7 junio, 2024

The 22 Most Outstanding Saltwater Animals

Saltwater animals have evolved to adapt to a marine environment. They may have fin-like appendages, streamlined body shapes, and different methods of dealing with extreme changes in temperature.

The ocean or salt water provides a habitat for a wide variety of animals, including mammals and cetaceans. Saltwater animals get their oxygen through their gills. Some have adapted to survive on the deepest floors of the ocean, where the pressure can be unbearable for other organisms.

The aquatic environment does not allow light absorption; as a result, many marine mammals do not have good vision and have evolved to use echolocation.

List of saltwater animals

1- Crab

It is a crustacean similar to shrimps and lobsters; there are more than 6700 species. Most of these species are found in shallower waters, as they tend to inhabit coral reefs and coastal stones.

Crabs have thick armor that protects them from immediate danger; they also have two pincers that allow them to grasp their prey.

2- Angel fish

There are more than 100 species that roam the waters of the southern hemisphere. There are two main types of angelfish: freshwater, which live in South America; and those who inhabit the oceans.

Saltwater angelfish can grow up to 12 inches and are known for the highly colorful markings on their bodies. Their colors vary according to the species.

3- Sea cucumber

They are echinoderms like starfish. There are 1,250 species and most are shaped like a smooth cucumber.

They live on or near the ocean floor, and are sometimes partially buried there.

4- Seals

The harbor seal lives in cold waters all over the world. Many species inhabit the waters of the northern hemisphere.

They are often found in coastal waters, where there is an abundance of food and fewer predators.

It is believed that there are more than 30 species of seals. These animals are closely related to sea lions and walruses.

5- Common dolphin

Common dolphins are found in deep salty waters; some dolphin populations may be present in the same location, while others appear to have a migratory pattern.

Dolphins travel in groups of between 10 and 50 members and often gather in flocks of 100 to 200 individuals. These animals are some of the fastest in the sea, and are very active and playful.

6- Blue whale

It is the largest animal on the planet, as it can weigh up to 200 tons. It is also the loudest animal, since it can sound louder than a plane.

It has a low frequency that can be heard for hundreds of kilometers and is used to attract other blue whales.

7- Starfish

It is a star-shaped animal found in all oceans. It feeds on oysters and clams.

Starfish are known for their incredible ability to regenerate themselves and to change their gender as needed.

8- Shark

There are many species of sharks: from the largest and most aggressive to the smallest and calmest.

For example, the zebra shark is very gentle and can live with other fish in an aquarium. The tiger shark eats everything (mattresses have even been found in their stomachs) and is one of the sharks that attacks humans the most.

The hammerhead shark has a peculiar appearance with slit eyes, and the great white shark attacks thousands of people each year.

9- Killer Whales

They are also known as killer whales. They feed on mammals (including other whales), seabirds, and fish using their teeth that can reach 4 inches in length.

10- Corals

Despite popular belief, corals are animals and not plants; coral is an anemone-like animal.

There are thought to be around 70,000 species of corals in the oceans, but they are abundant in the southern hemisphere.

Depending on their species, they can live from 3 months to 30 years. Corals play an important role in maintaining the diversity of the oceans.

This is because they provide excellent places for animals to hide from predators and reproduce.

11- Oysters

It is an immobile mollusk found in saltwater environments around the world. It is one of the oldest animals on the planet. The most famous species are those eaten by humans and those that produce pearls.

12- Hippocampus (sea horse)

It is a small species of vertebrate found in the world’s shallow waters and coral reefs.

It usually measures around 10 centimeters, has a long snout and a long tail. The males are the ones that carry the eggs of the young. They are in danger of extinction.

13- Sea lion

They are found in all oceans except the Atlantic Ocean. These animals have four flippers that allow them to walk on the ground and swim in the water. They are very intelligent and playful.

14- Stripes

It is a flat fish that swims in warm salty waters and is believed to be related to sharks.

It is characterized by a sting at the end of its tail, which it uses to pierce its prey before it escapes.

15- Squid

There are around 300 species of squid. They have a distinctive head and bilateral symmetry.

They have eight arms arranged in two pairs and two longer tentacles. They are very good swimmers.

16- Eels

They are elongated fish like snakes that can weigh from 30 grams to 25 kilograms. They live in shallow water and bury themselves in the sand or rocks.

17- Barracuda

It is a fish known for its large size, terrifying appearance, and ferocious behavior; they have prominent tusks.

They are grey, green, white or blue with silver sides. They kill their prey by tearing them apart with their teeth.

18- Shrimp

They are crustaceans characterized by having a semi-transparent body, a tail that looks like a fan, and long antennae.

Many species are commercially important as food and vary in size from a few millimeters to more than 20 centimeters.

19- Octopuses

They are eight-armed cephalopods. They can measure from 5 centimeters to 5 meters.

They have an arm that can extend up to almost 9 meters. Its arms have cells with great suction power.

20- Lobsters

They are nocturnal saltwater crustaceans. Most are scavengers and forage for dead animals, but they will also eat live fish, algae, and small molluscs.

They have semi-rigid bodies and five pairs of legs, of which one or more pairs are pincers. Several species of lobster are highly valued by humans for their flavor.

21- Jellyfish

Also known as sea wasps or jellyfish, they are one of the oldest animals that exist. Its structure is made up of water, moving through the sea by impulses.

It can live at different sea levels, where it feeds on plankton and other microorganisms. As a curiosity, their life expectancy is quite random, since some jellyfish can live a few hours while others can live hundreds of years.

22- Lampreys

It is one of the strangest animals in the sea. With a cylindrical and gelatinous body, similar to that of an eel, they can be found in both fresh and salt water.

They have a circular mouth with horny teeth with which they can bite the meat of other species and suck the blood they give off.

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