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The 100 Best Phrases of Simón Bolívar

The Simon Bolivar quotes (1783 – 1830) and his thoughts are part of the legacy left by one of the most important figures in Latin America and his emancipation. He was one of the key figures in the fight against the Spanish Empire, intervening in the independence of Venezuela, Peru, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia.

Military and political, he was not only good at leading armies, but had a charisma that was reflected in the speeches and quotes he delivered during his prolific life. He had so much trouble developing his vision and plans that he went so far as to say that he «was the man of difficulties.»

Quotes and thoughts of Simón Bolívar, «The Liberator»

– “Freedom is the only objective worthy of the sacrifice of the lives of men.”

– “It is more difficult to maintain the balance of freedom than to bear the weight of tyranny”.

– “In order to achieve victory, it has always been essential to go through the path of sacrifices”.

– “The title of Liberator is superior to all those that human pride has received”.

– “The art of winning is learned in defeats”.

– “The freedom of the New World is the hope of the Universe”.

– «The inexperienced soldier believes everything is lost since he is defeated once.»

– “Our life is nothing other than the heritage of our country”.

– “Nations march towards their greatness at the same pace that their education advances”.

– “I swear by God, I swear by my parents and I swear by my honor that I will not rest while I live until I have liberated my country”.

– “By ignorance they have dominated us more than by force”.

– “The first of all forces is public opinion”.

– “From the heroic to the ridiculous there is only one step”.

– “When tyranny becomes law, rebellion is a right”.

– “God gives victory to constancy”.

– “We must use reason before force”.

– “He who serves a revolution tills the sea”.

– “Let’s throw fear behind us and save the homeland”.

– “You will always see the ignorant and foolish thinking of being talented and alive”.

– “A being without studies is an incomplete being”.

– “Flee from the country where only one exercises all the powers: it is a country of slaves”.

– “The way to govern well is to use honest men, even if they are enemies”.

– “The man of good and courage must be indifferent to the shocks of bad luck”.

– “Liberator of Venezuela: a more glorious and satisfying title, for me, than the scepter of all the empires on Earth.”

– «Confidence has to give us peace. Good faith is not enough, it is necessary to show it, because men always see and rarely think.

– “Let’s form a homeland at all costs and everything else will be tolerable”.

– “Blessed is he who running between the pitfalls of war, politics and public misfortunes, preserves his honor intact”.

– “Compatriots, weapons will give you independence, laws will give you freedom”.

– “The unity of our peoples is not a simple chimera of men, but an inexorable decree of destiny”.

– “Our discords have their origin in the two most copious sources of public calamity: ignorance and weakness”.

– “As I love freedom, I have noble and liberal feelings; and if I tend to be severe, it is only with those who intend to destroy us.

– “The legislators certainly need a school of morality”.

– “I love the freedom of America more than my own glory, and to achieve it I have spared no sacrifices”.

– “All the peoples of the world that have fought for freedom have finally exterminated their tyrants”.

– «It is difficult to do justice to who has offended us».

– “Public jobs belong to the State; They are not private property. No one who does not have probity, skills and merits is worthy of them «.

– “It is always noble to conspire against tyranny, against usurpation and against a bleak and innocuous war.”

– “Good customs, and not force, are the pillars of the laws; and the exercise of justice is the exercise of freedom”.

– “Justice is the queen of republican virtues and with it equality and freedom are sustained.”

– “If a man were necessary to sustain the State, that State should not exist; and in the end it would not exist”.

– “I am always faithful to the liberal and just system that my country proclaimed”.

– “I despised degrees and distinctions. I aspired to a more honorable destiny: to shed my blood for the freedom of my homeland”.

– “Tyrants cannot approach the invincible walls of Colombia without expiating with their impure blood the audacity of their delusions”.

– «In the order of human vicissitudes, it is not always the majority of the physical mass that decides, but it is the superiority of moral force that tilts the political balance towards itself.»

– “A happy soldier does not acquire any right to command his country. He is not the arbiter of the laws or the government. He is a defender of his freedom ”.

– “Chess is a useful and honest game, indispensable in the education of youth”.

– “If nature opposes us, we will fight against it and we will make it obey us”.

– “The fairest punishment is the one that one imposes on oneself.”

