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The 12 Most Popular Typical Dishes of Puno

The typical dishes of Puno They are the reflection of the mixture of the Inca culture and the Spanish culture. Many of their dishes are similar to those of Bolivians, Argentineans and Chileans.

Among the most outstanding typical dishes of Puno are the Chupe de quinoa, the Huarjata, the Pesque de Quinoa, the fried suche, the Chairo Puneño, the Cancacho, among others.

For its part, the dish called Cancacho consists of a suckling pig or lamb cooked in the oven, marinated in water with salt, cumin and chili.

Pesque de quinua is a quinoa puree seasoned with milk and cheese, and Chairo is a soup of beef and lamb, potatoes, squash, wheat, chalona, ​​and cabbage or cabbage.

List of the most popular typical dishes of Puno

1- Cancacho (baked suckling pig or lamb)

The Cancacho is a typical dish that cannot be missing at the Puno festivities. For its preparation, a suckling pig or lamb is taken and macerated with oil, garlic, chili, lemon and cumin one day before cooking it.


-A piglet or a lamb


-White wine

-Half bottle of oil



-Cumin and lemon.


Take the suckling pig or lamb and put it in a large bowl so that it fits completely in the container with water with salt and chili pepper, and leave it overnight. The next day salt, pepper and cumin are added.

Then add a thin layer of paprika and bathe with wine and oil. Finally, it is placed in a roasting pan and put in the oven.

Subsequently, the suckling pig or lamb is completely sprinkled with lemon juice. This dish can be accompanied with baked or fried potatoes and lettuce salad.

2- Quinoa Fishing



-Cow milk



-Two types of cheeses

-Salt and pepper


Once the quinoa is washed, it is boiled, beating it from time to time. Then when it has already boiled and the water has been consumed, add the milk without stopping beating and put on low heat.

Subsequently, add the butter, the beaten eggs, the two types of sliced ​​or diced cheeses and at the end add the salt and pepper. You have to be very careful not to burn yourself.

This dish can be served as a side to steak.

3- Chair

Chairo is a soup prepared with lamb and chalona (dried meat).











-Salt and oregano


Place the lamb meat and the chalona in a pot together with the chopped onion, garlic and salt to taste. Then everything is boiled until the meat is cooked.

Subsequently, the broth is left alone and the meat is placed in a separate container. To the broth add the carrots, potatoes, chuño and pumpkin chopped into long and thin pieces or as desired by the cook.

Once all the vegetables are cooked, add the meat again and let it boil for three to five minutes. When served add oregano to taste.

4- Suche fried

The suche is a fish that is found both in Lake Titicaca and in the rivers of Puno.

This dish is simple to prepare; first the fish is cleaned and seasoned with salt and cumin and finally fried. Suche is accompanied by lettuce, potato or rice salad and some add lemon.

5- Huarjata or head broth

This dish is prepared with a pig’s or lamb’s head. This must be chopped into pieces and put in a pot with water, onion, garlic and salt. Then add the potatoes and the chuños.

6- Fricassee


-Pork meat, usually the rib is used

-Chopped white onion

-Chopped green onion

-Ground bread


-Chili pepper

-Salt, cumin, pepper and oregano


First, the pork rib is lightly fried with the onions, pepper, garlic, cumin, oregano and salt.

Then boiling water is added and cooked until the ribs are tender, approximately two hours.

When it is almost ready, add the ground bread to give it thickness.

7- Thimpo of Carachi

The carachi is a fish found in Lake Titicaca.

The thimpo de carachi is practically a fish soup to which whole potatoes and chuños are added. Season with onion, garlic, chili and salt to taste.

8- Alpaca pork rinds

For this dish, alpaca meat is used, cooking it in water until it dries, and then browning it with the fat that the meat itself produced.

It can be served with chuño or with potato.

9- Quinoa Suck






-Broad beans




-Garlic, parsley and salt


First, the meat is cooked with the quinoa in a pot with water and salt. Then the vegetables are added to it along with the garlic.

Meanwhile, prepare a dressing with butter, onion and some chopped garlic and add it to the pot. When serving it, add parsley to each plate.

10- Pachamanca or Huatía

The Huatía is a typical dish from Puno and other departments of Peru, which is prepared in an earthen oven.

It is usually done during the months in which it does not rain -May and August-, because the earth needs to be dry.

To prepare the earthen oven, a hole must first be dug and stones are placed in it, which will later be heated with firewood. There they cook potatoes, cassava, sheep meat or fish.

Everything that is placed in the oven must be wrapped in thick paper and once the oven is buried there, that is, the hole is covered with earth and left there until it is ready to be eaten.

11- Quinoa porridge







Put all the ingredients in a pot and put on a low heat. We constantly remove so they don’t stick or burn. Once it is thick, it is kept in the cold for a while to serve fresh.

12- Parboiled or sajta




-White potatoes





-Lemon juice



-Parsley Sauce

-Huancaina sauce



Cut the rocotos in two, removing the seeds and the excess. Then they are soaked in boiling water with a pinch of salt and lemon juice. They are kept like this for half an hour.

Subsequently, the ingredients are placed in a pot, first adding the chopped onions, the seasoned chicken and finally the hot peppers. The process is repeated until we run out of food or space in the pot.

Then everything is covered with beer and put on medium heat with the pot covered for about 40 minutes.

Finally, the recipe is placed in a bowl and huancaína sauce is added, making it ready to serve.

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