23 junio, 2024

The 100 Best Shrek Phrases

I leave you the best phrases Shrek (the saga), a series of 4 animated films produced by Dreamworks, based on the homonymous book by William Steig published in 1990. The film’s plot revolves around an unconventional fairy tale world. Shrek (2001) was an Oscar winner for best animated film and also the BAFTA and Golden Globes. The other films have also received other nominations.

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Shrek (2001)

-Listen donkey. Look at me. What am I? -Shrek.
– Hey, high up? -Donkey.

-You hurt me, Shrek. You hurt me deep. -Donkey.

-Did you hear what he said? I call myself «noble steed.» He thinks I’m a steed. -Donkey.

-I can stay with you? Please. -Donkey.
-Clear. -Shrek
-Really? -Donkey.
-NO! -Shrek.

-It will be so much fun. We will stay up all night telling each other stories, and in the morning, I prepare breakfast. -Donkey.

-I bet you’ve never seen a donkey fly! -Donkey.

-By day you will be one, by night another. This will be your curse and it will only be broken with a kiss. Then, you will take the form of true love. -Princess Fiona.

-I would like to see the face of my savior. -Princess Fiona.
Oh, you wouldn’t. -Shrek.
-But how are you going to kiss me? -Princess Fiona.
-That? That wasn’t in the job description. -Shrek.

-Come on, princess, you’re not so ugly. Well, yes you are ugly. But you’re only like that at night. Shrek is ugly all the time. -Donkey.

-I stay with you! -Donkey.

-Ogres are like onions. […] Onions have layers. Ogres have capes. You understand? We both have capes. -Shrek.

-Listen, if you wanted to be alone you just had to say so, okay? -Donkey.

-Shrek, did you do that? Don’t invent. Warn before taking one. He had his mouth open and hit me. -Donkey.

-Oh no! You ate the princess! -Donkey.

-Go over there and tell me if you can find some stairs. […] The princess is in the highest tower. -Shrek.

-You know Donkey, sometimes things are more than they seem. -Shrek.

They don’t know me and dare to judge me. That’s why I’m better alone. -Shrek.

-This is the part where you run! -Shrek.

-When one lives alone, eh, one has to learn these things in case… You have an arrow in the butt! -Princess Fiona.

-Hey! I’m not anybody’s messenger, okay? I’m the delivery man. -Shrek.

-Not my buttons! Not my gummy buttons! -Ginger.

-Didn’t you kill the dragon? […] This is not OK. You’re supposed to go full charge with sword drawn and banner in the air. That’s what the others did. -Princess Fiona.

-Like once when I ate some rotten blackberries. The stench from the gases that I took out that day was unbearable! -Donkey.

-I like the outdoors. I’m a donkey, but if I’m alone I get bored. But I’m used to it now. I am alone. There is no one here by my side. -Donkey.

-Women like it corny. -Donkey.

-Do not worry princess. I used to be afraid of the dark until… no, she waits for her. I’m still afraid of the dark. -Donkey.

-Nobody move! I have a dragon and I will not hesitate to use it. -Donkey.

-I’m not a doll. I am a real boy. -Pinocchio.

-Some of you will die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make. -Lord Farquad.

-You have to wait for the bishop to say the phrase, «Let him speak now or shut up forever» And that is when you say «I am against it!». -Donkey.

Wow, that’s scary. And if the roar doesn’t work, your bad breath is sure to knock them out. You need some mints, because your breath stinks. -Donkey.

-Hey Shrek. What will we do when we get our swamp back? -Donkey.

-Really? It’s impolite enough for you to stay alive when no one wants you, but showing up to a wedding uninvited? -Lord Farquad.

-You see? You are doing it wrong again. You did the same with Fiona. You despised her and maybe she even loved you. -Donkey.

-Let me see if I understand: you will have to look for a dragon and rescue a princess to recover your swamp that is no longer yours just because Farquaad filled it with freaks, or am I wrong? -Donkey.

-You always insult me, you don’t appreciate what I do, you always push me ahead, you throw me out of your house, you blame me. -Donkey.

-You are so wrapped up in your layers, little onion, that you are afraid of your own feelings. -Donkey.

-Me, me. I know. I know. Ask me. Ask me. -Donkey.

-Wow, only a real friend would be this honest. -Donkey.

-Sure, you’re like a yoyo. I i i. And what do you think? I’m going now. So shut up and pay attention! -Donkey.

-Hey, come here, I’m not done with you yet! -Donkey.

-If that was me, you’d be dead. -Shrek.

-No, height does not scare me. What scares me is falling into that lake of burning lava. -Donkey.

Well, I’m not surprised you don’t have friends. -Shrek.

-Oh my God. I can’t feel my toes. I don’t have fingers. I think I need a hug. -Donkey.

Don’t die, Shrek. And if you see a tunnel, stay away from the light! -Donkey.

-Blue flower, red thorns, blue flower, red thorns. This would be easier if you weren’t colorblind! -Donkey.

-Hey, but not everyone likes onions. Cakes! Everyone likes cake. And they make them with layers. -Donkey.

-Don’t tell me you’re afraid of heights? -Shrek.

-Do they stink? […] Or do they make you cry? […] I know, if you leave them in the sun they turn brown and grow little white hairs. -Donkey.

-Check it out. Who would want to live in a place like that? -Donkey.
-That’s my home. -Shrek.
Oh, and it’s adorable. You know, you’re a great decorator. Look what you’ve done with such a small budget. I like that stone. -Donkey.

