7 junio, 2024

The 15 most famous colors starting with K (Names, Hex)

Between the colors that start with the letter K there are kalúa, kaki, kiwi and kraft. These colors come from natural elements or from a very particular military historical fact.

Mother Nature presents an incredible plurality of shades in its multiple manifestations.

A referent applied to the assignment of color are fruits; in their natural state they present impressive pigments. An example of this is the kiwi, a fruit with an extraordinary color.

Colors that start with K

kalua color

It is a shade from the light brown color, more similar to amber, similar to the tone of natural varnish. It has also been described as a light brown.

The name derives from a sweet and thick liquor originating in Mexico that is obtained from coffee. Its use is widespread in furniture, shoes and decorations of spaces that need to reflect sobriety.

khaki color

The kaki is located in the family of combinations of orange with yellow, but it is of low concentration; that is why it is considered a neutral color.

The story goes that the color originated when British soldiers, clad in pristine white, were visible targets in the distance. To camouflage themselves, they dirty their shirts with dust from the street.

This is how khaki was born and became the color of military field uniforms. However, its definition is imprecise: it can be a light ochre, have a greenish tinge, or be a light orange like the color of dust.

It is a very serious tone used preferably in clothing that reflects severity and reserve.

kiwi color

It is a warm and vibrant color that transmits encouragement and joy. It belongs to the green family and its origin is related to the color of the fruit of the same name, the kiwi, whose texture is smooth and its skin is very showy.

The kiwi color is a form of light green, but its composition is dominated by yellow, which gives it light and warmth.

kraft color

It is the dominant color and identifier for brown paper, better known as bag paper. Its use has spread and it calls the natural color of cardboard. Today it is widely used in decoration.

color kobe

Color registered in 1924. Kobe is a hue derived from Indian red. It is formed from the red pigment of iron oxide, which varies according to the purity of the material.

ketchup color

kefir color

Keppel Color

color kobi

Color Kobicha

Color King Crimson

kelly green color

kombu green color

Dark khaki color

Color KSU Purple

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