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The 143 best phrases of Pablo Escobar Gaviria

Pablo Escobar Gaviria (1949-1993) was a Colombian criminal, drug trafficker, terrorist and politician, known for founding the Medellín cartel, one of the Colombian criminal organizations leading the armed conflict in this South American country. Of peasant origin, he always demonstrated business skills, and at the age of 20 he began his criminal life with contraband.

In the late 1970s, he began to clandestinely produce and sell marijuana and cocaine. He was responsible for the death of hundreds of people, including politicians Luis Carlos Galán and Rodrigo Lara Bonilla. Under his orders, countless car bombs exploded. Several series and movies have been based on his life, such as Narcos either the pattern of the sea.

We have made a selection of the best phrases of Pablo Escobar Gaviriathe most wanted criminal in the early 1990s, and one of the richest men in the world, according to Forbes.

The best phrases of Pablo Escobar Gaviria

-Poverty is temporary, but humility must be eternal.

-Everything in this life has a solution, except death.

Think like a poor man and you will live like a poor man.

-The mind is like a parachute, it is useless if it does not open.

What is sought is found, what is neglected is lost.

-Dies betrayed who lives confident.

-Fake friends always call you to ask you for something, the sincere ones do it to ask if you are okay.

-I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.

-I am a decent man who exports flowers.

-For me, the most important things after my mother are money and women.

-It is that there are three ways of doing things: as you believe, as they believe and as I say.

-When the problem is not yours, it is very easy to criticize.

-I have plenty of people who hate me, but I never lack someone who loves me.

-Your life is the result of your actions, not your intentions.

-The dog that has money is called Mr. Dog.

-If he keeps chasing me he dies! I told him, but it went in one ear and out the other.

-I did not change, I only learned, and learning is not changing, it is growing.

-Family ends up being our Achilles heel.

-Whoever does not take big risks will never get big rewards.

-The only sure thing that one has is death, that’s why I’m not afraid of it.

-He messes with me and I kill the puppy, the cat, the parents, and if the grandmother is already dead, I dig her up and kill her again.

-Good things are remembered, bad things are overcome.

-The people who know the least are the ones who criticize the most.

-You talk to me, I talk to you, you ignore me, I ignore you, you treat me badly, I treat you worse, you treat me well, I treat you better. Simple as that.

-With me, the only thing you’re going to get your hands dirty for is to count money.

-Faith moves mountains, but money makes the world tremble.

-Life must be lived irresponsibly, but responsibly.

-A man without hope is one who is afraid of taking risks.

-There is no better merit than knowing how to take advantage of all opportunities.

-Only those who went hungry with me and supported me when I went through a bad moment in my life, will eat at my table.

-Never be silent when it is convenient to speak and never speak when it is convenient to be silent.

-The only ones who do not abandon us when we are bad and we always count on them, are our family, it is the most important thing in our life.

-Everyone has a limit. When shit gets up to your neck, you have to act.

-Be careful who you trust and tell your problems, not everyone who smiles at you is your friend.

-Of every 10 friends, 11 turn out to be false.

-Times always change, maybe today I have a lot and tomorrow nothing.

-All empires are created with blood and fire.

-Hints don’t work with me, you speak clearly to me and that’s it.

-The trick is to talk less and show more.

-Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

-Being poor does not make you humble and being humble does not mean you are poor.

-Silver or lead?

-Everyone has a price, the important thing is to discover what it is.

-There can only be one king!

-God rules in heaven, I rule in Colombia.

They watch you, criticize you, envy you and in the end they imitate you.

-In a world of hypocrites, the sincere ones are the bad ones.

-The important thing in these moments is not how one reacts, but how one prepared for it.

-The one who makes me laughing, crying pays me.

-The good is never easy and the easy is never good.

-Expect from me what I receive from you.

The Americans can build the walls they want, but the cocaine will reach them there.

-I always get what I want, and when I don’t, it’s because I didn’t want it.

Don’t confuse my kindness with weakness. I’m nice to everyone, but when someone isn’t nice to me, weakness isn’t what you’ll remember about me.

-There is no point in continuing to make the rich richer.

-Gonorrhea bastard, you don’t know who you just messed with!

-I always learned that people always leave, even if they promised you a thousand times that they would stay.

-Friends are those who see you crying and tell you: Who are we killing?

-That unfortunate dog will not have enough this life to regret what he just did to me.

-That’s why they don’t come out of poverty, because they are fearful.

-Depending on the rat, the poison is put in the bait.

-Promises mean everything, but when they are not kept… they mean nothing.

-Money does not buy women, but makes prostitutes fall in love.

-Do not judge my decisions without knowing my reasons.

-It is not wiser who reads more, but who understands better.

