright red, which represents that of the precious stone that bears his name. This stone has beautiful red or pink hues.

rufous color

Rufous is a coppery color, between yellow and red, with a certain rusty hue.

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