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The 20 most famous bears in history

The most famous bears in history They are the bears of movies and stories that have stood out for their charisma and for entertaining the public, including the elderly. They are the best known in the world.

The tenderness of their faces and their behavior, sometimes aggressive and other times childish, have stolen our hearts. International Bear Protection Day is celebrated on February 21. Bears have always been the protagonists of folk tales and legends, tales of hunters and travelers, animated films and novels.

Many travelers, when going into nature, have come across these beautiful but dangerous animals. These stories have inspired television and film writers and directors. Here we offer you a list of 20 famous bears and their friends that brighten the childhood of more than one child.

1. Yogi Bear

Hanna-Barbera character, has been the favorite of several generations of children. Yogi first appeared in 1958 on «The Huckleberry Hound Show.» Jellystone’s smartest talking bear not only faces his nemesis, ranger John Francis Smith, on a daily basis, but also solves all kinds of problems together with his best friend Bubu de él.

His hobby is entertaining visitors to the national park, although he also likes to earn money. Yogi is very worried about hibernation, and about Cindy. When will Cindy finally fall in love with him!

2. Boobu

Yogi’s best friend follows him on his adventures. The cartoons focus a lot on the incomparable friendship between Yogi and Bubu, his inseparable Sancho Panza.

They have fun fishing and planning how they are going to escape the ranger. Bubu is much calmer. He considers that Yogi “always has good ideas” and that is why he shares these crazy adventures with him.

3.Winnie the Pooh

Character inspired by the tales of Alan Alexander Milne, he is one of the most famous animated bears. Milne’s first stories were published in the 1920s, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that Pooh appeared on the small screen.

Along with his friends Tiger, Eeyore, Pig, Owl, Mole, Kangaroo, Rabbit, and Christopher Robin, Pooh lives in the Hundred Acre Wood. He is distinguished by being very friendly and always carrying a jar of delicious honey, the main component of his diet.

Poor Pooh often gets stuck in tight places while trying to find a little bit of honey. In the last Pooh movie, he and his friends saved Christopher Robin, his best human friend.


Baloo the bear and his last hug to Mowgli, before leaving with the men, made more than one cry, big or small, in the jungle book. Baloo played the role of teacher to Mowgli and helped him survive his time in the jungle when the wolves threatened to drive him out.

Baloo taught Mowgli to roar to defend himself, to hunt and to survive, but he also taught him to sing and dance. He is a good-natured bear, he likes to rest and laugh all the time. With him we learned “to look for the essential and forget about worry”. That’s the secret to being happy, according to Baloo.

5. Kenai and Koda

In ancient times, bears were revered and feared by different peoples as superior beings that possessed magical powers and were ancestors of the tribe. All these ancient legends have been passed down to future generations and have had a great influence on stories, cartoons and animated films for children.

The movie Bear Brother and the complicated story of Kenai and Koda shows us how difficult the interaction between humans and these animals can be. Despite everything, bears are capable of love, and because of this Kenai grows fond of Koda and comes to consider him his true brother.

But the brothers’ adventure only begins in this movie. in the sequel brother bear 2the story continues with Nita, Kenai’s childhood friend, looking for the brothers.

Koda is a bear who can’t even fend for himself. His meeting with Kenai is decisive in changing the latter’s heart. At the end of the adventure, Kenai finally understands that by helping Koda the bear, he has finally found his place in the world. True filial love!

6. po

Panda bears are the most famous and even celebrate their own international day. The panda Po, a clumsy but friendly bear, is the protagonist of the movies Kung Fu Pandawhich have been one of the most successful in recent times.

Po, together with his teacher Shifu and his friends, the Kung fu warriors, must become a true master of this martial art and, according to the prophecy, defeat Tai Lung.

in the sequel kung fu panda 2, Po must face the memories of his tragic past to understand why the tribe of panda bears was destroyed. But the road is not easy for Po, who besides being overweight, only thinks about eating noodles that his father prepares for him.

7. Paddington Bear

Character created by Michael Bond, he is a teddy bear who is a fan of English culture, who moved to London from Peru. The bear is welcomed by the kind Brown family, but his problems do not end, since it is very difficult for him to get used to this new world.

The appearance of a fur lover complicates the whole dilemma, as the lady decides that Paddington would be a great addition to her collection.

Paddington captivates us with his tenderness and because he never stops fighting for his place in this new world. Paddington and the Browns become a true family despite their differences.

8. Masha and the Bear

The bear with the most patience is the protagonist of the animated series Masha and the bear. Each chapter reflects a Russian folk story. Masha is a super restless, mischievous and reckless girl. The Bear is her friend and her protector.