-If you are going to do surgery on your wife to see her more beautiful, first do heart surgery to treat her better.

-How ungrateful, that you shook hands and then you forget.

-We have generated most of the employment in the country. We have given a great future to Colombia.

-Because I also eat chicken wings.

-If you don’t ask others what it should be, life will be what you want it to be.

-My desire is not for there to be a confrontation between the Colombian people. I seek peace and have always sought peace and have longed for peace.

-The day that you fail to speak, give him your great pepazo without omens, but if they treat you well treat them as your lady mother, is that clear to you?

-Thinking as poor leaves you being poor.

-I met María Victoria when I didn’t have a peso in my pocket, at that time she loved me poor and without money, and now rich and with problems she still loves me the same. That’s love.

-They have to kill me with a bullet and not with fear, with 30 bullets at the traffic light as a gangster must die.

-So that you don’t need anything, never get used to anything.

-Humility, that the planes also fall.

-Better times will come.

-The will of man is stronger than iron bars.

The Mexican drug traffickers have no flag, they just kill and kill and kill and they don’t know where they are going.

-If they continue like this, hardly any of them will die of old age in this country.

-You can go a long way with a smile. You can go a lot further with a smile and a gun.

How do you solve all the problems in life? With money, mijo.

-Where there is a car, a motorcycle, money and designer clothes, there are a thousand women. But when you’re poor, you only have your mother, she’s the one who really loves you.

-Our brothers are the most sincere friends.

-If it still hurts, you still care.

-In the absence of love there is no other, mijo, rumbas and alcohol.

-There are two hundred million idiots manipulated by a million intelligent men.

-I know that one day I’m going to die, but I hope it’s from natural causes.

-Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

-I come from humble people and that is what makes me happy.

-Fake people erase themselves.

-Thank God many want to see me fall, but I will not give them the pleasure, I will be stronger every day.

-I always have God present, that’s why I’m doing so well.

-The women of today want to be loved in the old fashion, but they behave in the modern fashion.

-The bad thing about wealth is that it changes the humblest.

-Who today ignores you out of pride, tomorrow will speak to you by absence.

-When you are going to do something, do not say it, better do it.

-Impossible is just a word in the dictionary.

-Do not believe in love, that does not give money.

Medellín is a very beautiful city, but built on a cemetery, this is full of the dead, it was an orgy of blood.

-If you want to know a person, don’t ask him what he thinks, but what he loves.

-When they have you, you are nobody, but as soon as you are absent, they love you and miss you.

-When I die, I would not like my son to have to negotiate with all the drug cartels to see if they are going to let him live or not.

-Hunger was born mischief.

-They tell you that you changed just because now you treat them as they really deserve.

-Sometimes I am God, if I say that a man dies, he dies the same day.

-We must take care as a treasure what in life we ​​cannot buy.

-In the history of all business, there are moments that are decisive. The first sale, the first million, the first billion, and when your rival is no more.

-I don’t blame you for what I did for you, I just tell you that you are of no use to me.

– We put a punch in the roe of the national government.

-I don’t care about rumors, I am responsible for what I do, not for what they say about me.

-The day you do something bad, do it well done, don’t be so stupid to get caught.

-Anyone who is allied with César Gaviria, the order is a bullet.

-The more complicated it is, the bigger the taste.

The great homicide that I regret in life is the women we killed and Dr. Luis Carlos Galán.

-No one can control the dreams you have, especially if you are Pablo Escobar. Especially if you grew up in Colombia.

-What is destined for you sooner or later comes because it comes.

-Why Bogotá, if Medellín has everything.

-I’d rather be in a grave in Colombia than in a jail cell in the United States.

-My back is not a voice mail. Whatever you want to say to me, do it to my face, please.

-Eat shit. Eat. Shit.

-Well, if half the world wants to kill me, we hire the other half the world to defend me.

Don’t worry about what they say about you. Remember that not even God has managed to like everyone.

-Don’t worry, if you lost today, tomorrow you have to win.

-Everything dangerous turns to silver. The insurance does not give a penny.

-What is well enjoyed, is not forgotten and is not counted.

-Friends, money and love, were made to count them.

-I don’t feign hypocrisy or laughter to people I’m not interested in.

-Above those who run, there are those who fly.

-Man with fear is a fool without hope.

-In this life you have to stand firm so that no one knocks you down, mijo.

-There is no company in Colombia that takes more dollars from the United States than we, the drug traffickers.

-I only use loyal, noble and boar men.

-Time is your time, partner, you will see how you waste it.

-You have to have bad days to realize who is family, who is friend and who are the true loves.

-I know my own history very well, therefore I am the only one who can judge and criticize myself whenever I want.

-Sadness is always inside me, I just hide it behind a…

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