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The 100 best quotes from Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is a traditional French fairy tale, whose origin could be in the golden donkey, from the second-century Roman writer Apuleius. The story has had many variants, and in the 20th century Disney adapted it into an animated film.

The first version to be published in France was the one produced by the writer Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve in 1740, and it is the one that enjoys the most fame and on which all subsequent versions are based. In Europe, in fact, the story of beauty and the beast has many variants, depending on the country and its culture. It was adapted to the cinema in 2017, starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens as Beast and Luke Evans as Gaston.

Next, we leave a list with the best quotes of Beauty and the Beastso that you refresh your memory with a love story that can overcome appearances and obstacles.

The best phrases of Beauty and the Beast

-Although he had everything his heart could desire, the prince was bitter, selfish and arrogant.- Narrator.

-There must be something more than this provincial life.- Bella.

-This book is my favorite. Faraway places, daring sword fights, magical spells, a prince in disguise.– Bella.

-Here in the town, only she is as beautiful as me, that’s why I plan to marry Bella.- Gaston.

-Some people use their imagination.- Bella.

-I hope you like it, the castle is your new home and you can go anywhere except the west wing. It is forbidden!– Beast.

-Master, have you thought for a moment that perhaps this girl is the one to break the spell?- Lumière.

-The girl has lost her father and her freedom, all on the same day. Please, try to be patient.- Mrs. Potts.

-She is so beautiful and I am… Look at me!- Beast.

-If the teacher does not learn to control his temper, then he will never be able to break the spell.- Mrs. Potts.

-She’s not a prisoner, she’s our guest! We must make her feel welcome.– Lumière.

«Promise or no promise, I can’t stay another minute in this place!» Bella.

«I can’t believe it, I’ve never seen so many books in all my life, it’s wonderful!» Bella.

-It is obvious that there is a spark between them, but there is nothing wrong with fanning the flame a little.- Cogsworth.

-There was never a story as sad as this… the story of Romeo and Juliet.- Bella.

-Of course I care, I care more than anything.- Beast.

«If only I could see my father again, just for a moment… I miss him so much.» Bella.

-You should go with him. I release you, you are no longer my prisoner.– Beast.

-I had to let her go… I love her.– Beast.

-Do not let appearances fool you, true beauty resides within us.– Old woman.

-This rose will live until your 21st birthday. If by then you can learn to love others and be able to receive their love in return before the last petal falls, then the spell will be broken. Otherwise, you will be condemned to remain a beast for the rest of your life.- Sorceress.

-Small town is a quiet town, each day like the one before… each morning like the morning we came from.- Bella.

-The girl is strange, there is no doubt, reckless and distracted you can say. She’s never part of any group because her head is always on a cloud, but there’s no denying that she’s a fun girl, Bella.– Old woman.

-That book?! But if you’ve already read it twice. Well, if you like it so much then it’s yours, I insist.– Librarian.

-That girl is so peculiar, I wonder if she feels alright; with that dreamy and distant look and her nose always stuck in a book. What a puzzle for the rest of us Bella is! – Locals.

-This is wonderful, this is my favorite part, you see? Here she meets Prince Charming but it isn’t until chapter three when she finds out who she really is.– Bella.

-It’s not surprising that her name means beauty, her appearance has no comparison, but behind that facade I’m afraid she’s quite rare, very different from us.- Local.

-Wow! You don’t miss any shot, Gaston, there is no living beast that has a chance against you, and neither is any girl.– Lefou.

-I have my sights set on that girl, she is the lucky one who is going to marry me. She is the most beautiful girl in the village, that makes her the best of her! And don’t I deserve the best?– Gastón.

-Look at her, there she goes, a girl who is strange and beautiful at the same time, the most peculiar lady; It’s a pity and a sin that it doesn’t fit between us because that Bella is really fun and beautiful.– Bella.

«I’m going to make Bella my wife!» Gaston.

-How can you read something like that, it doesn’t have photos?– Gastón.

-It is not correct for a woman to read, she soon begins to have ideas and to think.- Gastón.

-Don’t talk about my father like that, my father is not crazy, he is a genius.- Bella.

-You weird!? Where did you get a crazy idea like that? – Maurice.

He’s handsome, yes. Good looking, rude, cocky and…and it’s not for me.” Bella.

-This invention will be the beginning of a new life for both of them.- Maurice.

-Oh, Cogsworth, have a little mercy.- Lumière.

«I demand that you stop right now!» Cogsworth.

-So you have come to contemplate the beast, right?– Beast.

-I thank you all for coming to my wedding, but first… I must go propose to the girl.– Gastón.

«What do you know about my dreams?» Bella.

-Picture this: a rustic cabin, my last game roasting on the fire and my little wife massaging my feet; while the little ones play on the floor with the dogs. We will have six or seven.– Gastón.

