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The 108 best coexistence phrases

The coexistence, in its strictest sense, is living peacefully with other people in the same physical space. The first place where we live with other people is our home, where our parents and siblings teach us the values ​​of cooperation, understanding, trust and respect.

As we grow, coexistence, and its concept, becomes broader. We meet more people, and if we are lucky, people from other cultures. When a social group can coexist peacefully with another, different one, it is said that the coexistence is harmonious. Physical space is no longer our house, it is our city, our country, and then the world, which is the home of the human species. Respect, tolerance and acceptance are the main values ​​of a good coexistence.

We have made a selection of the best phrases about coexistence of excellent authors, philosophers and thinkers, such as Confucius, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein and many more.

The best phrases about coexistence

-Living with other people is the most needed skill in this world. With her, there is no limit to what people can do. -Earl Nightingale.

-The essence of coexistence is really simple: live and respect how others live. -Eraldo Banovac.

-The family defends itself by instilling in minors the universal values ​​of coexistence and respect for all human beings. -Esteban Garaz.

-Ninety percent of the art of living consists of learning to live with people you cannot tolerate. -Samuel Goldwin.

Coexistence is an art. It is a patient art, a beautiful art, it is fascinating. -Pope Francisco.

-Societies that do not learn to live together in peace always live in fear and poverty. -Dr. Ashok Anand.

-The beauty of coexistence is acceptance. -Sweta Singh.

-People must learn to live with each other to create a peaceful world. -Lailah Gifty Akita.

-Coexistence is an expensive job of constant understanding and generosity, where you cannot let your guard down. -Enrique Rojas.

-If you can’t live with yourself, then you can never live with other people. -Joel Osteen.

-We are in this world to live in harmony. Those who know do not fight each other. -Buddha.

-Peace is not the absence of conflicts, it is the ability to manage conflicts through peaceful means. – Ronald Reagan.

– Nothing is ever lost out of courtesy. It is the most affordable of pleasures, it costs nothing and expresses a lot. -Erastus Wiman.

-Being unique is a great thing, but respecting the right to be different is perhaps the greatest. -Bond.

-Ignore everything someone tells you about another person. Judge each and everyone by your own account. -Henry James.

-People are not usually very considerate of others. They tend not to consider themselves as a group of people coexisting, but to perceive themselves as individuals. -Helen McCroy.

-It requires less character to discover the defects of others than it requires to tolerate them. -J. Petit Senn.

-Not listening to the person who speaks to us is not only impolite, but also contempt. -Honore de Balzac.

-Coexistence is, above all, sharing, participating in the life of others and involving the other in their own. -Enrique Rojas.

-The greatest result of education is tolerance. -Helen Keller.

-If you have learned to differ without being unpleasant, then you have learned the secret of coexistence, be it at work, in family relationships or in life itself. -Bernard Metlzer.

-Charity, good behavior, a friendly way of speaking, generosity, all these elements have been declared elements of popularity by the wisest. -Burmese proverb.

-Violence is the fear of the ideals of others. -Mahatma Gandhi.

-Education, more than any other resource of human origin, is the great equalizer of man’s conditions, the steering wheel of the social machinery. -Horace Mann.

-Kind words are the music of the world. -FW Faber.

-Behind the armor made up of our skin, our bones and our mind, most of our colors are surprisingly similar. -Aberjhani.

-If we can’t put an end to our differences, let’s help make the world a fit place for them. -John F. Kennedy.

-Diversity is an aspect of human existence that cannot be eradicated by terrorism, war or hatred. It can only be conquered through the recognition of the value that this represents. -Aberjhani.

-Respecting others is the best tool to earn respect. -Junaid Race.

Don’t do what you don’t want to be done to you. -Confucius.

-No law should be accepted that does not have the purpose of human coexistence. Giordano Bruno.

-Society would not exist if coexistence depended only on mutual understanding. -Eric Hoffer.

-There can be no peaceful coexistence between the powerful only, if it is intended to ensure world peace. -Che Guevara.

-The soul of a conversation is sympathy. -Thomas Campbell.

-The most persistent and urgent question in life is: “What are you doing for others?”. -Martin Luther King, Jr.

-The most atrocious of the bad things is not the bad people, but the silence of the good people. -Mahatma Gandhi.

-Never forget the small benefits and never remember the small defects. -Chinese proverb.

-Human beings build too many walls and not enough bridges. -Isaac Newton.

-Harmony cannot be obtained if everyone sings the same note. Only different notes can harmonize, and the same applies to people. -Steve Goodier.

