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The 12 Most Famous Legends of Guanajuato

Some Guanajuato legends The most popular and widespread are the alley of the kiss, the mummies of Guanajuato, the ghosts of the Sierra Nevada hotel or the house of the witches.

These stories were passed down through the generations orally, with some additions or changes. Although they may be somewhat extraordinary, they are believed to be unquestionably real.

Guanajuato’s strange architecture and location made it very easy to create myths and legends about this mining town. People talked about the enormous amount of gold and precious stones that existed there, as well as its exquisite and unknown cuisine.

Thanks to the narratives that reached the European continent, a great wave of migration began in search of gold and riches. This contributed to enrich all the narratives of this city.

List of the most popular legends of Guanajuato

1- The Alley of the Kiss

This story is supposed to have occurred in a narrow alleyway, only 27 inches wide, where numerous balconies are located.

These balconies are located one in front of the other, at a distance that allows two people to kiss. It is believed that this alley got its name from the following story:

The daughter of a rich landowner used to kiss a poor miner in the afternoons. When the woman’s father caught them kissing, he took a dagger and plunged it into the heart of his daughter.

Legend has it that couples who kiss while standing on the third step of the stairs under the balconies will enjoy 15 years of happiness, while those who forget or don’t will experience 7 years of suffering.

2- The Buff

According to this legend, there is a spell in Guanajuato that promises love and fortune to whoever breaks it. This spell can only be broken by a stranger, who, fascinated by the beauty of a woman who asks for his help, must pass several tests.

This man should carry the woman and always look ahead, without turning around despite the many voices calling him. If he ever turns around, the woman will turn into a snake and lose her chance at great wealth.

It is said that so far no one has been able to break the spell.

3- The Mummies of Guanajuato

During 1833 there was a cholera epidemic that killed many people. Legend has it that for fear of the disease spreading further, some sick people were buried alive.

These people were mummified and it is said that for this reason the mummies have a face of pain and suffering. These mummies are displayed in a mausoleum located just below where they were found.

4- The Ghosts of the Sierra Nevada Hotel

Legend has it that two ghosts appear in this colonial building. The first is a butler in circa 1910 garb.

This ghost interacts with people and it is said that it can be felt when it appears, since a strong smell of coffee is felt in the environment.

The other ghost that appears in these facilities is a girl from the 19th century. Although no one knows her story, it is said that she can usually be seen walking alone through the gardens.

5- La Llorona

It is said that a woman with long and abundant hair breaks the silence of the nights with desperate screams.

Legend has it that La Llorona leaves a house on Hidalgo street at midnight, wearing a white dress and carrying something in her arms.

Walk from Cantarranas street to Plaza Hinojo and place ‘something’ in front of an old house. She then starts screaming and crying, upsetting everyone who hears her.

It is said that you can hear it if you walk through the streets of Guanajuato at midnight.

6- The House of Witches

This peculiar mansion is located on Paseo de la Presa, where it stands out for its particular architecture. It is an old building where the Falcon School used to be.

Although no one knows its history, it is supposedly haunted; sometimes it is possible to see furniture moving by itself.

7- The Legend of the Singer

José Carpio was the son of a miner, born in a mine. When he was 22 years old, he was a man who attracted many young women thanks to his beautiful tenor voice and his guitar playing. Every day his fame grew so much that he began to be known as El Cantador.

But one day his father died in an accident in the mine. After this, José gave up music and vowed never to touch a guitar again.

He started working in the mine and some time later, he found wealth. Thanks to that, he was able to start his business in mining.

As José rose to prosperity, the sounds of his guitar began to be heard around his neighborhood. Eventually, the area around this place, called the Garden of Flowers, became known as El Cantador.

8- The Trick

This is the story of a man who lost his wife in a bet with the devil.

On a street called Los Guadalajareños (now known as El Truco), every day at 6:00 pm the richest in the city would gather to gamble and bet large sums of money. The best known game was called ‘the trick’.

A man with great wealth and a beautiful wife began to visit this house and play the trick. But one day, an old stranger wanted to play against the man; little by little, the man began to gamble until he lost his lands, possessions and finally, his wife.

It is said that this old man was the devil, who took the man’s wife and little son. After these hardships, the man took a gun and committed suicide.

Legend has it that some nights the man can still be seen walking through the streets to stop at La Casa del Truco where he awaits his revenge.

9- House of Wailing

Various crimes occurred in this house from 1890 to 1910; the serial killer Tadeo Mejía lived there and murdered hundreds of people in that place.

Legend has it that to this day you can hear screams and people crying in the mansion.

10- The Pipila

It is said that Juan José de los Reyes Martinez, nicknamed Pipila, was a humble and brave miner who allowed Don Miguel Hidalgo to take Guanajuato.

Without his help, Mexico would have won its independence a long time later and under different conditions.

During the insurgency, the Spanish took refuge in the Alhóndiga de Granaditas. Pipila placed a slab on his back and carrying a torch crept towards the Alhóndiga, where he set the entire area ablaze.

The fire rendered the weapons unusable, making the battle a hand-to-hand combat.

Thanks to this fire, it was possible to continue towards Valladolid and eventually it was possible to defeat the Spanish.

11- The wolverines

The carcamanes were two brothers of European origin named Karkamann who arrived in Guanajuato at the beginning of the 19th century. Although they were very adapted to their new life in Mexico, one morning they were found dead together with the body of another girl their age.

Legend has it that the two brothers were in love with that woman, so they fought to the death to win her love. However, a series of struggles ended the lives of all three.

It is said that, since then, three ghosts roam the squares and streets near the house where the brothers lived, lamenting their fateful end.

12- The actor who was buried alive

Joaquín Pardavé was one of the most emblematic actors and artists of Mexico in the early and mid-20th century. During his short life, he just died at the age of 54, he acted and directed many movies and, in addition, he was also a great composer and screenwriter.

The legend is born after his death, since there are many voices that assure that the famous interpreter from Guanajuato was buried alive. These rumors are born because the actor suffered from catalepsy, a disease that completely immobilizes you and eliminates the individual’s total sensitivity, including loss of pulse and breathing.

Although these facts were totally denied by the actor’s relatives, there were even media that helped spread this extraordinary legend.

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