– “Cursed be the soldier who turns his weapons against his people”.

– “Nothing is as dangerous as letting the same citizen remain in power for a long time. The people get used to obeying him and he to command them, from where usurpation and tyranny originate.

– “The one in charge must hear even the hardest truths and, after hearing them, must take advantage of them to correct the evils that errors produce”.

– “We cannot have traitors in the ranks, otherwise we would lose the homeland”.

– “The perfect government system is the one that produces the greatest possible amount of happiness, the greatest amount of social security and the greatest amount of political stability.”

– “The United States seems destined by providence to plague America with misery in the name of liberty.”

– “Calling yourself a boss to not be one is the height of misery”.

– “Moral and lights are our first needs”.

– “If my death contributes to the end of the parties and the consolidation of the union, I will calmly go down to the grave”.

– “In the shadow of the mystery only crime works”.

– “An ignorant people is a blind instrument of its own destruction”.

– «You will contemplate with affliction that almost the entire Earth has been, and still is, a victim of their governments.»

– “Dictatorship is the stumbling block of republics”.

– “The glory is in being great and being useful”.

– “If life is two days I want to live them with you and only with you!”.

– “Let us not aspire to the impossible, lest by rising above the region of freedom, we descend to the region of tyranny”.

– “The violence of force carries with it the principles of its own destruction.”

– “Yoke the American people to the triple yoke of ignorance, tyranny and vice, we have not been able to acquire knowledge, power or virtue”.

– “We are neither Indians nor Europeans, but an average species between the legitimate owners of the country and the Spanish usurpers.”

– “Freedom before literature“.

– “The continuation of authority in the same individual has frequently been the term of democratic governments. Repeated elections are essential in popular systems.

– “Unity does everything and, therefore, we must preserve this precious principle”.

– “It is more difficult to get a people out of servitude, than to subjugate a free one”.

– “States are slaves by the nature of their constitution or by the abuse of it”.

– «We need to gather all our forces to achieve a coup capable of changing the fate of the country.»

– “The military spirit in civilian command is unbearable.”

– “A people is a slave when the government, due to its essence or its vices, imprints and usurps the rights of the citizen or subject”.

– “Colombians! My last wishes are for the happiness of the homeland”.

– “The man of honor has no other homeland than the one in which the rights of citizens are protected and the sacred character of humanity is respected.”

– “You must all work for the inestimable good of the union: the peoples obeying the current government, to free themselves from anarchy; the ministers of the sanctuary directing their prayers to heaven; and the military using its sword to defend social guarantees”.

– “Instinct is a loyal advisor; while pedantry is a mephitic air that drowns out good feelings”.

– “The teaching of good manners or social habits is as essential as instruction”.

– “Slavery is the daughter of darkness”.

– “The people must be obeyed even when they err”.

– “Yes, to the grave… It is what my fellow citizens have given me… But I forgive them”.

– “I have plowed in the sea and I have sown in the wind”.

– “America is ungovernable”.

– “We are dominated by the vices that are contracted under the leadership of a nation like Spain, which has only excelled in fierceness, ambition, revenge and envy”.

– “Ingratitude is the greatest crime that men can dare to commit.”

– “The homeland is America”.

– “Perfectly representative institutions are not adequate to our current character, customs and enlightenment”.

– “The three great fools in history have been Jesus Christ, Don Quixote… and me”.

– “He who abandons everything to be useful to his country, loses nothing and gains what he consecrates”.

– “Can this nation carry out the exclusive trade of half the world, without manufactures, without territorial productions, without arts, without sciences, without politics?”

– “That they send me to save the Republic and save all of America!”

– “Although war is the epitome of all evils, tyranny is the epitome of all wars”.

– “The Indian is of a peaceful character who only wants rest and solitude”.

– “I mortally hate command because my services have not been happy, because my nature is contrary to a sedentary life, because I lack knowledge, because I am tired and sick”.

– «Union! Union! Or anarchy will devour you.

– “Since the New World has an origin, a language, customs and a religion, it should, therefore, have a single government that federates the different states”.

– “I represent my compatriots, relatives and friends, before posterity”.

– “Liberator is more than everything; and, for the same reason, I will not degrade myself to a throne.

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