«Bella will be my wife, don’t you dare question it.» Gastón.

-No, sir, not me. I want more than this provincial life.– Bella.

-Don’t you see? She’s the one, the one we’ve been waiting for. She is the one who will be able to end the spell! – Lumière.

-There is nothing you can do, he is my prisoner.- Beast.

-I’ll let him go, but you must promise that you’ll stay here forever.– Beast.

«You didn’t even let me say goodbye, and now I’ll never see him again.» Bella.

«You will join me for dinner, and it is not a request!» Beast.

-That girl messed with the wrong man, nobody says no to Gastón!– Gastón.

-There is no man in the town who is more admired than you, you are everyone’s favorite boy.- Lefou.

-No one is as smart as Gaston, no one is as fast as Gaston, no one has a neck as strong as Gaston! – Lefou.

-When I was a boy I ate four dozen eggs every morning to help me grow big. Now that I’ve grown, I eat five dozen eggs, so I’m about the size of a barge.– Gaston.

-I lost my father, my dreams… I lost everything.- Bella.

-You can start by looking more presentable, stand up straight, try to act like a gentleman and yes, when she comes, try to give her a beautiful smile.- Lumière and Mrs. Potts.

-Either you come or I will break the door!– Beast.

-Master, I may be wrong but maybe that is not the best way to win the love of a girl.- Lumière.

-Then starve to death! If you don’t eat with me, then you won’t eat anything.– Beast.

-I was fooling myself. She will never see me as anything other than a monster. – Beast.

-We invite you to relax, make yourself comfortable in your chair while those of the dining room present you… your dinner.- Lumière.

-If you don’t believe me, ask the dishes! They can sing, they can dance after all, miss, this is France, and a dinner here is never second best.- Lumière.

-You are alone and scared but the table is already set, no one is melancholic or sorrowful, while the cutlery entertains… if you are under stress, having dinner is what the chef suggests. We invite you, we invite you, we invite you!– Lumière.

-For 10 years we have been rusting with no more need than just dusting.– Lumière.

-There’s no way I’m going to bed now, it’s my first time in an enchanted castle. I figured it out for myself. I’d like to take a look around, of course, if it’s okay.” Bella.

-There is nothing, absolutely nothing interesting in the west wing; dusty, neglected, very boring!- Cogsworth.

-So this is the west wing! I wonder what he’s hiding there.” “Bella.

-Maybe you prefer to see the bookstore, we have a bookstore with thousands of books.- Lumière.

-How dare you come here? I warned you not to come to this part of the castle! Out! Out!– Beast.

«Please forgive me, I didn’t mean to cause you any harm.» Bella.

«By the way… thanks for saving my life.» Bella.

«I don’t usually leave the nursing home in the middle of the night, but his friend said he’d make it worth it.» Madman.

-Everyone knows that his father is a lunatic.- Gastón.

«So you want me to lock up Bella’s father and not release him unless he agrees to marry you… that’s despicable, I love it!» Madman.

-If no one agrees to come with me, then I’ll go alone. No matter what it costs me, I’m going to find that castle and get her out of there somehow.– Maurice.

-I’ve never felt this way for someone… I want to do something for her.– Beast.

-Well, there are always the usual things: flowers, chocolates, promises that you will not be able to keep.- Cogsworth.

-If you like it, then it’s yours!– Beast.

There is something sweet and almost gentle about him. Although before he was evil, cruel and without manners. Now he is so nice and insecure. I don’t understand how I couldn’t see that before.” Bella.

-She looked at me that way… I thought I saw it, and when we touched she didn’t flinch because of my paw. But it can’t be, it’s best to ignore it.– Beast.

Who would have thought this could be true? He’s not Prince Charming, but there’s something about him I’ve never seen before. “Bella.

-A few more days and maybe there’s something there wasn’t between them before.- Lumière, Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts.

-Very well, everyone knows why we are here. We have exactly 12 hours, 36 minutes and 15 seconds to create the most magical, spontaneous and romantic atmosphere that no person or beast has ever seen.- Cogsworth.

-Do I really need to remind you that if the last petal of this rose falls, then the spell can never be broken!?- Cogsworth.

-When I become human again… a girl under each of my arms; girls and sports again.– Lumière.

-I can’t wait to become human again!– Enchanted items.

-When I am human again, when the world makes sense again, I am going to relax and enjoy the change.- Enchanted objects.

-I can feel it, I can say it; someone may be able to break the spell at any time today. – Enchanted items.

-Wipe your eyes from tears and dust and throw them away, we will be human again!- Enchanted objects.

-Tonight is the night, you don’t have time to be shy anymore, you must be bold and daring. There will be romantic music, candlelight provided by myself, and when the time is right, you must confess your love to her.– Lumière.

-Her maid awaits you.- Cogsworth.

-You hear a song that makes you sigh and a sensation as big as the sea. Something between the two…

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