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The 215 Most Popular Japanese Girl Names

The Japanese names for women they may have almost poetic meanings to a westerner, but like most Japanese names, they have a deeper meaning. In this sense, it is usually related to a quality that the woman who wears it is expected to have.

Women also often have a single first and last name, followed by a title such as san (ma’am). Female names in Japan usually end in ko, mi, ka, and na. Like all Japanese names, these are also written in kanji, coming from the list authorized by the Japanese government.

The Japanese alphabet is totally different from the Western one. Below is a list of names of Japanese origin, but written with the Spanish alphabet so that they can be understood.

List of Japanese female names


Oh, it means love.
Aiko means beloved daughter.
Aimi means beauty.
Aina means vegetable.
Airi means white jasmine.
Akane refers to the rubia cordifolia plant and is associated with the color red.
Akemi means bright or radiant woman.
Aki means crystal clear.
Akiko, refers to the crystalline autumn
Akio, means that it is luminous.
Akira means clear.
Amaterasu, refers to a celestial shine or on the sky. In fact, it is the name of a sun god who rules the heavens.
Amaya is a name that means night rain.
Ami means second beauty.
Annaisha, refers to a woman with a good heart.
Anzu means apricot.
Aoi, refers to the hollyhock flower.
Arata means that it is fresh.
Aratani means precious stone.
Asa means born at dawn.
Asuka means flying bird and fragrance of dawn.
Atsuko means sincere or honest.
Aya, means color or design
Ayaka, a variant of Aya, means colorful flower.
Ayame means lily.
Ayane means nice sound.
Ayano, refers to an attractive girl.
Au, means sociable girl.
Ayumi, related to the story.


Bunko metaphorically means literate girl.


Chiasa is a name that means a million sunrises.
Chie means wisdom.
Chieko means smart girl.
Chiharu means thousand springs.
Chihiro means enterprising girl.
Chika means wise flower, although it has variants such as floral.
Chinami means a million waves.
Chinatsu means woman with a strong character.
Chiyo means eternal woman or a thousand generations.
Chiyoko means a million generations.
Cho means butterfly. It is also translated as born at dawn.
Chou, a variant of Cho, means great butterfly.
Chouko, another variant of Cho, means little butterfly.


Dai, refers to a powerful woman.
Daichi means girl of great intelligence.
Daiki means valuable girl.
Daruma refers to Buddha.
Den, means legacy of the ancestors.


Emi, means beautiful blessing.
Emiko means laughing girl.
Eimi, means beautiful writing.
Ena, comes to mean gift from God.
Eri, which means blessed award.
Eiko means splendid girl.
Eshima, variant of Eri which means blessed intention.
Etsuko, means independent woman.


Fuji, refers to a plant that produces blue flowers.
Fumiko, which means girl of treasured beauty.
Fuyuko means winter girl.


Gen means to be reborn from things or spring.
Gina, which means silver.


Hana literally means flower.
Hanae is a variation of Hana which means flower blessed by the gods.
Hanako means flower girl.
Haru means sunshine.
Haruka means spring.
Haruki means spring wood.
Haruko means spring girl.
Harumi means spring beauty.
Haruna means spring flowers.
Hatsu, name to refer to firstborn.
Hayami, of great exotic beauty.
Hekima means wise and thoughtful.
Hibiki means echo sound.
Hideko means splendid girl.
Hideyo, related to the family lineage.
Hikari means radiant light.
Hikaru means light. It can be used by men and women.
Hina means goddess of fish.
Hiro is a unisex name that means prosperous.
Hiroko means generous girl.
Hisako, which means long-lived girl.
Hisoka is a unisex name meaning reserved.
Hiromi is a name that means generous beauty.
Hitomi means beautiful benevolence.
Honoka means harmonious flower.
Hoshi means star.
Hotaru means dragonfly.


Ima refers to a woman who lives in the present.
Isamu, means both vigor and robustness
Izanami means woman who invites.
Izumi means spring.


Jin, comes to say sweet, tender.
Jun, means obedient. It works for men and women.
Junko means pure woman.


