8 junio, 2024

The 14 most popular colors beginning with Y

The colors with Y They are rare in Spanish. We can count the color of plaster, that of the egg yolk or that of Canadian Yukon Gold potatoes. Others represent corporate colors of organizations, such as the New York Yankees baseball team or Yale University.

List of colors starting with Y

Color Yabadabadoo

It is the blue of the Flintstones family, from the famous Hanna Barbera comic. It has a soft hue with some green.

color yale blue

Yale blue is one of the corporate colors of this American university. It is a deep blue, arguably close to electric.

color yam

It is a color of the spectrum of orange and earth tones. It is a very toasted dark ochre, with a lot of brown and a hint of yellow.

Color Yankees blue

This blue is that of the cap that makes up the uniform of the famous New York baseball team, the New York Yankees.

yapan color

This color is a shade of browns and violets. It is an earthy or brown tone with a red component, always basic to combine other colors.

yasna color

It is a very dark violet, with a certain percentage of gray. It is one of the many web tones of the color palettes for graphic design.

yen color

It is a very dark and saturated lead or slate gray.

Egg yolk color

The egg yolk color is a fairly soft yellow, although it can sometimes be a bit more intense. It takes its name from the boiled egg yolk.

plaster color

The plaster color is part of the wide range of off-whites, which is not white-white, but rather with a very small touch of grey, which breaks the uniformity of color luminosity.

Yin Yang Color

The ying yang color belongs to the range of very light grays, with slight touches of black that give it a faded appearance, close to silver but without its shine.

Yosemite campfire color

This color represents that of the bonfires in Yosemite National Park, in the United States. It is a red softened with white. In this park, sunlight reflects off Firefall Falls at sunset, making it look like lava falling, rather than water.

yucca color

It is a very soft and delicate greenish tone, with a slight touch of blue. It is a color on the blue-green spectrum.

color yukon gold

Yukon Gold is a deep greenish color, with gold and ocher undertones. It takes its name from the Yukon golden potato, a Canadian territory, which has become known thanks to this variety of potato.

yuma color

The yuma is a toasted sand, or slightly more intense beige, not so clear. It is located in the palette of browns and earth tones, with a lot of white.

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