8 junio, 2024

The 100 best cousin phrases (to dedicate)

The cousins They are like sisters that life gives us. They are friends, confidants, relatives, they know us better than anyone and they can be the best accomplices in our lives. Having cousins ​​is having twice friends and sisters.

Trust between cousins ​​is usually greater even than between sisters, because that family drive to protect the older sister does not exist among them. They are simply the same, they have the same hierarchy and that is why the capacity for understanding is infinitely greater.

We have made a list of cousin phrasesideal to dedicate to those who share life from the very beginning, to those people who are also life partners, best friends and sisters without being so, with whom we share fun, achievements and failures.

The best phrases for cousins ​​(to dedicate)

Cousins ​​are the sisters you never had. -Reah Glowstorl.

-A cousin like you is one of the best gifts I have received in my life. Thanks for being an inspiration.

-At Christmas, the cousins ​​are the gifts under the tree. -Karen Decourcey.

-I experience happiness any day I spend with my cousins.

-God made us cousins ​​because He knew that our mothers could not bear to have us as sisters.

-Those who think I’m crazy still don’t know my cousin.

-The house of the grandparents is where the cousins ​​become best friends.

-Cousin, you are my favorite person in this world, because you are an endless source of laughter and joy. Have a wonderful day!

-Life made you my cousin, love made you my friend, but time and experiences made you my sister.

-The party is only complete if my cousin is with me.

-A cousin is halfway between a friend and a sister. -Frank Oudit.

-Cousin, you are and always will be the sister of my soul, the friend of my heart.

-My cousin is my favorite accomplice in crimes.

-More important than the love that unites us, is the lack that we do to each other.

-At his side everything is magical, beautiful and unforgettable. I adore you, cousin!

-It’s impossible not to have an amazing day when I’m by your side. I love you cousin!

-In my cousin, I find my second self. -Isabel Norton.

-When I am with my cousin I gain time, life, strength, courage and everything that is good in this life.

-A cousin is someone whose smile helps us to walk the long and difficult paths.

-There are many hidden heroines around the world, and my cousin is one of them.

-An ordinary day becomes extraordinary when I’m with my cousin.

-I may not always be there with you, but I am always there for you.

-A true cousin is someone who comes into your life when the rest of the people leave it.

-I carry my cousins ​​​​kept in my heart so that no distance separates us.

– Cousins ​​are supposed to be designed to be the best part of the family. I am proud to have such a wonderful cousin like you.

-Dear cousin, I hope that this year you meet the man of your dreams and fulfill your plans and projects. Greetings!

-You are not only the most beautiful cousin in the world, but also the best human being that exists.

-Blood makes us related, but loyalty makes us family.

-There is no better friend than a cousin, and there is no better cousin than you.

-The cousins ​​are united by an invisible thread, hidden among a thousand things of little importance, which can only exist between two people like them.

-You taught me to be a wiser, kinder and more compassionate person. I can’t thank you enough for having you as my cousin.

-My life is wonderful because I have a wonderful cousin. You are my role model. Thanks to you I am a better person.

-A premium a day drives away monotony.

-When I see you, I see a woman with a kind soul and a loving heart. You deserve the best in this world, she cousin her.

-A friend can become a stranger, but never a cousin, because blood unites us.

-The love of a cousin is a love without comparison; it is something unconditional and immeasurable.

-A cousin sees the first tear, catches the second and stops the third.

-Cousin, you are a masterpiece of creation, capable of softening even the hardest heart.

-Happiness is having crazy cousins.

-Primas: a bit of madness, a bit of noise and a lot of love.

-Yes, I am aware of how hateful we are when we are together. And still I don’t care.

-Treasure your cousins ​​as if they were your best friends and they will love you forever.

-When cousins ​​love each other like sisters, no distance separates that connection.

-Without your love, support and friendship, my life would be boring. Thank you for always being by my side no matter what. I love you so much cousin.

-Cousins ​​there are many and best friends there are many fewer. What a strange delight it is to find both in you.

