6 junio, 2024

The 20 most famous colors starting with Z (Names, Hex)

Some of the colors that start with the letter Z They are sapphire and zaffre. Some are derived from the colors of precious stones, while others are a reaction to the changes of state of metals and minerals.

Although the colors for the letter Z are limited, they bring original shades to the range of colors that exists.

Colors starting with Z

zombie color

It is a color created in 2007. Zomp, by its name in English, is a teal color that is included in the Resené color list, a color list for designers and painters popular in New Zealand and Australia.

sapphire color

Sapphire is a color based on the mineral that bears the same name. It’s kind of blue with purple. Sapphire purple is also born from this tone.

zaffre color

This tonality is born when the cobalt boils; it is an intense blue color.

In Victorian times this pigment was frequently used to tint glass blue. It is one of the darkest shades of blue that exists.

carrot color

Also known as carrot orange, it is a shade of orange that emulates the color of a common carrot.

zinc color

It is a light grayish color with cyan. Its name comes from the mineral with the same name.

As a pigment for paint, it generates a lead white color that was used by great painters, such as Vincent Van Gogh.

Zinwaldite Color

This color scheme is the product of a mineral with the same name.

Includes colors such as blue, green, silver, gray, and yellowish white derived from zinc; and brown. In English, the color is known as zinwaldite brown or zinwaldite brown.

zircon color

This color also derives from a mineral of the same name. His color palette in the scheme include green, blue, red, yellow, black, and purple. It has an appearance reminiscent of glass.

color zeal

Also born from the Resené list, the zeal color is light and bluish. It could be said that it is similar to the celestial but more alive.

Zanah color

It is a very light green and grayish color. It is part of the famous list of colors of the Resené brand, frequently used in Oceanian countries.

zulu color

It is a variant shade of lead grey. It also belongs to the color palette of the Resené list.

Zunza color

zutem color

zucchini color

zenchua color

zodoba color

zokine color

zunisha color

Color Zeus

zen color

color zeppelin

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