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The 10 most popular traditions and customs of Monterrey

Some traditions and customs of Monterrey The most important are, among others, the Villaseca fair, its gastronomic shows, the Machacado fair or the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Also, of course, the celebration of the Day of the Dead or Las Posadas, a religious festival that takes place throughout the country.

Monterrey is a place where the mixture of modernity and nature is combined with tradition, therefore, it is not surprising that it is one of the cities with the most tourism in Mexico.

Much of the traditions and customs of Monterrey are the same as the rest of the country. Flag Day, Independence Day and the Battle of Puebla are widely celebrated in Monterrey.

Monterrey is the capital of norteño music, but there is also a lot of huapango, polka, cumbia and corrido. Traditionally, economic activity is centered in the cement, glass, steel, and beer industries, and in its proximity to the United States border.

This city is the capital of the state of Nuevo León, located in the northeast of Mexico. Its border with the United States is formed by the Rio Grande.

Traditions and main customs of Monterrey

Villaseca fair

During the months of July and August the Villaseca fair is held in Linares, the entire city is filled with craft, industrial and commercial exhibitions.

Its charro parades, horseback riding, cockfights and horse races are famous. Throughout the fair, musical groups from the region perform and dance contests are held.

The queen of the fair is crowned and a recognition called “tambora de Villaseca” is given to people who have excelled in some activity in the city.


Monterrey is famous for its gastronomy, on weekends they eat a lot of roast meat, they consume a lot of dairy products and wheat flour is used more than traditional corn flour.

A very famous typical dish is the cabrito, a small goat, still lactating, which can be prepared toasted, stewed or fried. Pork roast is also traditional.

Crushed Fair

This fair is held in the town of Ciénaga de Flores, the dish that is honored is a completely dehydrated dried meat.

The indigenous people of this region carried rolls of this meat with them as a provision in their daily lives and on their travels.

The idea of ​​the fair is to know the ways of preparing beef or venison that is dried in the sun, seasoned with tomato broth and accompanied by scrambled egg or alone, with hot sauce and salt.

Commercial Agricultural and Livestock Fair

In the month of May, the Agricultural, Commercial and Livestock Fair is held in Monterrey, where agricultural products and crafts are sold and a popular festival is held.

There are charreadas and horse races with ranchers from various parts of the country, as well as rodeos, horseback riding, bullfights and cultural events of all kinds.

Celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Days before the start of the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe, there are hundreds of pilgrimages to the Basilica of Guadalupe, in the Independencia neighborhood, in Monterrey.

It is celebrated with mariachis and traditional songs, mornings are sung to the Virgin, turning the whole place into a great meeting and pilgrimage center.

The increase in vehicular traffic is common on the days of the celebration, which includes sporting events and fairs of all kinds.

Feast of San Antonio Abad

The holiday is celebrated on January 17. The religious event follows the Catholic faith, during which people come with their animals and crops to be blessed in a special mass.

It is also known as «the day of the blessing of animals and seeds», since San Antonio Abad is considered their protector.

Candelaria festivities

It is celebrated on February 2 and honors the Virgin Mary. During the festival you can enjoy processions, dances and bullfights. In addition, it is common for believers to return home after mass to celebrate with tamales and atole.

Flag Day

On February 24, Monterrey celebrates Flag Day. The entire city dresses in the national tricolor, and there may be street vendors offering Mexican snacks.

Halloween, or Halloween

In Monterrey, this celebration is deeply rooted. On the night of October 31, clubs, schools, associations of friends and practically everyone, have costume parties. The most original is awarded.

AHR Expo

It is an industrial exhibition that lasts three full days. It focuses on the environment and ways to save energy. It is a much more recent fair, but one that has been widely accepted among its inhabitants.


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