He always tries to steer her away from the trouble she causes with her games. Bear and Masha’s relationship is so close that words are unnecessary. The Bear also takes care of the housework. What a pet!

9.Little John

One of the boldest bears is Little John, the best friend of Robin Hood from the Disney animated classic. Little John lives with Robin in Sherwood Forest. The mission of these outlaws is to rob the rich to distribute the stolen among the poor.

Little John is in charge of taking care of Robin, while he risks himself to save his beloved Marian. He is a good-natured, cheerful and funny bear, as well as a fighter without equal. He faced the Sheriff of Nottingham several times, but was never defeated. Little John is actually not small at all!

10. The Care Bears

They are very loved among the little ones. Despite being called «care bears» the characters have very different characters.

Funny, Cuddly, Wonderful and the others use their magical powers to help others and make them happier. The key to bear magic is affection.


Lotso is one of the bears most feared by little ones. He is Woody’s archenemy in toy Story 3. Lotso should be very friendly but, abandoned by his owner Daisy, he becomes an evil bear who controls the toys in Sunnyside House, where Andy’s toys ended up when he left for college.

Woody has to fight Lotso in order to save his friends and return to Andy’s house. Lotso is a villain, which is very sad because he shows us the sad ending of the lost toys.

12. The Ant and the Anteater

The anteater is very famous throughout the world for the series of The Ant and the Anteater. The dream of the anteater, which turned out to be an aardvark, was to catch the ant.

Although it was never possible, since she was more intelligent. The anteater said that she loved ants, but she didn’t know how to catch them. She could never accomplish her mission.

Throughout the series, he has tried everything to get her, from hypnosis to high-tech tools, but his efforts using virtual boxing, teleportation, and other techniques always backfire on him.

When the anteater is about to catch the ant, something or someone gets in the way.

13.iOrek Byrnison

Iorek Byrnison is the magical white bear, Lyra Belacqua’s traveling companion. Lyra is the heroine of the story of The Golden Compassand could not have survived without its faithful guardian Iorek.

Iorek, who has a special connection to the girl, senses when danger approaches her and runs to protect her.

14. Fozzie the Bear

One of the main characters of The Muppets He is an orange bear, a bad comedian, who always tells bad jokes and ends with a strange laugh: «Wocka, Wocka, Wocka.» Nobody likes his jokes and that is why the rain of tomatoes does not wait after them.

The other Muppets make fun of him, but he doesn’t give up anyway and continues to tell his jokes. Let’s hope that one day he hits the nail on the head, I mean, the joke… his best friend, Kermit the Frog, always supports him.

15. Ewok

In Star Wars Ewoks are a peaceful race, living deep in the jungle. When the galactic Empire decided to conquer Endor, the help of the Ewoks was decisive in order to win. Although their techniques are primitive, they were a great help.

16. Boog Bear

The story of Boog Bear from the movies is also interesting. Colleagues in the forest. Boog, a well-to-do bear who lives in the town of Timberline, meets Elliot, a wild deer who convinces him to leave his town and spend some time in the woods.

The unfortunate thing about it is that the hunting season has also started and Boog is forced to survive against the threat of hunters. The funny thing is that Boog’s survivability in wild conditions is equal to zero. Can Boog survive with the help of the forest animals?

17. The bears from “A Bear Story”

They captivate us with the sad story of a family that was separated, when Papa Bear was kidnapped and taken away from his family. This moving story was awarded the Oscar for Best Animated Short in 2015.

18. The family of the Mountain Bears

It is one of the most beloved bear families. Pa Oso, a violent and rude mountain bear, lives carefree with his family in the middle of nature. But his family doesn’t always share his reclusive way of life.

Ma Oso, for her part, strives to move the family forward. Sometimes the couple does not understand each other, and their discussions cause a lot of laughter.

Florecita, the family’s teenage daughter, thinks she’s modern and therefore disputes Pa Bear’s decisions, and Shag wants to be like his father, but he’s too sweet for the job. Mountain Bears are like any family. Do they remind you of yours?

19. Polar Bear Bernard

Bernard and his Lloyd, Eva, Zack and Goliath travel the world discovering museums, parks and making new friends. Bernard is a polar bear who knows how to do everything humans do, but with more class…

twenty- we are bears

The Brown Bear, the Panda and the Polar Bear. Like Bernard, they travel trying to integrate into human society. The most important thing for these three friends is their friendship, which helps them survive in the human world.

Stories of childhood and their difficulties in assimilating into civilization are also told. One of her friends, the koala Nom-nom, wants to become a star because of her videos on the …

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