-They can call us crazy or even crazy, but we know that our madness has a name: cousin’s love.

-Friends are forever, cousins ​​are for life.

-A cousin is a small part of childhood that can never be lost. -Marion C. Garretty.

-No one will understand the madness of your family better than your cousins.

-Dear cousin, you are my inspiration and motivation. I wish that love and success accompany you today and always.

-You are a fantastic cousin, a perfect friend and a wonderful life partner.

-Our roots say that we are cousins. Our hearts say that we are friends.

-Next to certain people I feel that I am next to the right people. A hug, cousin!

-My craziest cousin is the one I love from the heart.

-We cousins ​​are united heart to heart, and neither distance nor time can separate us.

-Cousin, remember that when you fall, I will be there to pick you up. After laughing, of course.

-Win, lose or tie, you are all my cousins ​​and I love you. -Chill Wills.

-My dear cousin, we have been together since our childhood and I do not know a more wonderful, kind and compassionate person. You are a miracle.

-The cousins ​​are more than cousins, they are the best friends that were always present. -Heather Mills.

-With my cousin by my side, there is no day that is bad.

-The bond between cousins ​​cannot be broken. -Lydia Howe.

-There are special people in the world and then there is my cousin, who is the rarest of all.

-The cousins ​​are our first friends, those who leave a deep mark for life.

-Dear cousin, please, do not forget me, nor the things we did together.

-Never underestimate the power of a cousin.

-The cousins ​​are those playmates who grow up to always be your friends.

-Time passes and we may be far away, but cousins ​​always remain close to the heart.

– Cousins ​​are those friends who will love you forever. -Constance Richards.

-The cousins, being part of the family, we are different branches of the same tree. And though we grow in different directions, our roots converge to one place.

-The love of a cousin is not sisterly love, but it is something strong and without explanation.

-How lucky I am to grow up with a cousin that I could admire and imitate. I adore you, my almost sister!

-She gets everything she sets out to do, without ceasing to be who she is. What an example of a woman who is my cousin!

-The cousins ​​are great to watch, impossible to forget, and sincere at heart. -Leo Farno.

-Blessed be the day you came to Earth, cousin. You made this world a better place to live.

-We are cousins ​​by blood, but friends by choice. -Darlene Shaw.

I smile because you are my family. And I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it.

-You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gifts to you, as you are to them. -Desmond Tutu.

-Our favorite place to be is together.

-Having a true friend, with whom you can share with me your joys and sorrows, is a true blessing in my life. Cousin, I am proud that you are part of my family and my life.

-A round of applause for those cousins ​​whom you consider as sisters and whom you miss a lot.

-Cousins? No!, we are best friends.

– Cousin who is also a sister, remains forever in the heart.

-The love of cousins ​​is similar to that of sisters, and it also lasts forever.

-We are cousins ​​by fate, but friends by decision.

-A cousin is like a warm blanket that wraps our heart.

-Almost all of us had that boring cousin who made us desperate, but who over time became a good friend.

-In my cousin I have a great example of willpower and determination. What a joy that you are part of my family!

-You are the closest friend I have ever had. I wish you happiness and may you always be surrounded by friends.

-We will be remembered for what we love and live, and together we will have great stories to remember, cousin.

-You are not only my cousin, you are my best friend. Thank you for helping me have such wonderful memories.

-Cousin, when I look at you, I think: What would I do without this woman?

-The cousins ​​are the people who know us from childhood, become great friends and accompany you throughout your life.

– Cousins ​​are people who were born to be our friends. We laughed with them, and we remembered the good times when we were young and we would fight with them, but we always knew that we loved each other. -Courtney Cox.

-We started as cousins, we lived together as sisters, and today we are the best friends in the world.

-Love between cousins ​​knows no distance.

-There is no better friend than a cousin and there is no better cousin than you.

-Together we are the best. The best cousins.

-A cousin is someone who enters when the rest of the world leaves.

-Life is much happier with cousins ​​by your side.

-When cousins ​​become friends, a love like that of sisters is born.

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