-Every act of love, carried out with all the heart, will always bring people closer to God. -Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind. -Mahatma Gandhi.

-The deepest principle of human nature is the desire to be appreciated. -William James.

-The community stagnates without the impulse of the individual. The impulse dies without the sympathy of the community. -William James.

-If we want a world of peace and justice, we must decidedly put intelligence at the service of love. -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Seek to be treated by others as you treat them. -Publio Siro.

-A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, as well as that of living with people. -Dwight D. Eisenhower.

-There is no alternative to the peaceful coexistence of cultures. -Salman Rushdie.

-You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you would in two years by trying to get people interested in you. – Dale Carnegie.

-Trace yourself such a rule of life that you can follow it in the same way when you are alone or in company. -Epictetus.

-The peace begins with a smile. -Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

-There is a limit in which tolerance ceases to be a virtue. -Karl Popper.

-Love your neighbor as yourself. -Jesus of Nazareth.

-If you want others to respect you, the best thing is to respect yourself. Only then will you force others to respect you. -Fedor Dostoevsky.

-There is no envy, jealousy or hatred between the different colors of the rainbow. And not afraid either. This is because each one exists to make the others more beautiful. -Aberjhani.

-Good words are a simple obligation; but not speaking badly only requires our silence, which does not cost us anything. -John Tillotson.

-Always pay attention to whoever speaks to you; in social interaction there is nothing as productive as the alms of attention.

-Laughter cures, it is the cheapest and most effective social work in the world. -Roberto Pettinato.

-The sense of humor is one of the great creations of intelligence, capable of solving poisoned problems of coexistence. -Jose Antonio Marina.

-Respect for the rights of others is peace. -Benito Juarez.

-Where the right to property dominates, where everything is measured with money, there can be no talk of equity and social welfare. -Saint Thomas More.

-My respect for society, and that of each of its members for the others, is what makes possible the coexistence of human beings. -Alfonso Reyes.

-Peace is not the absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition to benevolence, trust and justice. -Baruch Spinoza.

-Remain calm, serene, always in command of yourself. -Paramahansa Yogananda.

-Since I am imperfect and need the tolerance and kindness of others, I must also tolerate the world’s defects until I can find the secret that allows me to remedy them. -Mahatma Gandhi.

-Life is like a gladiator school: live together and fight. -Seneca.

-It costs more to respond with grace and meekness, than to remain silent with contempt. Silence is sometimes a bad response, a very bitter response. -Gar Mar.

-A good education is the best protection against the bad manners of others. – Lord Chesterfield.

-My best social rule is to treat everyone the same as I would like to be treated. -Sean Connery.

-Recognizing, accepting and living with all ways of thinking and being does not imply giving up one’s own beliefs. -Pope Francisco.

-There is grace in a kind listening, just as there is grace in a kind way of expressing yourself. -Fredrick William Faber.

-Peace is the daughter of coexistence, education, dialogue. Respect for ancient cultures gives birth to peace in the present. -Rigoberta Menchu.

-When you are in conflict with someone, there is a factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship or making it deeper. And that factor is attitude. -William James.

-We live in the world when we love. Only a life lived for others is worth living. -Albert Einstein.

-Handling silence is more difficult than handling words. -Georges Clemenceau.

-To be free is not only to untie one’s own chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. -Nelson Mandela.

-My freedom ends where that of others begins. -Jean-Paul Sartre.

-We have to face the fact that either we are going to die together or we are going to learn to live together. And if we live together, we have to talk. -Eleanor Roosevelt.

-Respect yourself if you want others to respect you. -Baltasar Gracian.

-Don’t let your assumptions about a cultural block block your ability to perceive the individual, or you will fail. -Brandon Sanderson.

1-I speak to everyone in the same way, whether it is the cleaning staff or the rector of the university.-Albert Einstein.

-Maturity begins to manifest when we feel that our concern is greater for others than for ourselves. -Albert Einstein.

-Living with others is the essence of getting ahead, since success derives from cooperation. -William Feather.

-Your gratitude can make someone’s day, and even change their life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is required. -Margaret Cousins.

-Everyone has the right to a peaceful coexistence, their basic personal freedoms, the relief of their suffering and the opportunity to have a productive life. -Jimmy Carter.

-We have learned to fly like birds, to swim like fish; but we have not learned the simple art of living as brothers. -Martin Luther King.

We don’t need to think the same way to love each other equally. – Frances David.

-We can accept each other and be together without giving up…

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