-That’s what friends do. Friends always forgive each other. -Donkey.

-This is MY swamp. -Shrek.

Shrek 2 (2004)

-What about my rights? You’re supposed to tell me, «You have the right to remain silent.» No one has told me that I have the right to remain silent! -Donkey.

-Shrek and I drank this potion, and now we’re sexy. -Donkey.

-A snub nose! Thick, defined curls? A firm and round butt? -Shrek.

-Sorry, the position of the annoying talkative animal is already taken. -Donkey.

– Accept it, Donkey. We are lost. -Shrek.

-Harold, you’ve forced me to do something I really don’t want to do. […] I broke my diet! I hope you are happy. -Fairy Godmother.

-I told you ogres don’t live happily ever after! -Fairy Godmother.

-It is wonderful! Her face looks like she was sculpted by angels. -The ugly stepsister.

«Please, no, please, please, please no, I implore you.» I did it for my family! My mother is sick and my father lives off the garbage. The king paid me a lot of money and I have a little brother. -Puss in Boots.

-Very good, big man. You have to ruin their party. -Shrek.

-Look at me Shrek! I’m jogging! -Donkey.

Oh Shrek. Don’t worry, things seem bad because it’s dark and rainy and Fiona’s dad hired a seedy thug to beat you up. -Donkey.

– Today, I pay my debt. -Puss in Boots.

«Isn’t she supposed to kiss Charming and break the spell?» -King Harold.

-Happy? We already came, we already saw them. Now let’s get out of here before they light the torches! -Shrek.

-I want what every princess wants, to live happily ever after… with the ogre I married. -Princess Fiona.

-To the kingdom of Far Far Away, Donkey. That’s where we’re going! Far far away! -Shrek.

-Remember, happiness is only a tear away. -Fairy Godmother.

-Its alive! -Ginger.

-For five minutes, could it not be you? Only for five minutes! -Shrek.

-Thank you gentlemen. Someday I’ll pay them back, unless of course I can’t find them, or I forget. -Shrek.

-You know, there are cultures where donkeys are wise creatures, especially the ones we speak of. -Donkey.

«He endured fierce winds and scorching deserts, climbed to the highest damned room of the highest damned tower, and what did he find?» A wolf of dubious gender who tells him that his princess was already married. -Fairy Godmother.

-Oh, don’t feel bad, Shrek. Almost everyone who knows you wants you dead. -Donkey.

– Hey, you piece of meat with legs! How dare you do this to me? -Puss in Boots.

-Hey! Aren’t we supposed to be having a party? -Puss in Boots.

I don’t feel any different. Do I look different? -Donkey.
-You still look like a fool to me. -Puss in Boots.

-I hate Mondays. -Puss in Boots.

«Oh, stop being a drama king!» -Queen Lillian.

«You still look like a noble steed to me.» -Shrek.

-I’m a real boy! -Pinocchio.

-Okay guys, looks like our impossible mission turned out to be impossible. -Ginger.

-We are almost there? -Donkey.

-You have hired my valuable services, your Majesty. Just tell me where I can find this ogre. -Puss in Boots.

«I don’t care whose fault it is, just clean this place up!» And someone please bring me something fried and dipped in chocolate! -Fairy Godmother.

-Donkey, that is the saddest thing that has happened to you. -Shrek.

Why the long face? -The ugly stepsister.

-I’m sorry. I just wanted what was best for Fiona, but now I see that she already has it. Shrek, Fiona, would you accept an old toad’s apology and blessing? -King Harold

-Whatever happens… I shouldn’t cry. You can’t make me cry. -Puss in Boots.

-Fairy godmother? Sorry, she’s not in right now. -Receptionist.

-Don’t point those dirty green sausages you have for fingers at me! -Fairy Godmother.

Shrek the Third / Shrek 3 (2007)

-The only thing you can be is King of the Stupid! -Ginger.

-Careful! They have a piano! -Donkey.

-Break a leg, or you know what, on second thought, better let me break it myself. -Shrek.

-Phew! This is worse than love letters. I hate dinner shows! -Ginger.

-Some people just don’t understand limits. -Puss in Boots.

-I am the rightful king of Far Far Away! -Charming.

-But honey, you said you wouldn’t hurt them. -Rapunzel.
-Not here dear. Daddy will discuss it with you later. -Charming.

-It’s out of my hands miss. The winds of fate have blown over mine. But I will never forget you. You’re the love of my life. -Puss in Boots.

-Say hello to the new queen of Far Far Away! -Charming.

-I know he’s a jerk, but I must admit that Charming makes me hotter than Julio. -Doris.

-The cat turned into a little horse that smells like feet. What is there to get? -Snow White.

-Good! Ladies, take your stand! -Snow White.

-Is this boy supposed to be the new king of Far Far Away? How pathetic. Stay still so you don’t make a mess. -Charming.

-It’s time to pack your toothbrush and pajamas. You are the new king of Far Far Away. -Shrek.

-Someone, help! He has kidnapped me by a monster that tries to understand me. -Arthur.

«If Artie trusts him, that’s enough for me.» Even if his robe doesn’t cover his very well… -Shrek.

-You! You can’t lie so tell me puppet where is Shrek? -Charming.

Please don’t eat me. -Arthur.

-Everything is always about you, isn’t it? It’s not like your attitude helps, Snow White. -Sleeping Beauty.


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