8 junio, 2024

The 17 most famous colors starting with N (Name, Hex)

The colors that start with the letter N most relevant are black, orange, snow and nude. In them, the most intense shades are provided by black and orange, while the softest ones are provided by snow and nude.

Black is a representative color of sobriety and elegance that graphic designers use to highlight important spaces. Although for some people the color is indicative of sadness, it is generally associated with elegance.

Instead, orange tones are more cheerful and warm. In its different shades, orange expresses strength and leads one to think of bright colors, as can be seen in some flowers.

At the opposite end to black is snow, a specific reference to the color white. It’s actually the breakdown of light through the tiny ice crystals.

Colors that start with N

absolute black color

Black is the lack of light, that is, the light is not reflected. It is also associated with darkness and also with night, although the concept is not exact.

There are many variations of black, bluish, greenish, greyish, light, dark, matte, among others, which define the nuances that can be acquired by mixing colors.

To obtain black, the primary colors yellow, blue, and red must be mixed. Depending on the proportion, a more or less intense shade will result.


The orange color owes its name to the citrus fruit of the same name. On the color wheel it is a secondary color obtained from the mixture of yellow and red; to a greater or lesser extent the saturation will be intense or clear, as in sunsets.

This coloration is associated with citrus and is present in many elements of nature that are used as food, mostly fruits.

In the same way, it has been used as an alert symbol in safety signs that indicate danger. This is because orange is a bright, very striking color and anyone can perceive it.

snow color


It is a variety of white color. It is also said that seeing snow reflects exactly what is white, since it is achromatic.

However, the light that passes through the small snow crystals makes it look white because it is the combination of all the colors.

nude color

Also called nut, it is a natural color of different shades according to the hue, but in general it is a mixture of pink, yellow and beige, which gives it a similarity to the color of human skin.

The name means naked, to emphasize that it does not have a mixture, but that it is the normal tone of a person.

It is a neutral color that can be combined with any other tone and it will have harmony. Currently it is widely used in fashion, decoration and makeup to emphasize the natural.

walnut color

The walnut color is that of a large tree that is characterized by its wood. The walnut color falls within the shades of brown, that is, dark colors closely associated with wood.

It has a certain resemblance to other colors in the brown range, such as chocolate and coffee.

nickel color

Hex: #727472

Nickel is a chemical element on the periodic table, specifically a hard but malleable metal. It is silver in color, which falls within the gray sample. The color nickel has certain similarities with the color zinc gray or steel gray.

Smoke black color

blue neon color

walnut color









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