Kaede, means maple.
Kanon means whisper of flowers.
Kaori means sweet fragrance.
Kaoru means fragrance.
Kasumi means mist.
Katsumi means victorious beauty.
Kazue means harmony or peace.
Kazuko means patient woman.
Kazumi means harmonious beauty.
Kei means lucky.
Keiko means happy woman.
Kiku means chrysanthemum flower.
Kimi is a prefix meaning nobility.
Kimiko means noble lady of royalty.
Kin literally means: gold.
Kiyoko means girl of great purity.
Kiyomi means pure beauty.
Ko means happiness.
Kohaku means amber.
Koharu means late summer.
Kokoro, means vitality.
Kotone means harp sound.
Kou means happiness.
Kumiko means eternally young girl.
Kyo is a name that means cooperation. It is used by men and women.


Leiko, which means arrogant.


Madoka is a name that refers to a calm and calm girl.
Mai means splendor.
Maiko means woman who dances.
Majime, refers to a serious and thoughtful woman.
Mommy means genuine beauty.
Manami means beautiful love and beautiful ocean.
Mao means cherry blossom.
Maru means round.
Masako, which means true daughter.
Masaru means victory.
Masumi means of great beauty and true purity.
Matsuko, is a name that refers to the pine tree.
Mayoko means born in May.
Megumi means favored with love.
Michiko means girl who is on the right path.
Midori means green.
Mië, refers to a woman who loves nature.
Miki means chronic beauty.
Miku means heavenly beauty.
Minato, refers to a port.
Misaki, means beautiful to bloom.
Miu means beautiful rain.
Miya means temple.
Momoka means aroma of blossoming pears.


Naomi, which means beautiful.
Nanako means green vegetables.
Nanami, which means seven seas.
Naoki, honest woman.
Natsuko means summer girl.
Natsumi means summer beauty.
Noa, it means my affection, my love.
Noboru, which means to raise, to reach something high.
Nobu, means high confidence.
Nobuyuki, refer to someone who trusts.
Nori means ceremony.
Noriko means girl who abides by the rules.
Nozomi, means hope.
Nyoko, can be translated as treasure or gem.


Orino, is a female name that means farm worker.
Osamu means study.


Rai means trust.
Ran is a name that means water lily.
Reiko, refers to a grateful girl.
Rieko, referring to Rie’s daughter, another Japanese name.
Rin means park.
Rini means bunny.
Rina means place of white jasmine.
Risa, is a name that means flowers grow in the home.
Rui, she is an affectionate girl.
Ruri is a name that means emerald.
Ryoko means good girl.
Ryouichi, means good clarity.


Sachi means lucky.
Sachiko is a unisex name that means happy child.
Sadashi, refers to an ambitious girl.
Sai means business-savvy woman.
Sakiko means prosperity.
Sakurako means girl born in Sakura.
Sakura means blossoming cherry.
Sango, is a name that means coral.
Saori means bloom.
Satomi means intelligent beauty.
Sayumi means my little princess.
Sayuri, small lily flower.
Seijun refers to a woman who can see things clearly.
Seina means holy daughter.
Sen, is the name given to a wood fairy.
Shaiwase means good luck girl.
Shigé, means exuberant.
Shika means kind-hearted deer.
Shinju, refers to a beautiful woman.
Shinobu, refers to an understanding and supportive woman
Shiori means poem.
Shizu refers to a very intuitive girl.
Shizuka means summer fragrance.
Shoma, refers to a woman who seeks the truth.
Someina, means intelligent, clever.
Sora, it means heaven
Sorano, who comes from heaven.
Sumiye, very intelligent woman.
Suté means abandoned.
Suzu means bell
Suzuë, means branch of bells.
Suzume means sparrow.


Taiki means tree of great brilliance.
Take means bamboo.
Takako is a name that refers to an honorable girl.
Takara means treasure.
Tamaki, it’s a bracelet.
Tamane means the sound of a necklace.
Tami, blessed girl.
Tsuru, can mean stork and long life.


Ume is the Japanese name for the plum blossom.
Umi means ocean.
Utano, is a name that means field of melodies.


Wakana means harmonious music.


Yori, refers to a woman who can be counted on.
Yoshi means lucky.
YorYuna, which means power.
Yukari is a name that means beautiful pear tree.
Yuki means happy snowfall.
Yukiko means daughter of the snows.
Yuji, refers to a woman who is very close to her friends.
Yurico, means girl of the lilies.
Yurisa, means lily.


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