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The 10 Most Popular Durango Legends

Some durango legends The most popular are the nun of the cathedral, the headless man, the blue stones of the Tunal river or the zone of silence. ANDThis Mexican state is located in the northwest and is the second least populated state after Baja California. Durango borders the states of Chihuahua, Zacatecas, Nayarit, Sinaloa and Coahuila.

Although it is the fourth largest region in Mexico, it is a vast and mountainous terrain known for its forests and silver mines. Thanks to this, their legends have been able to enrich themselves. In addition to the mining and timber industry, ranching and agriculture are also popular in this area.

Its capital city, called Victoria de Durango, is known for its rich history, architecture, and culture. Many of the myths of this region are based on or inspired by these characteristics.

Before the Spanish Conquest, Durango was populated by indigenous tribes such as the Toltec and the Nahuatlaca. Today, the Coras, Tepehuanos, Tarahumara and Huicholes are native populations that continue to live there. These tribes also have their own legends.

List of popular Durango legends

1- The Nun of the Cathedral

This legend tells of a nun, named Beatriz, who lived in what is now known as the Cathedral of the Victory of Durango. Beatriz was sent to a convent, since she was an only child.

After a while, Beatriz secretly fell in love with a French soldier named Fernando. When he was supposed to leave, she promised that she would return so they could escape and get married, but the years passed and she never returned.

Despite this, Beatriz awaited his return at the top of one of the towers of the Cathedral. As the years passed, the nun died and Fernando never returned.

But it is said that sometimes you can see a white shadow on the tower that reflects Beatriz’s profile waiting for her soldier.

2- The Nurse

It is said that one night in 1990, a nurse named Marta was left alone on duty, as the other nurses were busy.

When Marta was working, she saw a nurse she had never seen and approached her to ask for help. After a while, Marta went to check on the patients and ask them how the other woman had treated them.

They all answered that they were fine and Marta went to thank the nurse, to which she replied: ‘don’t worry, I’m an angel who came to help you’.

When her shift was over, the supervisor told Marta that she was surprised by the amount of work she had accomplished.

Marta told him about the other nurse who was just walking down the hall; Marta called her, but the nurse vanished.

Nurses are said to be angels that come down to help people.

3- The Red Cave

It is said that in the mountains of Durango there were caves with many riches, so one day a man and his friends decided to go in search of their fortune.

At one point, they found a small cave and the boy went inside to investigate. However, he got stuck

After a while a man appeared who was ready to help him. As he helped him out, he told him that behind the cave there was a great fortune.

When the man finally came out, he turned to thank the Lord, but he didn’t see him; His friends looked at him strangely and told him that no one had entered the cave.

The men tried to return, but it was impossible due to different forces of nature.

4- The Poanas Train

During the Mexican Revolution, it is said that a train with more than 200 soldiers was blown up by the rebels. This caused many of these people to be killed or maimed.

Time later, the route and the railway were restored. But many people decided to go on foot and accompanied, since it is said that the sobs and cries for help of the souls that died in the disastrous accident could be heard.

5- The Headless Man

This legend tells the story of a railroad worker from Nazareno Durango during 1950. One day, this man went to work drunk and fell asleep with his head on a rail. When the train passed, he cut off her head.

It is said that this worker appears at night walking along the train tracks, carrying his head in his arms.

6- The Musician of the Devil

Musician Arturo Lugo was very popular in the 1940s. One night, a man appeared at his door with gold coins asking him to have his orchestra play at his party (located in present-day FECA). The next day, the band played at the strange man’s party.

At some point, a guest told Lugo to leave, since this was the dance of the damned to hell.

The orchestra left immediately, but some time later the band disintegrated and Lugo died in the ruins.

7- The First Man

According to the Tepehuans, a goblin heard when the sun was preparing to create men, so he ordered a dragon to devour them.

When the first man was born, the dragon was preparing to eat him when an eagle came to save the child.

Later, another lizard wanted to complete the mission, but the boy was saved by a deer. When the man was hungry, a rabbit was sacrificed so that he could eat.

That is why the Tepehuans worship the deer, the eagle and the rabbit.

8- The Nahual

In the hidden valleys of Durango it is believed that there is a creature called the nahual. It is similar to a large animal, with ears that reach the ground.

These creatures have the power to transform and gather on certain days of the month to eat children they have previously stolen.

9- The Blue Stones of the Tunal River

It is said that at some point, there were three very beautiful women in the town; for that reason, all the men wanted to ask for her hands.

But the women rejected them because it was not true love, since those men only wanted their beauty. The parents of these girls became extremely jealous over this.

As the years passed, the women only went out for a walk on the edge of the river. During one of these visits, they met three men and fell in love.

However, the girls’ parents cursed them by declaring that: ‘be stones before being with a man’.

It is said that the women turned into stones that can be found under the water of the river.

10- The Zone of Silence

This desert region located near the Bolsón de Mapimí is known for several legends. It is believed that this area moves, making it impossible to receive radio communications.

Additionally, it is believed that aliens and UFOs can be found in this area.

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