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Technological objects: what they are, concept, characteristics, examples

What are technological objects?

The technological objects either technological artifacts They are physical structures intentionally designed and developed by humans through technological practice to fulfill certain functions.

These are useful material objects to satisfy some specialized function for practical purposes. There are numerous technological artifacts: scanners, smartphones, digital watches, televisions, air conditioners, electric thermometers, etc.

These artifacts are clear manifestations of the application of technology. Today’s world is full of material objects made by engineers and scientists for use in everyday life. Therefore, through these objects, technology has a positive influence on society and on everyday life.

In every technological object there is a crucial relationship between the composition and structure of the materials used and their performance properties. For this reason, technologists need to be able to evaluate different materials and select the most suitable for their purpose.

Characteristics of technological objects

They are different from natural objects

Technological artifacts viewed as human-made objects are different from natural objects in two ways: they may have physical properties that natural objects do not have, and they are seen as usable objects as means to practical ends.

Help for society

Above all, technological devices are intended to be of great help to society, which is why they must be used responsibly, also taking certain care with some.


The advent of mobile devices in recent years means that it is now possible to use them anywhere, anytime.

They are usually movable material objects, dedicated to fulfilling some specific function, which generally seeks to amplify the natural limits of the human body.


Technological artifacts are constantly evolving, to the extent that particular artifacts begin to be incorporated into the skills of different areas of daily life.


Each person has a different set of technological gadgets that they use regularly, creating their own personalized environment.


There are no national boundaries anymore. Thanks to its global service to society feature, it is possible to get these artifacts all over the world.


Most tech gadgets are pretty solid and reliable these days, it’s rare for them to break down.


In order to use various technological artifacts and be able to take full advantage of all their possibilities, it is necessary to read an instruction manual on how to use and care for them more effectively.

Examples of technological objects

Smart watch

In addition to the common functions of a classic watch, the smartwatch can be connected to the smartphone or tablet, with a simple Android or iOS application.

In this way, the watch gives access to a lot of information in addition to the time of day, such as missed calls, messages and emails.

portable music player

By 2001 portable music players had been around for several years and even had cheap imitations. However, Apple thought it could do better and that year it entered the arena determined to shake up this industry.

The iPod was an instant hit, reinventing the utilitarian digital music player into a sleek and simple way to listen to music.

mobile cell phone

The first cell phones were huge bricks that users were almost embarrassed to be seen with. Then they got smaller and smaller, very light in weight and sporting a clever design.

Smartphone companies extend the variety of functions, in addition to calls and messages, that these devices display.

Video game console

This technological artifact is intended for fun and entertainment. It comes in different shapes and sizes. Includes lots of games.


It is a formidable technological artifact. In addition to being a multifaceted and fast tool, it is a data management system that has revolutionized work and human social relations.


This technological artifact represents one of the devices that are most used in the kitchen of homes. It is used to grind a wide variety of foods and also to take them from a solid to a liquid phase.

electric car

In the automotive world, cars that work with electric charge and not with the use of traditional batteries are included as an innovation.


It allows people to see and hear what is happening anywhere in the world. The trend of replacing classic TV with digital TV has been going on for a while, but 4K TVs will likely be the final hit of this old industry.

This is because they can display movies with resolutions four times greater than HDTV. It’s a big step up in terms of clarity and fidelity.


It is based on a thermally insulated box with a pump that transfers the heat existing inside it to the environment so that its internal part can be cooled to a lower temperature than that of the outside environment.

The refrigerator came to replace the refrigerator, which for more than a hundred years had been a common household appliance.


It is a mobile, portable device, usually with a rechargeable battery, an operating system, and a touch screen in a thin, flat casing.

Being essentially computers, they do what other personal computers do, but they lack some of the input/output capabilities that other personal computers have.

digital camcorder

Currently it allows you to perform photo and video recording functions even underwater. These technological artifacts are increasingly smaller.

Internet WIFI

It is becoming more and more practical and simple to be able to access the Internet anywhere, through the use of devices that enable wireless Wi-Fi.

Microwave oven

It is an appliance that is widely used in today’s life, operating on food through the generation of electromagnetic waves to heat and even cook it.

Remote control

It is possible thanks to the electronic handling of radio and infrared signals. These technological devices today are commonly used in different industries, such as the automotive industry.

In addition, it is used for television and various household appliances. It is being used more and more in the toy industry.

smart glasses

Google glasses seem to be the first pair of smart glasses that can work properly.

Being able to get real-time information about everything you’re viewing might seem like information overload, but most people will probably get used to the idea in the future.


It is a satellite system that allows knowing the terrestrial location of the artifact. Companies introduced personal GPS devices for automotive navigation and other uses.

Later, the combination of GPS technology with smartphone mobile broadband connections led to multi-billion dollar location-based services like Uber.

ebook reader

It has the capacity to house a large number of books, documents and even images, looking for a traditional reading model, but taking advantage of digital storage.

DVD Player

The DVD player made it possible to watch crystal-clear digital movies on a small tray just 12 centimeters in diameter, which is still the size for conventional optical media like Blu-ray today.

virtual reality receiver

The Oculus Rift will be remembered for commercially reinvigorating the notion of being able to strap special gadgets to our faces by being able to visit suggestively real fictional sites.


In developed societies it is increasingly common for these artifacts that can fulfill multiple functions to be implemented in various instances.


This device is used to record not only the steps, but also the sleep patterns and the calories burned of the users.

Some allow clients to upload all that information to a website for continuous analysis.

Electric guitar

It has been an important advance within the music industry in terms of projecting a musical instrument and having a new sound emission.


It is an aerial device that performs different functions, such as capturing video and images, or loading materials from one place to another.

Small drones will soon be delivering packages and helping first responders find people trapped in a disaster. For now, they are largely toys for hobbyists and videographers.

3D printer

It uses technology similar to an inkjet printer to extrude hot plastic that takes any three-dimensional shape, such as artwork, mechanical parts, and more.

scooter skateboard

It is a defining example of the ultimate in personal transportation. It is specially designed to make walking archaic.

The closure or zipper

This closure system has gone from fashion to the most diverse areas and most incredible activities. Not only does it hold up our pants, but it’s also the safest way to close space suits.

The invention of the closure was a long road. Curiously, it was more difficult than the invention of airplanes or computers. This is what the historian Robert Friedel of the University of Maryland comments in his book “Zipper: Anexploration in novelty”.

Solar Furnace

This furnace known as the «Infinite Furnace» works on the basis of solar technology. In this way, its cost is low and it uses the power of the sun to cook.

It has been designed with recycled oil drums and other similar materials, reaching more than 220 degrees Celsius at the time of use.

Water purifier

Living in the city, we are increasingly exposed to different types of pollutants. These reach us even through drinking water, which to be made drinkable must contain various minerals or metals that can be harmful to our health.

A simple water purifier can solve this problem. At present, there are some that also use solar technology to remove particles that can be contaminants in the water.

laser scanner

Although it seems that they are devices used in high technology, laser scanners are part of our lives.

For example, in the supermarket, when passing the items through the box, their barcode is scanned by a laser. The same is true in the case of playing a DVD.


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