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The 13 Most Popular Typical Dishes of Ancash

The typical Ancash dishes they are mostly prepared with guinea pig meat, poultry (ducks and chickens), pork and in some cases fish. They also use a wide variety of agricultural products from the region.

Among the most outstanding typical dishes of Ancash are the spicy guinea pig in the Huaracino style, the head broth, the pachamanca, the puchero, the patasca ancashina, the kuchi kanka, the pickled fish, the takapi, among others.

For its part, the spicy guinea pig (a typical Peruvian dish that has a different preparation in each region) consists of a fried guinea pig that is served with potatoes and chili pepper. This typical dish is prepared in Huaraz.

The puchero consists of a cabbage or cabbage-based stew with beef or pork, in which only the head is usually used.

List of the most popular typical dishes of Ancash

1- Pickled fish


-Fish fillets





-Oil and vinegar

-Chili, salt, pepper and cumin

-Wheat or corn flour


The fish fillets are seasoned with salt and pepper and passed through wheat or corn flour and then fried.

Meanwhile, the eggs are boiled and the onion and chili are fried with salt and pepper in abundant oil, and when the onion takes on a translucent color, add the vinegar.

The lettuce is used to decorate the plate where the fried fish will be placed, and on top of the fish the fried onion is added and the boiled eggs are placed

2- Spicy guinea pig

To prepare it you need a guinea pig, chili, garlic, salt and pepper. The guinea pig is seasoned with chili, garlic, salt and pepper and then fried. It can be accompanied with steamed potatoes.

3- Llunca cashqui



-Llunca (wheat)


-Oregano, garlic, chili

-Olive oil



-Celery Spain



In a clay pot, add water and the chicken chopped into small pieces with salt and a celery branch. Meanwhile, the llunca or wheat is soaked and after approximately one hour it is added to the broth along with the diced carrot.

In another pot prepare the dressing with the onion, oregano, garlic, chili pepper and oil. Subsequently, the dressing is added to the broth where the chicken is and it is allowed to cook for a few minutes.

4- Kuchi Kanca or Cuchi Canca

Kuchi kanka is a roast pork served with lettuce salad and French fries, and boiled corn kernels.


-A sucker


-Cumin, salt, pepper


-Corn kernels


The suckling pig is seasoned with vinegar, cumin, pepper, salt and garlic, and left for a whole day or a whole night.

The next day the suckling pig is placed in a roasting pan and is left there until it turns golden or until it is cooked.

Meanwhile the potatoes are fried and the shelled corn is cooked. At the end, the suckling pig is served along with French fries, corn and in some cases it is accompanied by a lettuce salad.

5- Tamales

It is a corn dough stuffed with meat wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. It is usually cooked over a wood fire.

6- Head broth or pecan broth

This broth is prepared as follows: the lamb’s head is boiled together with the belly, garlic, onion, chili pepper, cumin, coriander, mint and in some cases shelled corn is added.

As in all broths, a separate dressing is also prepared and added when the lamb’s head is almost ready.

Let it boil for a few minutes so that all the broth takes on the flavor.

7- Patasca


-Sheep meat


– Ram leg


-Garlic, chili pepper, peppermint





In a pot, boil the mutton, belly and leg of mutton. Once they are cooked they are cut into small pieces.

A dressing is made with garlic, chili, onion and oil. Subsequently, in this dressing, all the pieces of meat, belly and leg are fried and then they are placed back in the same broth where they were boiled.

Add the corn and mint and let it boil until everything is cooked. Patasca is a traditional soup from Peru and in other regions they use pork instead of mutton.

8- Leg of smoked ham or serrano ham

The preparation of smoked ham is a bit complex and requires several days to do it.

A pork leg is taken and marinated with salt and dried. The next day, ground chili is spread on it and it is smoked for three days.

9- Here chasqui or guinea pig broth

This dish is never lacking in the celebrations of the Virgen de las Mercedes and is typical of the Carhuaz Province. The broth is prepared with a guinea pig, potatoes, onion, pumpkin, carrot, garlic, salt and noodles.

10- Pout

It is a kind of soup or stew based on cabbage or cabbage, which contains beef or pork and is seasoned with cumin, oregano, pepper and salt.

11- Pachamanca

It is a meal prepared in an earthen oven. It is a very typical dish not only from Ancash, but from different areas of Peru. It is made with meat (bacon or chicken), spices, huacatay, chincho, broad beans, huayro potatoes and corn.

12- Humitas

They are made from sweet corn dough. It is then stuffed with cinnamon and raisins and wrapped in steamed corn husks.

13- Tarwi ceviche

Also known as chochos ceviche. To cook it, take the tarwi and prepare it with tomatoes, coriander, pepper, cumin, salt, vinegar and lemon. Among the indigenous people it is very popular, since they assure that this dish has medicinal and nutritional properties.

Other typical Ancash dishes

-The jerky: dry and salty llama meat.

-The fried trout.

-Takapi: pig ear broth.

-The pork rinds (pork).

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